Which WildStar Class is Right For You?

All of WildStar’s six classes offer players exciting ways to explore and interact with everything in Carbine’s upcoming sci-fi MMORPG. Whether you want to play a tank, healer, damage dealer, or a combination of the three, we’re here to help you decide which class is for you. For even more on each class, check out our in-depth looks of the Warrior, Esper, Spellslinger, Stalker, Medic, and Engineer which we have talked about before.

The Warrior – Tank or Damage
Sure there are Warriors in every MMO, but that’s because it’s incredibly appealing to be the big brute who can wield swords bigger than you are and defend your allies against the fiercest of enemies. Not to mention the Warriors in WildStar flaunt a deadly arm cannon. If you enjoy testing your might with huge sword swipes, brute force, and leading your group in battle, the Warrior is for you.

The Esper – Healer or Damage
Do you love conjuring illusions? We’re not only talking about animals, but weapons and other manifestations as well. If so, then you’ll love the Esper. This class can be played as a long-range healer and has been described as the most “familiar” healing class, as they use more targeted heals than the other classes (rather than freeform abilities). But don’t let their cuddly healing side fool you, Espers also double as incredible ranged damage dealers. There’s nothing more satisfying than beating your enemies to a pulp as an ethereal deer creature.

The Spellslinger – Damage or Healer
The cockiest class in WildStar is great for players who love high skill-cap abilities. They mosey around with their dual pistols either dealing tons of ranged damage from afar, or shooting their friends in the face with heals. Thanks to their innate ability Spell Surge, which allows them to choose when to unleash heavy amounts of burst damage or heals, it’s important that if you play this class you have a strategic sense of your surroundings with less WS gold.

The Stalker – Tank or Damage
Does creeping around in stealth and demolishing your targets with wolverine claws sound fun? Then you’ll love the Stalker. Not only can these bad boys dish out some of the most powerful attacks in WildStar if they get the right angle, but they’re also unique tanks. Rather than wielding a sword and board, they use their evasive maneuvers to take advantage of the battlefield and get out of harm’s way, then right back in to the face of their enemies. Did I mention they can also stealth in combat?

The Medic – Healer or Damage
Don’t be fooled by the Medic’s name. This class packs an impressive punch and is great for those who love being in the middle of a fight rather than standing back and throwing out heals. Their abilities don’t go as far as other classes, so if a Medic wants to heal their allies they have to be in the thick of a battle just like everyone else. They’re also the most technologically savvy of the classes, so if you’re in to lasers and futuristic weaponry, you’ll dig the Medic.

The Engineer – Tank or Damage
It’s hard to think of something more awesome than a ranged tanking class. But when the Engineer can do that and summon cute robot pets, it’s hard not to love them. They stand in the back of a fight and punish multiple enemies as long as they can micromanage their pets. Not to mention their Innate ability allows them to transform in to a mechanical weapon of destruction. If you want to play something unique as well as challenging, definitely try the Engineer.

Now that you’ve had some time to get to know each of WildStar’s six classes, which one are you going to pick?

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Wildstar: The Sci-Fi MMO We’ve Been Waiting For

The new game Wildstar revolves around the lost planet Nexus. A planet that once belonged to the ancient and powerful Elden. Not much is known about them other than being a very advanced race. Wildstar is best described as, quirky with its art style and humor. Not only does it have the classes we’re all used to, but it’s also adding a path system.

Why Wildstar? Well, if you’re anything like me, you must be getting tired of the same old wizard and orc game. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that genre. But it’s a pleasure to see a company try something new, or do a simple thing as bringing customizable player housing back with WS gold . A feature I think most games have been lacking.

One of the game unique feature is u players choose your path.Depending on what you path you choose, you will encounter different content. There are 4 Paths you can choose. The Explorer will… well, explore! The Scientist, will unlock unique abilities to studying ancient relics, exotic plants and alien organisms. If you love to blow up things and big weapons? The Soldier is that the class for you! The most interesting one of them all is the Settler, they will be able to build outpost, upgrade towns and set up the world with amenities we’re all used to in MMO’s.

another of the most interesting features of WIldstar is Housing. A personal favorite of mine, and making an overdue appearance in an AAA title MMO. There’s something about being able to buy a plot of land and making it your own that appeals to me.

You can upgrade your home as you progress in Wildstar, you can even decorate it with items and big game you find on your adventure! Not only is it nice eye candy, but it can also provide beneficial buffs. Resting in your home provides you with tons of rest experience, you can even get more by having more items in your house!

Like cooking? Have your own garden to grow useful ingredients! They even go as far as being able to have crafting facilities and a personal raid portal that give you a buff! Housing in Wildstar isn’t a secondary system, it is in fact part of the core of the game! There’s a lot more that Wildstar is offering to players such as Warplots, PVP bases and large raids – 20 and 40 man. Not much is known about these features, but make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming news!

The Unique WildStar Guide is in Beta

Whenever we talk guides,everybody wants to make sure that their group stands out in a crowd.Whether u are the “Bunny girl Bruiser Squad”or the “Protostar Resolution Action Team”u want a defining visual element that proudly displays your guide allegiance.In other games,this might be a tabard or emblem.But that kind of fantasy business ain’t the way we roll out beyond the fringe.

The Wild Star team said that , in Wildstar, guides will be able to create a holomark :a holographic emblem projected in the air around,or above the character.U can set the various elements of the logo ,and then each player can decide whether they want to display it on their character snazzy1

Further more u can choose to have your holomark project on your back, your shoulders, above your head, or any combination of those options. Want to go gank someone in PvP? Make sure your Holomark is turned on so they know who’s destroying them. Is your guild invading an enemy warplot? Your foes will be sure to know who’s boss (and who to kill) when you’ve got 135 holomarks floating above their enemies’ heads.

