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NBA 2K17 Update: Thanksgiving MyTeam Moments Challenges

Just recently, due to NBA 2K17 dropped a series of Thanksgiving Moments Challenges for MyTeam players, to that end, they also are broken or removed. Even if 2K support can’t offer details solutions, nonetheless, for those devotees, they are getting disappointed. Issues cropped up yesterday on the NBA 2K subreddit,…


NBA 2K17 Patch & Update: 7GB Patch And Patch 1.06

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Albion Online: Flagging System And New PvP Zones

Speaking of PvP, it’s an imfortant part in free-to-play sandbox MMO Albion Online, thanks to Sandbox interactive, a new developer blog was posted, after extensive player during alpha events, player can look at how the PvP system is being altered, in addition to this, regarding its system for PvP flagging…


Update Albion Online: Added 23 New Dungeons

For the sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, a called Aurelius will get a big content update, in this regard, for the update, we can see some improvement on gameplay, at the same time, including a lots of new content such as 23 new dungeons, monsters as well as new bosses, Christmas…


NBA 2KTV Episode 9: Answers And Rewards

We’ll be straight to the point and give you the correct answers for NBA 2KTV episode 9. This week on NBA 2KTV, NBA commentator Brent Barry shares his behind the scenes experience recording for NBA 2K17, his family’s time in the NBA, and his thoughts on the underhand free throw!…


Albion Online Next Character Wipe Announced And Related Planned Improvement

Recently, it’s said to be that Albion Online is in the Final Betaphase, what’s more, during the time, it will be still planned for some time longer in this phase. In accordance to developers write on the official website, with respect to the Final Beta will be continued until the…


Regarding Albion Online News: Beta Final

Owing to some players have been disappointmented, in that end, a post on the official forums have been announced by the Albion Online team. The duration of the beta phase will be extended until next year. Beware of fake sites, and please access official site: Compared to Beta 1,…


Crowfall – Pervyy vzglyad na kraftovyye stanki

Segodnya razrabotchiki MMORPG Crowfall reshili pokazat’ nam kontsept-art kraftovykh stankov. I udalos’ uznat’ sleduyushcheye: – Kraftovyye stanki poluchitsya razmestit’ u sebya doma. – Dlya krafta mecha neobkhodimo imet’ kuznitsu. To yest’ u kazhdoy professii svoy vid kraftovogo stanka. – U kraftovykh stankov yest’ inventar’, gde khranyatsya resursy i gotovyye veshchi….