With the christmas just aroundthe corner u may not have enough time to keep up everything wildstar, but fear not ! we have experienced the engineer class week. so with all the Wildstar class hype ,I figured it’s guide will cover the exile .For actual character creation walkthroughs, if u have taken a look at the Katy’s character creation video guides before ,U may know the Exile consists of four races: Humans. Granok,Aurin, and Mordesh. Each race has specific classes that they can choose from, which will make choosing your race at launch an important part of character creation .

Aurin :The Aurin are your stereotypical animal people race. You know the race that every game has that mixes human-like people with animal-like features? Well in this game that’s the Aurin. If you look at Katy’s character creation guides there are many fabulous looks for the Aurin. The Aurin are exactly the opposite of the Granok, getting all the mobile classes. If you’re looking to kill stuff on the run, or sneak up behind things and annihilate them, then the Aurin are what you’re looking for.

Available Classes:
1.Stalker 2. Esper 3.Spellslinger

Granok:The Granok are living rocks. So it makes sense that they would take the tanky roles. Where the Granok don’t get the extremely mobile classes; such as Esper or Spellslinger, every class available to them gets medium armor or better. If you’re looking for a powerhouse that won’t require as much moving around, the Granok is your race.

Available Classes:
1.Medic 2.Warrior 3.Engineer
Human:Human is basically your jack-of-all-trades, with all classes available to them. If you’re unsure which class you want to pick, Human is the race for you. Humans are pretty cut and dry, they’re your basic standard race that can do everything. You’ll see a lot of these running around.

Available Classes:
1.Stalker 2.Warrior 3.Esper 4.Spellslinger 5.Engineer 6.Medic
Mordesh:Looking for brains? Meet the Mordesh, okay just kidding on the brains part. The Mordesh are pretty sophisticated for a zombie-like race. The Mordesh are almost as versatile as the Humans, being able to field five of the six classes. I guess zombies don’t make good psychics. If you want a high-tech undead character and don’t mind giving up the Esper class, the Mordesh are the choice for you.

Available Classes:
1.Stalker 2.Warrior 3.Engineer 4.Medic 5.Spellslinger

This tips is for Exile side, hope this can do help to u 🙂