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Legendary Founders Or Starter Pack Owners Can Get Started In Albion Online Now

For five years, developers of Sandbox Interactive have been working on Albion Online and intensively tested and improved the sandbox online role playing game during betaphases. The game is official shot. Owners of a Legendary Founder or Starter Pack can get started right away. Players with an Epic Founder or…


FFXIV: Some Adjustments In Patch 4.1 And Patch 4.05

Recently, the developer talked about some of the changes for Final Fantasy XIV, in the near future, we will seeing more new changes including various job adjustments. Square Enix held its Letter from the Producer live Part XXXVII, producer Naoki Yoshi-P Yoshida and community manager Toshio Foxclon Murouchi talked a…


Analysis The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Expansion

Morrowind was the third game of the original saga The Elder Scrolls and now, finally, it arrives at the online world created by Bethesda, something awaited by all the fans to the game. And TESO Morrowind is not only an expansion with new territory to go, much less, it brings…


New Albion Online Intro Video

Have you noticed Albion Online released a new introduction video? It is already on the test server, but you can also watch it right here: Launch is only a few more days away!


FFXIV Stormblood: Additional Content Are Now Being Prepared

Final Fantasy XIV is a highly successful massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will see the player travel to the states of Ala Mhigo and Doma. The new jobs completely change the combat in the game. Red Mage focuses on the more offensive side of combat while…

Horn of the Reach1

Addition Horns Of The Reach Will Be Released In August On ESO

The company Bethesda announced that the next addition to the role-playing online game The Elder Scrolls Online will be called Horns of the Reach. With the new addition, two new dungeons will come into play. The first of these is the Bloodroot Forge, an ancient, long forgotten smithy recently discovered…


MU Legend Developers Is To Offer The Public The Best Experience

As MU Legend’s official successor, MU Legend is offering the hack ‘n’slash fluids that will delight fans. In MU Legend, gamers have to destroy a huge number of monsters during their exciting adventures. If you want to get more acquainted with this game, then we advise you go to website,…

albion-online founder

The Albion Online Founder Pack Will Not Be Available From July 9

Sandbox Interactive announced that it only takes a week to acquire an Albion Online Founder Pack. From 9 July, at 21:00 UTC, the Founder Pack will not be available. This means that you only have one more week to get your Founder Pack or upgrade your current package to get…


Three Main Takeaways of Madden 18 After Experiencing

Madden 18 will be released in August, but some gamer could play it in advance with the Frostbite Engine, though we could not play by ourselves, but let us see What is his feeling after playing it?   1 i did not run successfully Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of…

ESO Plus Bonus

The ESO Plus Bonus Event Will Give Rewards To All Players

If you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls, we inform you that ZeniMax Online Studios today announced a new event for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind where they will celebrate the ESO Plus Bonus Event. This event will give rewards to all players and those who do not have…