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How to get Goldensun Essence and Aura in WildStar

Today we will talk about a very special event that takes place in Whitevale, level 22-28 zone for both factions. This frozen wonderland has many surprises. There is a lake in the middle of the zone which has adventures both under water as well as on a floating barge high up above the lake. There are Elden secrets to be solved and Prime Metal Maw to be defeated (world boss of the zone). What turned out the most unexpected surprise in this land is what we’re about to discuss!

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Goldensun Aura is a buff that you receive when you use the item Goldensun Essence. This buff makes your character have a golden shine around it! Sometimes, in rare occasions, it makes the items that you wear appear made out of gold.

Goldensun Essence and Aura Guide
1.In order to obtain this item, you must be a scientist or be grouped up with a scientist buddy.Scientist is needed to scan a very rare creature – Goldesnun Dawngrazer
2.Goldensun Dawngrazer is located in Softsnow Meadows, northern Whitevale.This creature spawns exactly at 22:00 (10pm) SERVER TIME.
3.In order to check server time type /time in your chat box. Seven in-game hours = 1 real time hour.When you finally find Goldensun Dawngrazer have your party member (or you) scan the creature with the Scan Bot.
4.When you do this, Dawngrazer drops Goldensun Essence items and you can Vacuum Loot it into your inventory (by default – keyboard button “V”).Use Goldensun Essence on you or others to activate Goldensun Aura glow.
5.This item can be used indefinitely but it has a 30 minute cooldown.Goldensun Auras can stack on one person many times, leading to a point where person with many auras is a walking light.
6.You lose Goldensun Aura when you die. The same aura shines in dark places so you are basically a walking lantern at that point.

Note: If you are on your way to obtain the Goldensun Essence, be sure not to have Goldensun Aura at the moment of scanning Goldensun Dawngrazer. It can bug out, leaving you without Goldensun Essence loot (and then waiting for another 3.5 hours for it to spawn again).



WildStar Guide:Rare Mobs in Malgrave

While adventuring through Southern Grimvault, players will come across 7 rare mobs. After defeating all rares, you will complete achievement “I like it rare: Malgrave” listed under Achievement ? Kill ? Malgrave. In the table below, you’ll find the list of all rare mobs available in Southern Malgrave zone, their spawn locations, and possible loot.

Stonegut:Coordinates: 1451, 3359 Level 41, 126k HP, a large turtle. Like any other type of this creature it has an instant telegraphs and melee attacks. If you keep moving in circle around the mob, you can avoid all his telegraphs and soak only melee damage. This shouldn’t make a problem, as he tends to cast telegraphs more often. You can burst him down without healing potions.


Savageclaw:Coordinates: 1270, 3756 Level 42, 111k HP, a powerful rare mob. He has strong melee attacks and telegraphs. Keep circling around him to avoid his powerful melee telegraphs. He also tends to jump onto player’s location with ability Undermine.


Grug the Executioner:Coordinates: 2962, 4382 Level 43, 96k HP, 28k Shield, an extremely strong melee rare mob. The thing that makes him special compared to other rare mobs, is his ability Bolstering Shout. This ability empowers him with buff Bolstering Shout, and increases his Assault/Support Power by 50% and/or Entagler Shield that snares all attackers. Keep in mind that his frontal melee cleave Magma Flurry makes huge amount of damage even without Bolstering Shout, and you can easily die if you are not careful enough. He can be also found in close vicinity of other enemies in Swindler’s End, thus clearing up the area around him might be a smart idea.

Grug the Executioner

Blightfang:Coordinates: 1576, 3152 Level 44, 123k HP. You can’t easily defeat him, and you have to move all the time because of his telegraphs like Savage Shred (frontal cone), Vortex Surge (instant circle telegraph around him), Double Leap Shift (range circle telegraph), Super Spin Cycle (massive circle spinning aoe telegraph) and etc.


Basher Grogek:Coordinates: 2391, 3054 Level 45, 114k HP, strong melee rare mob. He has two devastating melee telegraphs: Fowl Blitz (frontal cone) and Rush Down (frontal charge). You don’t have to move all the time during the fight, and you can defeat him without healing yourself.

Basher Grogek

Flame-Binder Trovin:Coordinates: 2390, 3633 Level 46, 129k HP, strong range rare mob. When Flame-Binder Trovin doesn’t cast auto attacks Arcane Bolts (magic damage), he drops ranged telegraph Erupting Fissure (large number of small circles). These attacks become more powerful when he empowers himself with Superheated buff that increases his assault/support power by 30%.

Flame-Binder Trovin

Queen Tizzet:Coordinates: 2720, 3486 Level 45, 132k HP, a mean nasty bee. It is hard to notice this rare mob, because he patrols high in the air. In order to attack him you have to follow him, until he comes close to the ground where you can actually engage him in combat. In order to avoid his telegraphs successfully, you should defeat all nearby creatures and make additional space for the fight.

Queen Tizzet


How to make money by WildStar tradeskills

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Wildstar has tradeskills just like any other MMO. Naturally, depending on what you pick, you can earn a lot of money from them. Here’s how.

Have two gathering skills:If you just want to gather resources to sell on the market, then pick two gathering skills. You can earn a consistent amount of money by gathering as you level and selling the resources on the market.

Salvage items:If you want to turn items you get into material for your profession, recycle everything. This will save you money from buying too many materials, plus allow you to sell the materials that you don’t need. Weapons, armor, even decor items can be recycled.

Try to learn every recipe: This will allow you to make whatever anyone wants. Or if you see a demand for an item that isn’t readily available, you can make it at a higher cost. Plus this will help you as your character develops.

Spend money to make money: In most professions you will have to spend some of your money to make items to increase your skill level. Don’t be afraid to do this. Once you have a high enough of a tradeskill, you will earn your money back.

Have two crafting skills:This one can get very expensive as you level them up, but once you max them out, you can make a lot of money. Only invest in this if you are committed to spending the money to level both skills up.


WildStar gold-making with Commodities Exchange

what’s goodie its fever today we’re looking at the commodities exchange in a very simple and risk-free method to make
money in while starr they’ll be valid until people officially you learn to use the exchange which could be a while
because most players are generally only familiar with the auction house type system develop a little while science
available in almost every other member.buying selling and building.

The Exchange System is different enough that it’s giving people difficult the right now init’s basically the same thing
with buy orders and sell orders and while this is going to be a tutorial you will be able to duplicate what i’m showing
you so you’ll be able to make money on your server by using different items .

ws gold making


Buying low and selling high
Now the simple strategy that I’m going to use is buying low and selling high but with a tweak would be buying low
andvendor in high and this is important because it makes it risk-free because we know the exact price that we can buy
something at where we can turn around and sell it for a profit.

employ a luxurious ride and make good use of it
a luxurious ride with you guys I don’t wanna share something worth US strike you gonna get worse so this is a very safe
way to make money if you employ it and then secondly there’s a really good track because in the beginning are minimal
release for an expansion the prices materials drops so low because there’s so much that entire leveling way that goes to
the content they’re not worried about buying materials all they want to do is sell the crap but they have it so you’re
there just buy it and you can either hold on to it and sell it later or you can do.

Stockpile your picked masterial and sell it when price up
when I’m doing which is just buying it vendor in it having a stockpile the money that I’m investing in other things that
I will eventually hold and you’re just ahead occur so what we’re going to do first is our children to sell now and I like
so now because is a listing a beloved our materials gives you an understanding of what the materials are if you should
hold on to them if they’re decent if they’re gonna be moving et cetera and this gives us an information that we need the
icon if you hover over it will tell us the vendor price which is so vital to what we’re doing 1and in the center is going
to show us the actual the current Buy Now price what people are paying so I look at Black team chunk it vendors for 13
silver but people will buy it cost me for twenty silver that’s not what I want

ws gold making guide

Maxizum your item price
I don’t want to be on either in tibet transaction what I want and I’ll use country but me as an example is right now if I
decided to sell now to this country bug me I would earned 53 copper but the player who I sold it to could turn around and
sell it for five silver plus they be taking their initial investment of copper and multiply it by about 10 which is
absolutely huge in five soldiers all our money but if you either up to the quantity or you change the item into something
like an unknown from held them held in something or other things that sell for over a plaque you’re going to make a lotta
money very quickly 1a rate so don’t be turned off by this this individual item just have extra low cost their items in
between this and things that sell for multiple plan and you’ll find something so we want to be the person who’s buying
the crunchy bug me so what we’re going to do is really going to create a buy order we’re gonna type in crunchy bugil to
pull up this cream and from here we’re going to say that we want to buy the country but we at 54 copper and we’re gonna
buy 100 quantity ok the camcorder yet you can buy per listing is 200 Summers has a 102 make map easy !

wildstar commodities exchange



Buy cheap wildstar gold to enhance your wildstar character


When you build your own characters, there are a lot of options of the appearance to choose. What is important is the races and path. You select the best races and right for your class.

Powerful Abilities
Every class has specific skills to unlock in the game. But you just choose tradeskills to attack in battle. You often level up your abilities. At the beginning, you can frequently use roll, block and stun because your character has not sufficient abilities. With adding abilities, you learn to how to collocate different abilities.

High Levels
The higher your levels are, the stronger your character is. How to power level in the game? First, you challenge dungeons, destroy monster and defeat bosses as frequently as possible, which greatly increase your experience. Second, there are many videos guides on youtube to offer. Reading more videos can upgrade your character as well as your abilities.

Excellent wildstar Items
There are all sorts of eso items with different quality in wildstar. Generally, a good item can increase the damage of your characters. You can explore dungeons and defeat bosses to gain equipment. Besides, you collect materials to craft items on your own. There is the need of enough time and energy to farm excellent wildstar items. Here on wildstar4gold, u also can buy cheap wildstar gold to enhance your wildstar character and build your powerful WildStar character.

WildStar Stormtalon’s Lair :Blade-Wind the Invoker Boss

In the WildStar level 20 Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon ,there are three bosses to fight againest.First, don’t forget to kill patrolling Thundercall Storm-Weaver after you pull static packs before the boss returns, around the corner. This way, you won’t pull the patrol while fighting trash mobs. Next, don’t try to engage four adds around the Invoker, they are part of the boss fight, which has three phases. There is nothing to cleanse here.

Phase 1:Everyone should stay around the left Thundercall Channeler while tank stands in the middle between the left and the right one. Next to his pretty strong auto-attack, The Invoker casts Thunder Cross ability, represented by a cross-shaped telegraph, targeting the tank. If he is standing between the left and the right Channeler, only the tank has to dodge this (and melee if they are really close to the boss). Around 60% HP, the boss will disarm everyone and become invulnerable. In a few seconds the phase 2 will start.


Phase 2:A few seconds after he disarms you, all four Channelers become active. The Invoker starts casting Lightning Strike, targeting a random player. This player has to “put” the telegraph under the Channeler you are DPSing, since it deals significant damage to them (around 7-8k). At the same time, a Static Wisp appears, circling around the room. Player caught in it is stunned and takes damage periodically. Each time you kill a Channeler, 2 Wisps appear. Each Wisp has different direction and speed. Most of them are circling the outer ring and move slightly faster than those circling the inner ring. You should start killing adds clockwise, starting from the left one. This is because the last Wisp in the inner ring appears on that spot when you kill the last Channeler. All Wisps will continue to circle until the end of the fight.


Phase 3:Right after you kill the last Channeler, The Invoker will disarm everyone and become active, attacking a player with the highest threat, a healer usually. A tank can’t taunt, a healer can’t heal and DPS can’t damage for several seconds, unless they use a CC breaker or pick up their weapon on the floor. Another way to prevent this is to cast any buff that improves interrupt armor. During this phase the Invoker will continue casting Lightning Strikes, and he gains new ability – Electrostatic Pulse. This telegraph covers the entire room, with several safe zones in it – 5 at the edge of the inner circle, and a few more at the edge of the outer circle of the room. The problem is that safe zones are on the path of the Wisps circling around, so there is not much space to maneuver and dodge everything.


Useful Tips That Every WildStar Adventurer Should Know


Like any good MMO,WildStar Adventures can be defined as an easy dungeon mode, similar to Wow’s scenarios, but with a numerous choices. Unlike dungeons, while playing Adventures, players should focus more on strategic elements: making a right decision and choosing the best path.

The first two adventures Riot in the Void and The Hycrest Insurrection distinct from others by their ability to let players vote for one of the given scenarios, several times during the adventure. After voting for one of the offered scenarios, you should complete your tasks as soon as possible, if you want your gold medal. Fact that there are a lot of sniper enemies spread among these maps makes it unique. In general, you should avoid as many unnecessary fights as you can.

