How to buy WildStar gold online



WildStar will be released in just 2 days,It will provide many money-making opportunities during the normal course of play like other MMO. When you have limited time to play, though, even the fastest gold farming techniques may seem too slow, not to mention boring. Astute vendors have stepped in to provide you with one more option for keeping up an in-game bank account while enjoying the thrill of raiding: you can buy WildStar gold online with real-time money and have the gold delivered to you in-game, often in a matter of minutes.

1.Visit a gold vendor website.
2.Select either a US or European server and choose PVP or PVE…and then Provide your Wildstgar character name and realm location.
3.Provide payment and contact information, including your phone number. A vendor may call to confirm your order prior to in-game delivery. The vendor may offer you an option to set a time frame during which you will be online to accept gold
4.Log onto the WildStar character you specified to the vendor. Wait. An unknown player in-game will whisper to you regarding your purchase. The character will typically have a low level and will instruct you which major city to meet him in. Group with the character so that you can locate him on your mini-map and then go meet him.
5.When you meet the character, open a trade window. The character may ask you to put an item in to trade. Choose something of little value. The character will type in the gold amount. Click Trade. When the character clicks trade, the trade window will close and the gold will show up in your account. You can then leave the group.

The above steps are how the buy wildstar gold working on’t it easy ? Action speaks loudly then words ,so just check it out now! We are waiting for you !


The Unique WildStar Mounts detailed introduction


Mounts or speeders are important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts. Some WildStar mounts will be introduced early in the game, through quests or like a temporary mounts, but, when you reach higher levels, there will be permanent mounts with different abilities. Since the cost of the first mount is 10 gold, our suggestion is to start saving your money on time.

Dominion Mounts

 ws-Dominion Mounts

Exile Mounts

ws-Exile Mounts

Mounts bought from mount vendors can’t be customized, but, you can buy mounts and customization items from various vendors in the city – renown vendor, reputation vendor; along with modifications for hoverboards and other mounts. Mount price depends on reputation level you have achieved with your faction. The higher reputation level, the lower price will be.

Mount customization are items you can attach to your mount, and change its appearance. There are 4 spots on which you can attach customization items: Front, Rear, Left and Right Flair. After buying mount customization item you have to use it from your inventory and then tag it inside your mount customization window. Mounts customization window can be accessed from the Character Screen Window (by pressing key button “P”), under Mount tab.

Mount customization

Mount Tips

1.Mounts have sprint ability that makes them even faster.
2.Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
3.The only areas with known mount restrictions are PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas,and PVE instances.


Wildstar Talent Calculator variant:Action Set Builder


In Wildstar you get to choose 8 skills (out of 30+) to use during gameplay. You also get to invest Tier points, that you get while leveling, to upgrade the skills you chose to use. This Wildstar Talent Calculator variant is called the Action Set Builder.

Bellow you can choose which class you will play and see all the available skills (that we managed to see in the press level 1-15 NDA drop) and what they do and you can create an Action Set you think would be the most suitable for your character once you start playing Wildstar.


Engineer is a ranged tank class with pets. He (or she) can dish out high damage while questing and also help out its group with various innovative tanking techniques. Depending on your Action Set you can spec to be medium or long range skill class.


Esper will take his/her Psy-Blade and convert all their Psi Points into damage. They are a burst damage class that can also be specced for healing. They prefer to do things at range so there is a variety of crowd control options available


Medic, by definition, should be the primary healer in a game. In Wildstar, things are not as simple. You can spec your Medic to be DPS machine at mid to short range as well as a world class healer. If you are looking for a more dynamic style of healing play, than Medic can be speced in such way to provide you with that experience.


If you like to pewpew your enemies into melting goo using Pistolero’s style SpellSlinger is the class for you. Long range, mobility and high burst is what he provides and you can spec him for healing with addition of crowd control for good measure.


Slice and Dice is your game? Pick Stalker for all the stabby action your hearth desires. Glass cannon, avoidance tank, sustained damage dealer; these are all the builds you can go after by picking certain skills and AMPs for your character. Bellow is an online tool to help you accomplish just that, out of game and with no in-game currency loss.


