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The Elder Scrolls Online Released New Adventure Guide

The wait has come to an end soon since the early access of Morrowind will start next Monday, May 22nd. In order to familiarize yourself with the localities on Vvardenfell, ZOS has now published an adventure guide.

The enigmatic island of Vvardenfell calls you, adventurers. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online you can explore the beautiful but dangerous home of the Dunkelelfen. Prepare your risky journey with our adventure guide for Morrowind.

The island of Vvardenfell is large and there are numerous interesting places to explore and explore. During your journey you should not forget that you do not have to rely solely on your feet or a riding animal to get there – in many regions, huge silt striders are ready to take you to nearby settlements and always keep your eyes open for Wayshrine you can unlock.

To make your travels easier, we have compiled some information about some of the typical and enigmatic places on the island.


1. Seyda Neen

The harbor town of Seyda Neen is the first stop for many new courageous adventurers coming to Vvardenfell. Do not let the Imperial-styled buildings confuse you. The city is under the control of the House Hlaalu, so if you want to act with the Dark Elves of Morrowind, then you have better the necessary small money for the incidental charges. From here the whole island is open to you. You can travel eastwards towards Vivec and Suran, or you can go north to Balmora, Ald’ruhn and Gnisis.


2. Vivec City

The capital of Vvardenfell, named after the demi-god Vivec, is still under construction, but the floating, multi-leveled cantons bear witness to the power and fame of the living God. There are numerous sights, including Vivec’s Palace, the Hall of Justice, the Library of Vivec, and above all the meteor Baar Dau, which seems to hang dangerously close to the city. Vivec offers the full program with crafting stations, stores and daily quests. If you arrive here, you should visit Vivec. Maybe he can use willing adventurers like you? And who would ever refuse something to God?


3. Balmora

To the north of Vivec and the Odai River is the Redoran city of Balmora. Here you can visit the local Fighters and Mages Guilds, elevate your legs in the “Randy Netch Inn” and pay your respect to the local Tribunal Temple. As you cross over the wide bridges and along the high walls, you should keep your eyes open for the elusive Dark Elf Naryu, for she is said to be in the area. Be careful when you are dealing with the Morag Tong. If there is an alternative to a challenge, you should go north with some allies in order to bring Nilthog the Unbroken, a particularly dangerous nix-ox.


4. Zainsipilu

Are you interested in helping a poor and suffering Khajiit in need? Why do not you travel to Zainsipilu and help the sweet, innocent Halinjirr get his notes back and poison his really harmless grain? In the tunnels, you should take notice of the wandering nix-hounds and fetcherflies, because they can become very annoying. Trust us when we tell you that the sight alone is worth the effort when you reach the cavern. On the whole of Vvardenfell there are a total of six delves like this one. You should have seen them at least once!


5. Ald’ruhn

Further north of Balmora you will find the Ald’ruhn’s Ashlander camp, which is located directly on the Red Mountain and is surrounded by glowing red-hot lava flows. When you get here, you should look at Skar, the huge shell of a long-dead emperor’s crab. But be warned: It is extremely important that you take all the effort to keep to the traditions of the Ashlander and the necessary respect. These nomadic people are very skeptical about foreigners like you. If you deserve their trust, they could have regular work for you. If you are on adventure, then why not visit the Daedric shrine Ramimilk, a little further south? Perhaps you are struck by a familiar face!


6. Ald Carac

As you cross the rocky slopes of the Red Mountain, you could actually compete with other adventurers in the Battlegrounds. Ald Carac is located in a dilapidated Dwarven ruin with angled corners and dangerous traps, which should keep you on your toes. Not sure what you’re getting into? As soon as you have reached level 10, you can talk to Battlemaster Rivyn, and learn more about Battlegrounds. You will also get daily quests. And do not forget to cover up with the nearby Farthalem, the Battlegrounds dealer, with new equipment!


7. Sadrith Mora

On the east coast of Vvardenfells you will find the impressive mushroom towers of the House Telvanni. After a long journey around the Red Mountain you can rest in the inn “Gateway” and buy magic all sorts of things in Tel Naga. Take the time to explore this island town, because the wizards of Telvanni are by nature very secretive. Keep your eyes open for a deeply dark-haired Dark Elf who runs around the towers of Sandrith Mora. Perhaps you can expect a rather unique introduction to the culture of Telvanni.


8. Tel Fyr / Halls of Fabrication

Ready for an adventure like no other? Collect other outlanders around you and help the Telvanni Sorceror Diyath Fyr explore the Halls of Fabrication and turn them off. As she passes the dangerous halls and corridors of Sotha Sil’s creation, you should be faced with deadly challenges because this test will test the abilities of you and your squad. Venture into the Halls of Fabrication, keep the Fabricants and save Morrowind!



These are just a few of the places you can explore if your travel Vvardenfell in ESO: Morrowind, but there are still countless other adventures off the beaten track. Where will your journey take when you visit the home of the Dark Elves? Post your comment below our site. Good Trip!

The Upcoming Changes In Albion Online Hector

The developers of the hardcore MMORPG Albion Online have released another release of developer diaries, in which they told about the upcoming changes in the game. A patch called “Hector” will be installed on servers early next month – June 7.

Update removes all harbors and black zone cities. For this reason, the contents of banks will also disappear, so developers are asking players to move things to a safe place before the update is released. Markets and islands that were in remote locations will be moved to Caerleon. Changes will also affect the rewards in the Outlands.

The Theme Song Of FFXIV Stormblood Was Revealed: Revolutions

At present, Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, the theme song of the game has been revealed, is called “Revolutions”. It is comprise of Nobuo Uematsu, at the same time, was performed by Susan Calloway. In essence, it’s an anime music video. More information about the game can be found at FFXIV4GIL:


Calloway performed the theme songs for the initial Final Fantasy XIV release and the 2013 Realm Reborn expansion, while Uematsu has been composing music for the series since the original game in the series came out in 1987. Have you ever purchased FFXIV Gil at FFXIV4GIL?

The video doesn’t contain any in-game dialog, so you’re not going to be hit with any “I am your father”-type revelations. But there may still be things you don’t want to see, like Angry Santa Claus setting up for a fight with the kids, for instance, or the showdown between Daenerys Targaryen and Immortan Joe.

As we know already, the next expansion Stormblood is set for launched on June 20. Everything about Stormblood, including information on classes, swimming and dive, a new raid, and changes to combat and inventory and so on. Gamers are interested in buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, where to buy cheap Gil?

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Arrives With Exclusive Edition

Are you fans of the saga ‘The Elder Scrolls’? Do you like MMORPGs? Perhaps for any reason, if you have answered yes to both questions, you have not yet played ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, the spin-off of the saga that allows you to live the adventures in a world in which all players meet In the same lands, we are going to give you a reason to be expectant.


And we talk about the title because, taking advantage of the launch of the new expansion that adds the lands of Morrowind, game presents a Collector’s Edition of real luxury, with a great amount of content for both your shelves and your game.

The edition, which you can see in the header, includes such amount of content that we will have to take a deep breath before detailing it. There you go. The first thing, of course, is the ‘Morrowind’ expansion for ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, but it does not come alone, as the original title also comes in this collection, perfect for those who have yet to venture into this land.

If this already seemed enough, wait, the edition still includes more extras. To accompany the game, the Physical Collector’s Edition also contains special metallic game case bearing the marks of Vivec and the Tribunal so you can accompany the statue of a Dwarven Colossus that accompanies the edition. And so that you do not miss for the worlds of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, a complete map of Morrowind to plan your raids.


What do you still want more? Well come, go, because of you, the Digital Collector’s Edition will also come with the Naryu’s Journal of 176 pages in full color with dozens of illustrations and conceptual designs to quench your thirst for knowledge. And if all this was not enough, and accompanying the game and its expansion, includes a series of downloadable for everyone in the game to know that you are the owner of this great edition. Concretely it includes an Armored War Horse mount, a Dwarven Spider pet, a Morag Tong equipment converter, an exclusive grey-colored War Bear and a bundle of character emotes that will allow the other players to generate the greatest of envy.

This edition will be available next June 6 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and you should save it if you want to do with this piece of Collector’s Edition. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be available within a few days, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and weapons ahead. If you need ESO gold in game, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.

Albion Hellgate: New Hellgate Map And Design Goals

Arguably, Hellgates are an intrinsic feature of Albion Online, it can combine with PvP and PvE. For some brave adventurers, they can be allowed to enter them by taking down demonic monsters in the open world. In fact, the real danger comes from other players that may enter the same Hellgate, owing to all Hellgate portals in the world are connected. So many gamers are plan on buying cheap albion online gold at U4GM.


Commonly, Hellgates have been widespread acclaimed, at the same time, they are a great source for intense PvP fights. Concerning the main issues Hellgates currently, there are related to teams dodging fights or pulling mobs to gain an unfair advantage in fights. Today, let’s us take a look at Hellgate Design Goals and New Hellgate Map.

Hellgate Design Goals
Hellgates are about PvP.
Camping the opposing team’s entrance should not be a valid strategy.
Mobs should play no, or a very limited, role in deciding who wins the PvP fight.
Hellgate strategy should not be affected by artificial game mechanics such as timers.
Mobs should act as sources for loot and as a time buffer that allow a second team to join the Hellgate before it is finished.
Dodging the opposing team should not be possible. At the same time, there needs to be a legitimate way out of the Hellgate if something unexpected happens, for example: your healer disconnects.

New Hellgate Map
The new Hellgate map is shaped like a pentagram, with a circular path connecting the corner pieces. Each corner of the pentagram is a possible entrance. Which of the five entrances a team enters through is decided at random, which means it is impossible for the first team to know where the second team will show up and gate camp. Gamers decide to buy albion online gold at U4GM.

There will be very few trash mobs, and those that are on the map can be leashed easily. This has been done to fulfill the second design goal: making sure that PvE does not play a significant role in the Hellgate PvP fights.

Currently, Hellgates are connected globally, what this means is that a team entering from a yellow zone could be matched against a team entering from a black zone. according to the zones that gamers choose to enter, and now Hellgates was being changed, yellow zones, green zones as well as red, black zones. More details about Albion Online, you can check out more:

TESO: Morrowind – Minimum And Recommended Hardware Requirements

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, the latest expansion to MMORPG Bethesda will hit Steam as early as June sixth. We will be able to visit this land once again known to TES III, Morrowind. The question of what equipment is enough to meet the requirements of the game.


What computer will we need to get back to Vvardenfell Island in Morrowind?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Minimum Requirements

  • System: Windows 7 32-bit
  • Processor: i3 540 or AMD A6-3620
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 460 or AMD Radeon 6850
  • Disk Space: 85 GB

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Recommended Requirements

  • System: Windows 7 32-bit
  • Processor: i5 2300 or AMD FX4350
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 750 or AMD Radeon HD 7850
  • Disk Space: 85 GB

In general, there are not any unexpected requirements in this requirement, except for the crazy 85 GB space that we will need to play the add-on. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our ESO articles here on ESO-GOLD! ESO Gold/ Power Leveling in store now, you guys can click for it.

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