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“You should always tailor your formation based on how your opponent sets up. I’ll always look at my squad and choose the formation and starting XI that suits it best. Sometimes, you also need to be brave enough to select a player from the bench who doesn’t have as high a ranking as someone in the starting line-up, especially if they’re better suited to the formation or strategy you’re facing.”

“The most important tip when playing especially if you’re a beginner is to keep the ball and retain possession. When you plan your attack, you almost want to provoke your opponent into making a mistake. By that, I mean you want to frustrate them, and pull them out of formation. If you keep the ball constantly, even if you play it back to a defender, your opponent is bound to lose concentration and make a mistake and that’s when you have to strike.”

“Skill moves aren’t just for show. For example, step-overs can enable you to change direction very quickly, and in certain situations it’s effective and hard to defend against. When you’re playing online at a higher level, skill moves can be very successful. Everyone knows the basics, but when you use skill moves, it gives you an edge that’s less predictable.”

 “Headers in FIFA 15 are nowhere near as powerful as in FIFA 14. That means whipping in high crosses is going to be far less effective than previous games, and will lead to fewer goals no matter who’s on the receiving end. You’ll be better off waiting for midfield runners coming into the box or drifting to the byline and delivering a zippy, low cross which could easily be bundled in off you or a defender.”

“When you’ve got fast players, there is a tendency to run down the wings and attack the full backs, but you shouldn’t forget that it’s also very difficult to defend when pacy players run straight through the middle. If  you’ve got stars like Arjen Robben, Alexis Sanchez or Angel Di Maria, don’t be afraid to drift inside. You’ll be amazed at the chaos you could end up causing.”

 “When you’re 20-25 yards from goal, your opponent is usually expecting you to try and curl one in. But if you’re not gifted with a Messi or Ronaldo, it’s hardly worth it. Instead, switch to a two person free kick, poke a short pass through and change the angle for a possible shot or easy pass straight into a striker waiting in the box.”

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Recommend some players Thread on FIFa 15

fifa 15

Team: AC Milan 
Season: first season 
Why: balotelli has been sold to Liverpool now need a world class striker to replace him 
Transfer Budget:15 mill 
Wage Budget: 80k 
Position(s): Striker 
Players like: balotelli , ibra , cavani 
Other Info:would prefer a player between 16-25 

Player: Siebe Schrijvers 
Team: Genk 
Price: I’ve paid 300,000 pounds for him at Bolton and West Ham 
Wage: I pay him 2,000 pounds the first season, then he begins to improve and asks for more, I think usually up to 5,000. 
Position: Striker 
Age: 18 or 19 
Other Info: You get him at a 68, I believe, if you play him against the smaller teams, I play in the Championship in England for the first season so almost anyone I play against, his stats improve quickly. I got him to a 75 in one season in last years game, looks similar so far for FIFA 15 on my first season.

Team: Sunderland 
Season: January 2015 
Why:playing 4-4-2 diamond but really struggling for goals been using wickham trying to get him to grow but he’s just not doing it for me 1 goal all season 
Transfer Budget: 7 million 
Wage Budget: 60,000 
Position(s): * 
Players like: Dzeko,madzukic,costa 
Other Info: has to be a target man type to compliment borini As realistic as possible 

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A FIFA 15 Holiday Edition bundle has appeared on theXbox One store

A FIFA 15 Holiday Edition bundle appeared on theXbox One store yesterday and it’s already for sale.

The Holiday Edition includes the full game, 2200 FIFA points to redeem for 15 Ultimate Team packs, a Lionel Messi loan player for five games, and a handful of EA Sports Football Club items. The bundle is priced at $60 USD, and expires Jan. 19, 2015. As of now, it’s only appearing in digital form for Xbox One.

Last year, FIFA 14 Holiday Edition released for PS3 as well. However, EA has yet to confirm whether the Holiday Edition of FIFA 15 will release on any other platforms. IGN has reached out to EA for comment, and will update this story with any new information.

During quarter 2 of Electronic Arts’ fiscal year –– which ended Sept. 30 ––the publisher exceeded sales expectations, and CEO Andrew Wilson cited FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team as one of the main contributors to the successful quarter. EA has since released NBA Live 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and raised its revenue expectations to $4.175 billion.

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Guide to Get Your Favorite Chocobo with Cheap FFXIV Gil

The Chocobo is one of the franchise’s well known mascots. These popular birds figure prominently in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as mounts. Read on for more information how you can save FFXIV Gil with your ride.

At level 20, characters unlock the ability to ride mounts. These can be the ever lovable Chocobos, Magitek Armor, or Coeurls and other creatures. They provide easy to access transportation that does not require any FFXIV Gil. Even better, they can join you in combat. As of writing, there are 12 mounts in the game. Not all are available to all players however since some require a Legacy FFXIV account.

The quickest way to get your first mount is to rent a Chocobo from Chocobo Stables located in cities and towns. These cost FFXIV Gil to rent and are limited time deals. To get your own Chocobo mount, you’ll have to complete the story line until you join a Grand Company. You can then get the “My Little Chocobo” quest. To complete this quest, you need 1,000 Grand Company tokens. These FFXIV items can be traded to the Quartermaster for a Chocobo voucher. Have fun riding!