Madden 18 Adds Great Detail With Frostbite Engine

Madden NFL 18 takes a significant visual leap with the power of the Frostbite engine. See stunning new stadium exteriors surrounded by vast cityscapes and watch the spectacle of NFL gameday come to life in the most photorealistic game to date. Play each matchup to your specifications by selecting from three new Play Styles or play the best real world match ups each week in Play Now Live! With the introduction of even more ways to play, coupled with your modes, Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise, this is Madden like you’ve never seen before.


The Frostbite engine of Madden 18 adds great detail and a color warmth, but the framerate stutters. The four-hour Longshot story mode follows college dropout Devin Wade’s attempt to get into the NFL. The story is more about provoking feelings about Devin, the Texas football environment he grew up in, and the friends that helped him along the way than it is about player freedom, skill-based gameplay, and making sure all your choices are precisely reflected in a particular ending. Gameplay consists of quick-time events (including dialog options), Devin playing QB in the normal Madden style, and some minigames. However, the excitement comes not from the gameplay, but from understanding Devin’s mindset and making decisions that feel true in tense situations. By that measure, it’s a success.

Plus, Ultimate Team gets even more competitive through 3v3 co-op MUT Squads. Its team-based play requires the coordination of seasoned players who can run a pass route and stay focused on their roles. Get two user-controlled receivers in a bunch formation, however, and things can get sloppy. The mode has its moments when everyone contributes, but even on a good play, you’re often isolated on the field or arriving late to the action (although the player switching is good), limiting its appeal.

MUT Squads may not always be engrossing, but you can still reap the benefits of one of its features: the new wide receiver vs. defensive back chess match mechanics where WRs and DBs use the right analog stick to get better positioning on each other. Similarly, competitive players will love playing with the target-passing QB mechanic to place the ball where only the receiver can catch it.

Madden 18 offers so many game modes you’ll never go bored if you’re in the mood to do battle on the gridiron. The classic franchise mode offers an in depth experience that allows you to control every aspect of your team or you can run it as simple as you’d like and just play your season games. For more Madden tips and tricks, stay tuned to Madden-Store. You can choose where you can buy cheap Madden 18 coins.

NBA 2K18 Is One of The Most Technically Sound Sports Games

NBA 2K18’s MyCareer and MyLeague modes are addicting as always, this year, the addition of The Neighborhoods in MyCareer, which is the biggest feature. NBA 2K18 is one of the most technically sound sports games, and it will first return to a Nintendo console since NBA 2K13. Fans are sure to be eager to play their favorite NBA 2K18 by purchasing NBA 2K18 MT from U4NBA.

NBA 2K18

Players have plenty of options in how they play the game, especially for the game’s modes, including MyGM, MyTeam, MyCareer as well as MyLeague. Noticeably, MyGM and MyLeague both give players control over a franchise, with MyGM having a storyline and MyLeague allowing for greater customization such as expansion teams. MyCareer is the single player mode in which you create a player and take them through their career.

In addition, the MyTeam mode is a card collection mode where players build their teams from current and former players, you can visit website to know these mode’s detailed information. Having being said, in terms of NBA 2K18’s graphics, most of players receiving very realistic looks, the presentation of the game is awesome as well, it’s safe to say that NBA 2K18 features the best basketball simulation gameplay there is today.

Year after year, NBA 2K series does a good job of mixing things up enough. With 49 licensed songs and having Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett as guest commentators, NBA 2K18 has a very good audio experience this year. Just about everything in the MyCareer mode, in addition to the MyPark and the Pro-Am modes, is related to the microtransactions of the virtual currency.

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NBA 2K18

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Madden NFL 18 Dominates Top US Best-Selling Game

Market research group NPD released its report on the gaming industry in August. In the consoles, the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling, above the PS4 and Xbox One, while in the games, Madden NFL 18 was the first placed.


