Recently ,wild star set off a great mass fervor, so the wild star gold become a very hot sale product on our site.
The wild star become so hot game not only cuz its interesting plot ,but its novel Players Growth System and power systerm .although the wild star is very attractive,players also have some doubts





Q: when explorers discovered a new continent will it affects other players adventure? when scientists deformed cat will be his monster deformation affected?

A:When explorers discovered the New World would affect his same group of players. And when scientists become cats, monsters are not affected.

Q:Each job will have a fixed number of game content?

A:Each occupation is probably a 70% fixed content, while the remaining 30% by the players themselves to decide. This is 30% of the game content will allow players to experience a completely different game story, and feel the very unique game journey.

Q:explorers is expert in the discovery of the unknown world scientists specialty is inventing new things. So, what is the soldier’s specialty?

A:If you choose to play soldier, then the player will have a lot of simple fighting skills, and learn to use more weapons, as well as strengthen their own character.

Q:When an unknown continent for the first time to usher in the first explorers, then the players will therefore get special reward it?

A:Yes. For example, we were able to grant the explorers a “first explorers” in the title, and give him more experience, reputation, values ??and so on. Game content rating system will be updated regularly to make, so that all players understand the game occurred in the deeds

Do u know more about the wildstar game now? let’s enjoy the charming online game now !