Warrior class in Wildstar is designed to either dish out or soak up damage. Close combat tank with a ginormous two handed sword. Bellow you can find the Wildstar Warrior Action Set Builder (or Talent Calculator if you prefer that more) that can help you decide which skills to take with you to combat.


wildstar skills

WildStar awesome new continent maps

WildStar has a fantastic UI artist by the name of Miguel Angel Durán who quite regularly posts his awesome designs to his Dribbble page. A few days ago he added some new pieces and some of these are to replace possibly the last place holder art in the UI. The Continent level maps have been a plain place holder since beta began and to be perfectly honest I have almost forgotten the existed. However after seeing these images I will be looking at the map a hell of a lot more, I wonder if this will pass over to the zone maps too!

Check out the Continents below, I am sure you recognise these zone names. You might also notice the next zone to come out post launch!







What are WildStar’s Battlegrounds


WildStar offers a range of battlegrounds from as early as level 6. You can also level up while slaughtering the opposing faction allowing those that adore PVP to never leave.

wildsatr battleground

Walatiki Temple – Capture the flag With a Twist
The temple is a 10 vs 10 battleground available from level 6, both factions spawn within the cliffs on opposite sides of this intimate map. The objective of the temple is to obtain 5 moodie masks in a capture the flag style match with a twist. A mask is never safe! After a mask is captured the opposing faction can steal the mask back. This means that as well as zerging to get the spawned mask there must be defenders in your mask room keeping a watchful eye on the masks you have already obtained. When in the temple one must always be prepared for a drastic change in score, the table perpetually turns in this delightful paradise

Technical Info
If player drops a neutral mask (one that has not yet been successfully delivered to a team’s base), then players have 30 seconds to grab the mask before it spawns again at the center of the map.

If a player drops a mask stolen from the opposition’s base, then the mask will be returned to that base after 30 seconds. The opposing team can also send the mask back sooner if they are near it.When a mask is successfully brought to a team’s room a new mask will spawn in the center.

Halls of the Bloodsworn – A Race Against The Clock
Quite simply “The Halls” is a battleground consisting of three rooms, the team which clears all three rooms the fastest wins.More information to be seen later.

wildstar dungeons

What makes WildStar so attractive:Adventures or Dungeons

What make Wildstar attractive? Well, I think, most players awes it to the raids, the dungeons, the warplots, the paths system, the housing system or even customization. In fact, all those are the features of this magnificent game, and you may also read from many news about the adventures in Wildstar. What is that? Is it the same with adventuring in dungeons?

attractive wildstar

In Wildstar, adventures and dungeons are different but they have similarities. A dungeon is focused on combat. It has its lore and is a linear environment. To fight tough bosses, you may need some combat mechanics and tactics and strategies. You will get matched rewards according to what type of bosses you are fighting. While an adventure is much open. Although there is plenty of combat, it is not the focus. And you will not have an epic boss encounter, but a pile of enemies. You will never find what gameplay mechanics you will need from your normal leveling experience.

All you have to do is adventuring and find out the unknown. It is true you will get a wide range of loot for your efforts (wildstar gold of course), whether from a dungeon or an adventure. In an adventure, you will get gear, housing items, crafting recipes and many others, but those you get in normal adventures will be great for leveling (you can begin an adventure at level 15), while in the veteran adventures, you will get gear that help you more in raiding. Sounds really interesting! Open Beta is available now and allows you reach level 30. Have you applied for a code? Anyway, the official release will be on June 3. Soon we will set about with it. I’m looking forward to try everything in Wildstar! for more information u can check on!

Wildstar Raiding

Wildstar Raiding Guide: Experiment X-89 in Genetic Archives

wildstar raid

WildStar wants to have its raids be big. Big in size. Big in rewards. Big in engagement. Big in lots of ways, in short.Then how your raid group beats “Experiment X-89” in the 20 man raid Genetic Archives,here is a quick guide for you!

wildstar raid

Experiment X-89 will most likely be the first boss you do in Genetic Archives and is one of the easiest fights in the raid (some trash and mini bosses are harder). Even though Experiment X-89 is one of the easier bosses I still think a lot of groups are going to wipe on him.

wildstar raid

The fight is a heavy DPS with mechanics that you have to pay attention to. If someone messes up on a big bomb (Strain Bomb) it will probably be a wipe. Small bombs (Corruption Globule) need to be placed strategically or you won’t have enough platforms to kill the boss.

