NBA 2K17 Update: Thanksgiving MyTeam Moments Challenges

Just recently, due to NBA 2K17 dropped a series of Thanksgiving Moments Challenges for MyTeam players, to that end, they also are broken or removed. Even if 2K support can’t offer details solutions, nonetheless, for those devotees, they are getting disappointed.


Issues cropped up yesterday on the NBA 2K subreddit, and the controversy has yet to subside. Specifically, two of the six seasonal challenges refuse to dole out their designated rewards, and some now offer VC instead of MT. As a result, 2K has removed the bugged content, but lots of deserved currency still hasn’t been delivered.

The two scrapped challenges in question featured Wilt Chamberlain and Jason Kidd. The latter might still be available on some consoles, but we’d advise waiting for it to be fixed before trying to accomplish it on the ladder.

Despite holding their opponents to the correct number of points, NBA 2K17 still displays the challenge as failed. To make matters worse, all previous challenges must be completed before unlocking the next one. In other words, any broken parts in that chain potentially leave MyTeam enthusiasts at a standstill.

As expected, there was lots of communication between gamers and the 2K Sports support team in the hours to follow. One captured email suggested that there was a designated minimum score for the Kidd challenge, but nothing in the game suggested that. In these holiday hours responses have been slow, so loyalists are getting restless.

As those who follow NBA 2K17 closely will know, however, these recent glitches and bugs aren’t all that uncommon for this year’s title. Lost MT from challenges hasn’t just happened on Thanksgiving. It’s been a chronic problem for months.

In fact, one particularly disgruntled fan suggested filing a class action lawsuit against the game’s publisher a few weeks ago. A major content update also went live earlier this week to address some significant shortcomings. This MyTeam glitch apparently didn’t make the changelog.

It seems to that Thanksgiving could be a lost cause, nevertheless, in the coming weeks and months, more challenge awaits for us and we need to complete. Essentially, it’s safe to say that lost MT might be wasted time, however, in the future, we expected to that it can be addressed.

Now that NBA 2K17 already launched on PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3 as well as Xbox One, if you were a MyTeam enthusiasts, you would also check out our most recent collection of locker codes.

NBA 2K17 Patch & Update: 7GB Patch And Patch 1.06

If you have brought NBA 2K17 in real time, without any doubt, you certainly have been playing their 2K for about three months. Nonetheless, it’s no hyperbole to say that three months feels like three years for its three huge patches. Players are worth delighting that cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.


1.03, for the initial 7GB patch update.
1.04, the first bug fixes patch update.
1.05, for another bug fixes patch update. And now, 1.06 for, surprise, bug fixes update.
1.06, another 7GB Update comes up in new shape and color, means that adjustments were done. Beside NBA 2K17 patch update, and you also need to put much attention to cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

In general, first, the Charlotte Hornets pre-game court is now fixed. Second, 2K fixed the indefinite simulating screen that comes when your MyPlayer retired from the accomplishment of 20-year career as they fixed the hanging on MyGM/MyLeague when attempting to sign a new head coach and assistant coach. Next is, the terrible MyTeam glitch that unmarks your tasks uncompleted though it usually is. Last, the MyTeam case that the card was told to be sent in the auction house, though it is not.

In NBA 2k17 1.06, the 7GB also installed some changes on the gameplay. 2K fixed an issue for users who are using 4k graphics on PS4 Pro. Next on MyPark gameplay in summary, they made it harder to do things. Such as checking the ball in the inbound does not assure any steals, plus player should now in the position before having a successful pickpocketing.

They also toughen up the AI in both ways, for fixing the undesired dribble performance, unrealistic skill sets, and now, CPU player could run a better and faster play. 2K also fixed the broadcast camera angle for Milwaukee Bucks, Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Clippers. As a NBA 2K enthusiast, are you expected more NBA 2K17 updates? Are you curious about how can get cheap NBA 2K17 MT?

Albion Online: Flagging System And New PvP Zones

Speaking of PvP, it’s an imfortant part in free-to-play sandbox MMO Albion Online, thanks to Sandbox interactive, a new developer blog was posted, after extensive player during alpha events, player can look at how the PvP system is being altered, in addition to this, regarding its system for PvP flagging and penalties for attacking someone has also changed a lot. Albion Online is extremely fun, it’s no wonder that albion online gold for sale.


Sandbox Interactive wants to develop a PvP system that allows beginners not to worry about being ganked during the early stage of the game. In addition to the already-present red (PvP) and green (non-PvP) zones, a new ‘yellow zone’ is being added, and now players who wish to attack another player must flag themselves as “villains/criminals” before-hand, making themselves immobile for about a minute. This new flagging system also allows players to see how many others are flagged as a criminal or villain in any yellow location or how many may be entering.

Before it was totally black and white. On the one hand (green zone) you had no pvp at all but on the other hand, when entering a red zone, you were directly confronted with the full loot mechanic. Despite the flagging system it really felt like: “Ok, so here, there is no boxing allowed but once you step through this door, feel free to have a real fight with Lennox Lewis.” Many players are dedicated to buy cheapest albion online silver.

There is a large group of people who are extreme hardcore PvP players and where we are happy that they are playing our game but there is an even larger group of players who are not so much into PvP because of various reasons.

We expected to our game to be extremely good at motivating as well as preparing these people to also try out PvP, hence, we made a decsion that the first step the green zone is our current versio of yellow zone where the penalty us a durability loss only.