As we know In many MMO games, a guild is a social group of players. They may raid together, or hang out in the VOIP system of their choice, but individual players tend to wander the open world on their own, their guild being nothing more than a passing word in a nameplate. A terrible, terrible, shame – and not the WildStar way!With Wildstar the team want to guide to want to play together and they are going to make a unique Wildstar guide for all players  with less wild star gold

We have been waiting the Wildstar for a long time ,although we can’t sure when will it be arrived ,i am sure it will definitely a fantastic game .the Wildstar team is sparing this every efforts to make the game more interesting .It is worth the long time waiting .


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How to Safely Buy Wild Star gold

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The Fantastic Wild Star is Coming on The Way

At this year’s Gamescom,NCSoft finally revealed what the all-star team of Carbine Studios had quietly been working on for the last few years.The german were so luck that can the first to see Wildsta r in action, We heard from them that the game was impressed.Derivative-looking some of ,but it was said definitely a MMORPG to look out for.

Everything these days is essentially derivative at its core anyway, and Carbine clearly isn’t fussed about its futuristic fantasy characters and worlds looking familiar. If you couldn’t gather it by looking at the chiseled jaw of the gruff-talking space cowboy or by the revealing plate armor of the purple-haired bunny girl, the emphasis in Wildstar’s presentation is on lush, colorful fun. The innovative elements will hopefully be found in the dynamic play. The actions players take, be it in the creatures they choose to kill, the characters they talk to, and the skills they acquire along the way will all have ramifications for the landscape of Wildstar’s world. It’s very early days so it’s hard to know just how deep those ramifications will go, but the notion of dynamic play is an exciting new movement in the MMO scene. Wildstar is one of the games looking to be at the forefront of it.

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WildStar First Impressions of Levels 1-15(一)

Carbine Studios invited several members of the press out to play their game, gather some information, and provide you, the community, with some of the first actual previews of WildStar. Note that I am calling everything a preview instead of a review, as this is not a final product and everything is still in closed beta. Therefore I will not be speaking of any bugs or the UI as it is not a 100% complete game at this time. To save some of you the trouble, the NDA is still active on the game. Certain members of the press have just been given access to reveal some of the content we experienced.

To kick things off I decided to tackle playing one of the newest announced classes, the WildStar Engineer. For the purpose of this preview I created a proud and all powerful Dominion Mechari Engineer who was ready to kick some butt across Nexus.

I am going to refrain from telling you the story as that would spoil it for you, but for the purpose of this article I did choose to read the quest text while playing.

Levels 1-3: Dominion Arkship
The first three levels that I experienced in the game were most certainly tutorial levels designed to teach you the basics of WildStar. The path through the Arkship was very linear with very little opportunity to explore other than to take in the decor of certain parts of the Arkship.

Impressions of 1-3
There is no doubt that levels 1-3 are a tutorial zone and it can be run through at a decent pace. However, if I were someone who created multiple alt characters of the same faction then I would tire very fast of the Dominion Arkship. Luckily Carbine has expressed that they are working on the option to skip the tutorial once you have completed it on your account the first time.

The tutorial got the job done and provided an excellent source of understanding how the Dominion works and my place as a citizen taking orders moving through the ranks. The only thing that really irked me was the fact that upon completing a quest you would be provided with a few quest reward options. However, only one of the options would be viable or even usable by your character and thus there was only the illusion of choice. This continued for the majority of leveling 1-15 and at times made me wish the other options were not even there as I would accidentally select the wrong item  or waste WS gold as I tried to quickly move through the game.

Levels 3-6: Levian Bay
When you leave the Dominion Arkship you are transported to one of two starting zones. For me, it was Levian Bay due to my choice of the Mechari race. Currently I did not see a method to switch over to the other starting zone if I wanted to, but the developers know that people actually enjoy playing together in an MMORPG and thus they are working on a method that makes sense which allows you to choose which zone you start in after the Dominion Arkship.

Impressions of 3-6
This was the first real experience of combat in the game that required you to be aware of your surroundings. Since WildStar is a movement based game I had to be quick on my feet and identify what enemies were around me. The questing felt very linear due to the hub style, but thanks to the music in the game everything felt truly epic as I moved around and fought the creatures allowing me to easily progress.

There are more informations about the awesome system of Wild Star , we will share with u in the following days , have fun all buddies !

Perfect Wild Star :New MMO to watch in 2014

Out with the old desk calendars that you didn’t use past February 2013 and in with the new, I always say! It’s a brand-new year, and while we don’t know all of the twists and turns that we’ll travel in MMO news in 2014, I dare say it promises to be a fascinating ride.And the new perfect game Wild Star online will definitely catch your eyes !

wildstar game guide

New MMO wildstar

What the wild star online is ?A colorful and humorous sci-fi western MMO that gives players the chance to explore the most fascinating planet in the universe: Nexus. WildStar boasts a strong World of Warcraft vibe, particularly with its stylized graphics, but has a more modern approach with its action combat system. It will launch with a subscription model coupled with the ability to buy and sell game time between players.

Why it’s worth watching: The path system allows players to customize their leveling experience according to their preferred playstyle. WildStar has a number of other attractive features, such as its combat telegraphs, robust player housing, and large-scale raids.

Chances of releasing in 2014: Very, very good. Carbine hasn’t set a date yet, but the beta is progressing and word is that we should see this game sometime in the spring.

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