Housing has been gone for so long in MMO’s ! we are glad to see it will make a strong come back by the WildStar.it is looking like the MMO of 2014.One of the reasons for this is the game’s player housing systerm through which we were given a comprehensive tour by Wildstar senior community manager David Bass.

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Let’s imagine we place ourself in a nice, two-story home with an entrance embellished with beds of white flowers and surrounded by a wrought-iron Addams Family-style fence. As we admired the outdoor seating area and firepit, we were told that each Wildstar player will be given a starting plot made up of several 1×1 and 2×1 areas called “plugs” (because as they unlock, they plug into your existing housing plot). Rather than being per-character, housing allotments are per-account and depending on the size of the house, there’s a set limit to the number of items each housing plot can hold.

We were next taken inside the house’s cozy interior for a look at some of the items on offer. The ground floor had been set up with a nice portrait painting and a fancy bar, complete with cushy bar stools and shelves full of booze. Carbine is obviously proud of their free placement system which allows players to position things any way they like, rather than imposing restrictive grid-alignments. They’re also proud of the sheer number of individual items players will have access to. Within the house, we not only saw scores of small, individually-moveable items like bottles and steaks, we were also told that items can be linked to other items for easy re-arranging.

All items are scalable and have collision so you can create giant usable bar stools or weensy doll-house-sized setups. Some of the most fun things on display at the event were haunted windows that make it look as if there’s a constant lightning storm going on outside, fog you can activate on the inside, and mannequins which can be used to display old armor sets or as someone quipped, to pretend you have friends.

Though the insides of the houses are looking amazing, the outsides have even more to offer. Not only can you place furniture and other accessories outside, you can also set up resource farms. The demo setup showed an area for mining and we were told you can visit them once per day. Bass further explained that with the game’s neighbor system, players can designate their housing plots as public or allow access to specific friends. Guilds will no doubt enjoy this, although Carbine reps joked that with its all-or-nothing access setup, (meaning, whoever has access can alter the plot any way they want) players should be careful when deciding who they give access to.

In addition to gaining resources and looking cool, housing exteriors can also be populated with challenges. These—like the wine-making one we saw where you’re given a set amount of time to stomp as many grapes as possible—grant rewards like special décor and additional plugs, giving players more reason to visit their own and other people’s plots. Players can also set up and access a Housing Buff Board to gain useful daily buffs. While rewards and buffs are great, one of the coolest exterior features has no material benefit and is purely aesthetic—it allows you to change the sky so it does things like snow, show rainbows or have a constant firework display

House-proud players will no doubt love all this and will enjoy buying additional Martha Stewart-ish accoutrements with Renown (a kind of social currency gained by taking part in group activities). They’ll also appreciate that Carbine’s adding special housing Achievements and rewards that give housing-focused players their own kind of exclusive benefits.

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