Madden has been a football mainstay for decades, and the game is hoping to make its experience even more immersive. Whether fans are playing the casual arcade or the realistic simulator, in which there are injuries and flags in addition to increased failure rates, there are game modes for everyone. However, the most talked about new feature with Madden is the Long-shot mode, in which players follow the arduous road to becoming an NFL star.

The latest franchise of Madden series is Madden NFL 18. When you tear open your initial packs or more with the GOAT Edition then you have to resort to spending real money or gathering as many coins as you can for more coins and packs. Madden Ultimate Team, where players build their own teams, will also make a comeback. One of the most popular modes in Madden, it is based around cards. It is also featuring squads now, which allows players to build with friends.

You earn MUT coins by tackling and completing objectives in Ultimate Team. Those coins can be turned in for new items and card packs, whether via the store or through the auction house. You can also use points, obtained with real cash, to buy new card packs and items.

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FFXIV Gave Us A Lot More Variety Of Location And Story Beats

Final Fantasy XIV helpful tips are required to each players. It was confirmed that Patch 4.1 – titled The Legend Returns – is scheduled to come out early October. Patch 4.1 notes content have been posted at FFXIV4GIL, find more at here. Housing purchases in Shirogane will finally open in 4.1. Final Fantasy XIV’s annual 14-hour anniversary stream was last week, and with it came a deluge of information about the game’s past, present and future.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has a long and checkered history. After several years of middling success, Square Enix eventually relaunched the game in 2013/14 as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game is a re-launched version of original Final Fantasy XIV, the second MMORPG in the franchise, and features an updated game engine, revamped gameplay, and a new storyline.

The game gave us a lot more variety of locations, and some interesting story beats. The new locations are much more varied than those from A Realm Reborn or Heavensward and the soundtrack matches. One change that was incredibly helpful is the fact that sprinting no longer costs technical points, so melee fighters can now sprint in battle without jeopardizing their ability to do anything for about a minute while waiting for their TP gauge to tick back up to full.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood is the latest expansion for the game, there will also be dungeons you can challenge with your adventurer squadron, who will have glamours unlocked and their level cap boosted. The Hildibrand quests will return for Stormblood, while a new 48-man PvP mode, rival wings, will be also introduced. We sincerely recommend FFXIV4GIL to you and then buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Madden NFL 18 Is One Of The Best By Far

This year’s update is by far one of the best, not only adding better graphics, but a new gameplay that includes dialogues with answers that can impact on history, college football and 7v7, as well as new mechanical gameplay.


As always, the best side to enjoy is multiplayer, whether at home or via the Internet. The differences, between the PS4 and the One are practically null, since they are very similar. If you choose the Sony console, the graphics are slightly higher, and the control is a little more comfortable. But if you opt for Microsoft, the online experience will be better. Whatever your choice, in short is a game that you must have if you are a fan of the franchise and this sport.

The new Longshot story mode for Madden NFL 18 features two young guys from the south with a dream of getting drafted into the National Football League. Players will work their way up through the ranks of college football – all the way to the big leagues. IT means that the company has inserted college football into the game, for the first time since EA cancelled its NCAA football game in 2013.

Much like the story mode in last year’s FIFA 17 known as “The Journey”, this year’s “Longshot” will see if the characters Devin Wade and Colt Cruise can make the cut and become players on one of the premiere teams in the NFL.

The reason it’s called “Longshot” is because it features a small town country player who was once a huge prospect for the NFL but he ended up dropping off the map after he joined the army for a few years and then came back to pursue a career in football with his friend Colt.

The NFL and esports are meeting once again with the newly announced “Madden NFL Club Championship”, consisting of all 32 teams in the National Football League. The announcement of the Club Championship is an effort to drum up hype for Madden 2018 which launched on August 25, and the release of the featured mode which will further bring the two industries together. Buy cheap Madden 18 Coins Xbox One/ PS4 in store now, you guys can click for it.