wildstar raid

How does the Telegraphs system work in WildStar

Telegraphs are one of the primary combat systems featured in WildStar. Telegraphs are a colored area on the ground that indicates where an effect or ability is going to happen shortly. Telegraphs come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and effects, and will be a pertinent part of the WildStar combat. Learning to avoid and capitalize on telegraphs will be an essential part of every aspect of the game’s combat, from PvE to PvP.

wildstar Telegraphs system

Telegraphs also come in a number of different colors that indicate their purpose to the viewing player.Telegraph Color Indication:

telegraph color

Player Attack- The player’s personal telegraphs. What you the player are doing
Enemy Attacks- Things that should be avoided, whether they be damage, CC, or debuffs.
Friendly Heal- Buffs, heals, or other beneficial, friendly effects.
Enemy Heal- Same as Friendly Heal, but applies to enemy units, not the player.
Friendly Attack- Offensive telegraphs being used by friendly units. This is the Red telegraph for enemy units.

The Detail guide to Veteran Adventures in WildStar

wildstar Veteran Adventures

Veteran Adventures are part of the first tier of major Elder Game content in WildStar. Veteran Adventures are level 50 versions of the Adventures that players have completed while leveling up. In addition to being scaled for level 50, Veteran Adventures include extra mechanics, progression options, challenges, and Achievements. Veteran Adventures also feature a medal system, with increased rewards for groups that can complete the Adventure quickly and without many deaths. Veteran Adventures will award blue-quality Veteran Tier equipment, with a chance at purple-quality Epic gear for challenge or medal rewards.

Alongside Veteran Dungeons, Veteran Adventures will make up the Veteran Tier of WildStar’s Elder Game.
Riot in the Void (Veteran)
For the Riot in the Void adventure, players are sent to a Dominion prison, where some of the most dangerous and deadly criminals in the galaxy are kept. After several inmates break out, a prison riot begins, and the players have to make critical decisions on how best to contain the threat.

The Hycrest Insurrection (Veteran)
During this adventure, players will help help oppressed Exiles fight off their Dominion persecutors. Players will choose how they wish to take down the Dominion, and pick a strategy on how to best help free the people of Hycrest.

War of the Wilds (Veteran)
War of the Wilds is a MOBA style Adventure, where the players are attempting to capture control points for Moodies while fighting the Skeech, seeking to ultimately destroy their home base. Players will face off against five NPCs from the enemy faction, and coordinate to take down enemy and neutral objectives.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge (Veteran)
In the Siege of Tempest Refuge, players have to defend Tempest Refuge from a Dominion Assault, and protect a generator that is creating a protective barrier around the city. Players are given command over five rookie soldiers, who will level up and become more specialized as the Adventure goes on

The Malgrave Trail (Veteran)
Based off of The Oregon Trail, the Malgrave Trail puts players in charge of a caravan looking to cross the Malgrave Desert. Players must decide how to navigate the large desert, and manage resources such as water, supplies, and ammo.


Five wild things you can do on your way to level 30 in WildStar

wildstar level30

Great news to all WildStar fans .It’s finally here! Open Beta will be starting on May 8th .you will be able to visit our Open Beta page to request a key, and then hop into WildStar to experience content up to level 30. If you have already participated in any other WildStar beta event, including beta weekends and stress tests, you don’t need a new key. Just patch up, and you’re good to go!

And for more of your reading pleasure, check out below for five wild things you can do on your way to level 30!
Farside – You ever want to go to the moon and float around while swinging a massive sword into badass, vicious, people eating extra-terrestrials? Me too. Now you that you’ve hit level 30, travel to Farside and get some space between you and the planet Nexus.

Galeras Adventure – Tower defense just became a whole lot more epic. You and four friends are all that stands between an invading force and holding the fort before reinforcements can arrive. The opposing faction is going to throw everything they’ve got against you: Tanks, missile strikes, snipers, stealth assassins, and some hulking military commandos are trying to make your life hell while you are holding for reinforcements… maybe you should return the favor and kick some ass, cupcake!

Two New Abilities – Kicking ass is pretty awesome. Now you can kick MORE ass with two new abilities that are unlocked for your class at level 30.

New Ability Slot – Hot damn, at level 30 you can unlock the final ability slot! Why don’t you buy a new ability and throw that into your brutality rotation!

Tier Points – Power up your abilities to continue to become an even bigger ass kicker. Or don’t. Whatever, that’s cool too.

See you on Nexus!