FIFA 15: Defending Tips


I see a lot of people asking for help in defense this year and I thought i’ll help as I don’t concede many goals. In fact, I concede less goals this year than I did in 14. I was getting raped on the counter and crosses on 14, not anymore. This fifa suits my playing style a lot more and I thought i’d share it. Here goes:

  1. Defend like in a real football game. Do you see people pressing high and tackling all the time in a real game? No right? Stay compact, stay back, and shepherd your mark to the wing. Crosses aren’t OP anymore, so you can allow them to come in most of the time. Use contain and jockey to push your mark to the wing. BUY PACEY CB’s.
  2. Auto tackling distance has been drastically reduced. You can go within a foot of the player and he’ll still get past you. This fifa, you need to start using the tackle button a lot more and a LOT more intelligently. Don’t spam the tackle, wait for your opponent to show you the ball, and go in for the tackle.
  3. You need to learn how to predict your opponents moves, just like in a real game. Don’t only concentrate on the ball and the player with the ball. Keep glancing all around the pitch and cut off dangerous passing lanes. Most people I have seen tend to pass it forward all the time with no thought for build up play. If you defend well, you can get him caught high up in possession.
  4. Again, keep an eye on the full pitch and the radar. Imagine your opponent striker has the ball. Instead of pressing him with your CB, leave him alone and switch to your DM. Rush him back and cover the 1-2 pass. In case you are too late and the opponent lays it off for the 1-2, immediately switch to your CB and run back like hell while covering the runner whilst pressing RB. This will make your DM press the man with the ball while you chase after the runner. Now, the player with the ball either attempts the 1-2 through ball and you intercept it, or he hesitates and your DM gets him. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS run back with your DM to cover the center.
  5. This is the second most important tip I can give you today. Try playing with a formation that has a single central DM. I tried playing with last years 4-2-3-1 (This years 4-5-1) thinking that 2 DM’s would help. It did not. The 2 DM’s often stay far apart from each other which leads to a big gap in the middle of the park. I usually play the 4-3-3 or the 4-1-2-1-2(2) version (My favorite). Now, and this is very important, go to team management > Instructions and select your DM. Change his “Attacking support” stat to “Always stay back while attacking”. I found a massive difference when I did this. Let me know how it works for you.
  6. Now for the most important tip: A good offense is a good defense. This years game is all about possession and patience. Ever seen a Barca game? Play exactly like they do. I am a Barca fan so I always play the possession style in all FIFA’s. I was getting demolished with that style in fifa 14 on the counter as you couldn’t dribble and passing was piss poor. Counters were OP last year, not because of the chipped through ball, but mainly because it was so easy to defend and tackle. This year, it’s a lot easier to pass and dribble which means you can keep possession a lot better. But it isn’t OP. It is fairly balanced. chock up a lot of passes, pass quick and try dribbling around players. NEVER EVER RUSH A PASS. Do not just kick it to your striker if he has no support near him. He will quickly get outnumbered and loose it. Gradually advance the ball towards the opponents box by passing. Pass to players with the most space, even if it means giving the ball back/sideways. Now, when you get to the opponents box using this method, you will find that you have 2-3 players pushing the opponents 4 man back line, 2-3 mids serving them through balls and 1-2’s, and overlapping wingers to stretch the opponents defense if he gets too compact. You have thus created a lot of 1-1 situations. trigger runs, tap Y, do your 1-2’s all in the final third and watch your forwards make short work of the opponents defense while your DM stays back and covers counters. If you can learn basic skill moves and apply them in this situation, you will get really really good. I have been playing around with custom tactics and I have typed my favorite combination below.

Custom Tactics:

Build up play:

Speed: 68. Now this might seem to counter what I said above about playing a slow passing game. However, in this FIFA, it is very easy to hold on to the ball with a single player, and your team mates make much more intelligent positioning and runs. So, if you couple a fast build up with a DM who always stays back, you get a scenario where you can ward off pressure by passing around your DM and back line, while your mids run faster up field towards the half way line. Gaps will appear if you can keep the ball for a few seconds and your mids will be in loads of space when you eventually find a pass to them.

Passing: 28. I keep this short to prevent my forwards from running past the back line. Now, when your CM’s get the ball, your ST and wingers are very close to them, opening up all sorts of opportunities for 1-2’s against the back line.

Positioning: Organized so that you stay compact in defense.

Chance Creation:

Passing: 69 I keep this risky. Get good CM’s with good passing and ball control. Now, your forwards will make nice runs in behind defense and if you can find them with Y, you almost always score. Finding them isn’t as easy as it sounds though. You will need to be creative and quick. Otherwise, you get a lot of offsides.

Crossing: 25 I don’t cross a lot and prefer skilling my way inside from the wing. I haven’t played around with this much.

Shooting: 70 Now this is a tactic that has really helped me out. This makes sure that you forwards are positioned just outside the box and at an angle to the defenders. Now, you can either shoot, skill past, or play a quick 1-2 and watch your attacker run through even the smallest of gaps.

Positioning: freeform Be quick and creative. Use the runs and shuffle your mids around. Confuse the heck out of the opponent. Keep passing back to reset your attacks.


Pressure: 41 I keep this pretty balanced. The defenders will pressure near the box and leave attackers alone when they’re a ways outside.

Aggression: 40 Same as pressure. Keep it balanced. Be aggressive around the box.

Team Width: 68 I play this wide because I love attacking. The high width ensures that your LB and RB will always be in free space on the wing. If you give the ball to one of them and your opponents mids are out of position, you can kill them with a swift counter. Having said that, I have conceded a few goals with opposition wingers getting inside my full backs. I can generally shut these attacks out with me CB’s but so far, it has been a 50 50 success. I do notice that I score at least 1 or 2 more goals per game thanks to wide full backs.

Most of my games end up with a scoreline of 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 or 5-1. Very rarely do I end up conceding more than one goal, and even if I do, I generally have at least a 2 goal cushion so I win by outscoring.

Hope this helped. Let me know how this works out for you. Good luck, have fun!

EDIT You can change custom tactics after the game starts in the pause menu.