WildStar gameplay image

After several weeks of curiosity and anticipation surrounding the new game from Carbine studios, the developers have started releasing information on WildStar in a big way. First there was a trailer, then details on the game’s races and classes, and today Carbine has released eight minutes of gameplay footage.

Don’t let the cartoony graphics and curvaceous bunny-girls fool you — the gameplay shows dynamic, fairly mobile combat and impressive environments along with a few surprises here and there. Jump past the cut to see it for yourself, and if you want to see even more, keep an eye out for Massively’s hands-on impressions of WildStar next week at PAX!

I have to give them props for style. The way that video opened with the voiceover during the title was engaging. As for the rest of the video, it’s hard not to draw WoW comparisons about the combat and the overall stylization of the art. But there are also clearly a number of things that are different such as really having to pay attention to position or having environmental hazards.

Overall, this continues to look like Fun.