And we want our game to be very good at motivating and preparing these people to also try out PvP. So we decided that the first step after the green zone is our current version of the yellow zone where the penalty is a durability loss only. For more Albion Online latest news, and you need to access as soon as possible.

Update Albion Online: Added 23 New Dungeons

For the sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, a called Aurelius will get a big content update, in this regard, for the update, we can see some improvement on gameplay, at the same time, including a lots of new content such as 23 new dungeons, monsters as well as new bosses, Christmas Specials, new spells and new dungeon types. Why cheap albion online gold in short supply?


There are open world dungeons as well as gateway dungeons. Open world dungeons are what replace the regular group and solo dungeons the game currently has. It can be played solo but some of the areas in open world dungeons are designed for veterans and group play so solo is not recommended.

Gateway dungeons are dedicated instanced content for 5-man groups. Fight your way through hefty mobs and mini-bosses earn plenty of silver and rare resources until you eventually reach the finale: The new named main bosses of the dungeon.

In order to invite players are engaged in PvP, safe Zone Hellgates are introduced, it’s said to a group of up to 5 players can enter a hell dungeon in safe Zone, in there, they will face off mightly demons, in addition to this, another group of 5 players that is fighting for the same loot, this month, Aurelius will be launched, with respect to other new features, you can access official sites to get more:

NBA 2KTV Episode 9: Answers And Rewards

We’ll be straight to the point and give you the correct answers for NBA 2KTV episode 9. This week on NBA 2KTV, NBA commentator Brent Barry shares his behind the scenes experience recording for NBA 2K17, his family’s time in the NBA, and his thoughts on the underhand free throw! The video also features two locker codes featuring Harrison Barnes and Zach LaVine’s Free Agent Trial MyTeam Cards.


Q1: What year did Brent Barry win the NBA Slam Dunk contest?
A1: 1996 – A Temporary Layups & Dunks Boost for MyPLAYER

Q2: Which of the new color analysts in NBA 2K17 is your favorite?
A2: Any Answer – 50 VC

Q3: Brent Barry won two NBA Championships playing for which team?
A3: Spurs – 100 VC

Q4: How do you choose your MyPLAYER’s free throw animation?
A4: Any Answer – 50 VC

Q5: How many NBA Championships has Gregg Popovich won?
A5: 5 – 100 VC

Q6: What is your favourite way to earn MT in MyTEAM?
A6: Any Answer – 2KTV MyTEAM Shirt for MyPLAYER

Q7: Vote for your #2KTVWOW Top Play of the Month!
A7: Any Answer – 50 VC

By the way, these “temporary” boosts seem to be permanently staying in effect as long as you keep some other boosts charged up using VC.

More news about other future Locker Codes that may be released for “NBA 2K17” should be made available in the near future.

Albion Online Next Character Wipe Announced And Related Planned Improvement

Recently, it’s said to be that Albion Online is in the Final Betaphase, what’s more, during the time, it will be still planned for some time longer in this phase. In accordance to developers write on the official website, with respect to the Final Beta will be continued until the next year. there will probably be a new character in February or March 2017, in addition to that, all necessary improvements have been implmented. you should buy cheapest albion online gold in the best time.


“The Final Beta has been running for over two months now, and now is a good time to give you an impression of our current state of the game, and an update to the further development steps Big bugs, some critical game design aspects, and of course new, exciting features and content added to the game. It’s so easy to get cheap albion silver on UPAlbion.

On the other hand, these changes and extensions have now brought new problems with us We need to take care of the game as well, and when we draw a balance of Beta 1 and the Final Beta, certain aspects of the core gameplay in the game are still not as we imagine it.

We want to make the game ready for release and we know it can be frustrating to wait for it. Our main goal for Albion Online is to make the game successful in the long run. We want a game that is still good in 5 years, spa? Power and enthusiasm. A game that does not crasht and disintegrate as many of the MMORPGs are ultimately published.

For some developers, they are eager to use the extra time to improve the PVE system, what’s more, including Arena with attached matchmaking system is planned as well. If you want to get more overview of all planned changes here, you can visit here:

Regarding Albion Online News: Beta Final

Owing to some players have been disappointmented, in that end, a post on the official forums have been announced by the Albion Online team. The duration of the beta phase will be extended until next year. Beware of fake sites, and please access official site:


Compared to Beta 1, we have also fixed a lot of bugs, solved many critical problems of game design and added exciting new features and content for the game. On the other side, some of the changes made between the Beta 1 and Beta Finale have created new problems that need to be treated.

In addition to this, analyzing the results of the Beta 1 and Beta Finale feel that some of the key mechanics of the game are still not where they should be.

We are eager to see the game ready for release and we know that to wait for this to happen can be frustrating. Our main goal with Albion Online is to create a game that will be successful in the long term. We want the game do well even five years after being released, and does not end up burned as so often happens with the very latest MMORPG. For Albion online players, they have already ready for buy albion gold.

Therefore we decided this: the Final Beta will continue until next year. There will be a wipe inside the Beta, most likely in February and March, after we have made the necessary improvements to the game and the virtual world. If these improvements are successful, we will release shortly after the game.

Many players on the forum have complained of this delay, saying that “no one is willing to play the beta ahead of yet wipe”, but Sandbox Interactive said that the postponement is the only solution if you want to launch the game without problems.

Actually, most of people were expecting that the game launch this year, according to Stefan Bercilak Wiezorek. Of course, we would also have loved it, in a sense, if a premature release does not help anyone as well as was the main cause for which many MMORPG great on paper did not last long. You are certainly wondering about how to buy cheapest albion online silver.