War of the Wilds is described as MOBA style of adventure. Battle for territorial dominance against the five toughest champions in the universe! This adventure also introduces capturing various points / flags throughout the adventure. While this various tasks are efficiently done by splitting up the group, you can also defeat a couple of strong neutral creatures, but with the whole group. This is the most popular adventure.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge is tower defense adventure. Within this adventure you are supposed to defend your post versus incoming waves of enemies from different directions. There are 10 different groups and in each wave you’ll be facing five of them, in different order. This is one way of tower defense. The other way is using NPCs available at the start of adventure in your favor. Positioning them correctly on different spots, you can use their help during defense. These NPCs level up and get stronger during the adventure, thus, try to keep them alive.


Buy the cheapest 10 gold to get your first Mount in WildStar


It is known to us all that the cost of the first mount is 10 gold.and Mounts are important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts. Some WildStar mounts will be introduced early in the game, through quests or like a temporary mounts, but, when you reach higher levels, there will be permanent mounts with different abilities.So how will you do to get your first mount? Our suggestion is to buy the cheap 10 gold on WildStar4gold.com.

Players can buy the first riding skill and mount at level 15 for approximately 10 gold .Visit WildStar4gold.com . You can find the wildstar gold amount varies from 15g to 10000g,you may confused there is no 10g on the list ,what will you do ? Never mind , u can just contact the online helper ,they can help you solve all your problems.Once you buy the wildstar gold from wildstar4gold.com for your mount, you’ll find it in your inventory first, where you should use it. This action adds the mount to your mount list. Now you can choose it from mount customization window.

By the way here are some Mount Tips for you:
1.Mounts have sprint ability that makes them even faster.
2.Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
3.The only areas with known mount restrictions are PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas,and PVE instances.

ws_ mechari

WildStar Beginner guide: Crayon Lore


The story of wild star encompasses a vast enriched and widely varied planet called Nexus.it has great beauty firing expansive fields of gold in crops,and better mountains and cold and ice with only the wreckage a burning.spaceships to a new Nate to snipe,billowing smoke rises to the skies darken void.Pierced by an array of stars and an envoy of malicious spacecraft.the Pirates court in a war between two powerful factions.

Before any of the chaos Nexus was inhabited by seemingly peaceful and intellect to race,known as the elder it is fortunate that they left their mark on history,because it was many years ago that all traces of any living eldon.disappear there were rebooked creations known as the McCarty.

Survival Nexus was the capital the Eldon Empire.and Emma khari had acted as scouts beyond the site have Nexus,under another star a planet’s named Cassius was called pain for many humans,they rapidly discovered the technology needed to traverse space and now they are widespread calling many planets hide.At the buzzer that pioneering flights into space exploration.in a car he saw this and notified the elder the car he would return to Cassius bringing the humans a message.they made a demand of the humans stating they would provide them with a gift of immeasurable value in exchange for their soulmate in true same toria this was not a message of peace they could refuse.and it was many years after their agreements that the exchange was reciprocated.

The planet of Cassius received a new visitor,this was the son of just saying toria,named Dominus a human eldon hybrid.Nexus here you can join them and fight against the oppressive spread of the Dominion who they see as cowards that hide behind the mic to their leaders.if the player can defeat the native fauna and enemy’s army and lay the roots of their future in peace.


How to buy WildStar gold online



WildStar will be released in just 2 days,It will provide many money-making opportunities during the normal course of play like other MMO. When you have limited time to play, though, even the fastest gold farming techniques may seem too slow, not to mention boring. Astute vendors have stepped in to provide you with one more option for keeping up an in-game bank account while enjoying the thrill of raiding: you can buy WildStar gold online with real-time money and have the gold delivered to you in-game, often in a matter of minutes.

1.Visit a gold vendor website.
2.Select either a US or European server and choose PVP or PVE…and then Provide your Wildstgar character name and realm location.
3.Provide payment and contact information, including your phone number. A vendor may call to confirm your order prior to in-game delivery. The vendor may offer you an option to set a time frame during which you will be online to accept gold
4.Log onto the WildStar character you specified to the vendor. Wait. An unknown player in-game will whisper to you regarding your purchase. The character will typically have a low level and will instruct you which major city to meet him in. Group with the character so that you can locate him on your mini-map and then go meet him.
5.When you meet the character, open a trade window. The character may ask you to put an item in to trade. Choose something of little value. The character will type in the gold amount. Click Trade. When the character clicks trade, the trade window will close and the gold will show up in your account. You can then leave the group.

The above steps are how the buy wildstar gold working on WildStar4gold.com.Isn’t it easy ? Action speaks loudly then words ,so just check it out now! We are waiting for you !