Camp and race of wildstar

Within the camp and race game is divided into two camps: Dominion and Exiles. Game only eight out of the six races.
Camp Race:
Casslan Optional: Warrior, Rogue, who shot curse, super powers four occupation.
Draken Optional: Warrior, Rogue, who shot curse.
Mecharl Optional: Warrior and Rogue.



Camp Race:
Exile Human Optional: Warrior, Rogue, who shot curse, super powers four occupations.
Aurln Optional Classes: Rogue, who shot curse, super powers.
Kela Nuo Granok Optional: Warrior.

“Wiidstar” career Description




Game tests, only open 4 Class: Warrior , super powers , stalkers and shoot those who curse , obviously soldiers and stalkers are melee and shoot super powers and curse those who are good at giving a fatal blow in the distance , from currently , the law-abiding professional setting .



Soldiers of their respective races as “Granok”, while he served as a career is a warrior. He was not only able to create a lot of melee physical damage, harm their skill level is considerable. In addition , the energy consumed by the soldiers vocational skills divided into two types , namely: fuel cells and adrenaline.


Curse those who shoot

spellslinger belongs to a remote job, that two of its main weapon is infused by the magic pistol in their hands . The energy consumed by occupation are: charge and mystery.


Super powers

Olin family (Aurin) super powers who attack very special skills that they use mainly rely on the spirit of ideas to attack enemy forces . And technical skills as well as combo points and finishing moves super powers , thus greatly enhancing the playability of the profession .



Stalkers are melee , he can release toxins nano complex and unstable to make himself into a rage or weaken the enemy.

Wildstar mode of operation

NCSOFT North America by the studio ‘s Carbine Studios developed 3D science fiction MMO ” Wild Planet” also participated in the exhibition in Cologne, Germany , developers at the show officially announced the game’s pricing model and game release date . The game was originally released by the time the game is released roughly at the end of 2013 , but the main person in charge of the game , said in an interview yesterday , for some reason , the game has been postponed until the spring of 2014, re- sale.

In addition to the release date , “Wild Planet” charging mode is also officially announced yesterday , using the model turns out to be the most common aggregate current charging mode : Players need to buy the game client , but also to buy a monthly card into the game, Finally, the game has also joined the prop shop.

The price game client for $ 19.99 , which also includes the cost of one month on cards , priced monthly card game for $ 14.99 (about 90 yuan ) . In addition , the game also contains similar to ” Guild Wars 2 ” within the gemstone exchange trading patterns , but “Wild Planet” uses a named CREDD. Currency exchange game coins .

The characteristics of “Wildstar”



Strong Fight: Enemies Provide hints to their Key attacks and Game enthusiasts are rewarded with buffs and Knowledge for Getting the SuitCapable Actions in dodging/countering these attacks.

Avenue Technique: In Facet of Every single play Capable School is 4 paths Game enthusiasts can Select. These not only Influence the Capabilities you Obtain but also the missions you can embark on and the bonuses you can attain. For Example the explorer can go on Facet quests to rEvery single Tough to rEvery single Locations Whilst the soldier can initiate objects that Guide to Community quests.

Numerous Races: Though they have only revealed the Grenak, Human being, and Aurin, Every single Looks Exceptional and Helpful. Grenak Appear to be Difficult skinned and masters of weaponry and combat. Human beings Appear to be Capable to use portal Technologies to Proceed Rapidly and Near Range to enemies Quickly. Aurin are psychic and animalistic and summon weapons or ethereal armors to Support their allies and destroy
their enemies.

Strong Quest Acquisition: You can Obtain updates to quests on the go from nearby NPCs, saving you from Obtaining to Journey Back again and forth to Community pointlessly and Maintaining you Directly in the

Tale Driven: As an Exile, you are on the Operate from the Dominion race. The Dominion are Arranged to wipe out your races in their conquest of the galaxies. You will Journey from 1 Planet to the Subsequent in your pursuit of Independence and Come across Several Problems on Every single to Retain the Video game Clean.

WildStar will join the plug-in developer tools to change the game UI



Recently , “WildStar” producer Jon Wiesman revealed in an interview to the players , the game will be added in the future plug-in development tools, the players will be used in the first game modules.
According to reports, the plug-in development tools called ” Houston (Houston)”, allows players to create their own plug-ins to expand the game’s UI. In addition , in order to enhance the player’s experience , the production team will also release this game by game studio Carbine authorized source

Currently a test of female players participating in the game have been the first to experience the plug-in software development , but she also uses the software to develop a game in the first set of plug-ins and modules , and its functions are team players and characters that can be used model replacement.
“WildStar” developed by the Ncsoft North Carbine Studios , is a sci-fi fantasy style color + online games , the game screen with an American cartoon style, set in a planet called Nexus . This is a work , or the difference between the existing MMO , the game will open for high-end players . Recently participated in Seattle PAX2012 Game Show , the game announced a number of new screenshots , showing the three kinds Occupation : Warrior , magic and super powers gunmen gorgeous skill effects.

“Wildstar” social system

“Wildstar” social system that has a wealth of management tools guild, so that individuals can win and enjoy it in the PVP balance. Said to be able to easily share resources and support, and built-in network connection through the game system. If necessary, to the players alone to enjoy high-quality games of chance, but retains quickly and easily linked to other options. Refers to a social system provides an opportunity for individuals to express in the game world, and to provide for your character storytelling space on the real world stage.



Therefore, the most important system of this class is to provide high quality MMO for different gamers interactive opportunities. Choose favorite gaming experience for players to create tools, equally important, so that they can freely exit they do not like to experience.

Challenge yourself in wildstar at the happy moment

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Does moving from quest to quest just absolutely bore you at times especially the new year happy time ? Or perhaps you just want a break from monotonous activity? Want to change your the pace of your gameplay ?WildStar introduces the challenge system to their game. As you explore the world and complete content you will sometimes be suddenly thrown a challenge to complete. You will then be placed into a situation where you must complete the task presented in the time allowed in order to obtain a reward.

The awesome thing here is that it helps to break up the questing in the game. Many times I have found myself competing a challenge in an adrenaline pumping rush which when completed I found out I had also finished my quest. It is not a large feature, but it certainly helps change the pace of your gameplay.

wildstar4gold team

MMORPG “Wildstar” Engineer Employment Agencies


“Wildstar” Carbine Studios is Ncsoft’s new work is a 3D online massively multiplayer online role-playing game. “Wild Planet” game is currently no national service agency, according to Xiao Bian understand that the game is currently serving out tests conducted by invitation. Currently, the game is being held in Europe and America in winter testing, like this game players can enter the foreign service official gateway note, please continue to pay attention while multi-channel play a new game, “Wild Planet,” the latest information on small series will be the first time for everyone goes.



Today, as we bring the “Wildstar” new career – engineer. Engineer is a versatile career in the game, the machine has many partners it can treat as a companion, you can output can tank. If players want to experience the fun of other players gang fights, then the occupation will not disappoint you.

Race can choose in Wildstar

In the game, players can choose at least human, Kela Nuo, Olin three races, in which humans are now looking for new homes for the homeless, Kela Nuo love cigars irritability giant Olympus is a lovely rabbit ear master.


Occupation, the soldiers have a strong technology and melee attack, but needs the support of battery power and adrenaline; Master remotely using a special pistol shooting and release the magic; super-capable using powerful spells massive enemy attack.

There is also news that there are more games in the race and occupation.

“Wildstar” is a mix of models and elements of science fiction fantasy adventure gaming elements, took four years to build the Carbine

Wildstar fighting characteristics

Fighting game there is a lot of interaction, whether it is the player or the enemy’s attack may have resulted in the effect of dizziness, and sometimes can also be a powerful weapon attacks hit fly, then the player will need to quickly retrieve their weapons into battle again .
Check out wildstar is latest devspeak:crowd control


Come check out the latest episode of DevSpeak, where we take a deeper look at WildStar’s Crowd Control system. You’ll learn how we deal with Stun, Disorient, Blind, and other effects the WildStar way!



The most important is the “Wild Planet” will be available in 2014, and the game has been determined using the monthly fee system operators before, but the game is still there props store props in order to increase traffic free game time, but more expensive than some of the monthly fee