Recently, it’s said to be that Albion Online is in the Final Betaphase, what’s more, during the time, it will be still planned for some time longer in this phase. In accordance to developers write on the official website, with respect to the Final Beta will be continued until the next year. there will probably be a new character in February or March 2017, in addition to that, all necessary improvements have been implmented. you should buy cheapest albion online gold in the best time.


“The Final Beta has been running for over two months now, and now is a good time to give you an impression of our current state of the game, and an update to the further development steps Big bugs, some critical game design aspects, and of course new, exciting features and content added to the game. It’s so easy to get cheap albion silver on UPAlbion.

On the other hand, these changes and extensions have now brought new problems with us We need to take care of the game as well, and when we draw a balance of Beta 1 and the Final Beta, certain aspects of the core gameplay in the game are still not as we imagine it.

We want to make the game ready for release and we know it can be frustrating to wait for it. Our main goal for Albion Online is to make the game successful in the long run. We want a game that is still good in 5 years, spa? Power and enthusiasm. A game that does not crasht and disintegrate as many of the MMORPGs are ultimately published.

For some developers, they are eager to use the extra time to improve the PVE system, what’s more, including Arena with attached matchmaking system is planned as well. If you want to get more overview of all planned changes here, you can visit here: