The Dutchman has already seen his side humiliated

Romantics will pin their hopes on fourth-division Cambridge United when the League Two minnows host Manchester United in the most evocative tie of this weekend’s FA Cup and you can buy FIFA 15 coins to play in FIFA 15. Their manager Louis van Gaal has braced his players for a searching physical examination at the 8,100-capacity Abbey Stadium in eastern England.


The Dutchman has already seen his side humiliated 4-0 by third-tier Milton Keynes Dons in the League Cup and Cambridge manager Richard Money has admitted that his eyes grow wide at the thought of a similar exploit. Van Gaal has revealed that left-back Luke Shaw and striker Robin van Persie are both in contention to play after injury, but he baulked at press reports that new goalkeeper Victor Valdes will be handed his debut.

Jose Mourinho’s side remain in contention for four trophies after drawing 1-1 at Liverpool in the first leg of their League Cup semi-final on Tuesday and goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois says the players have no trouble switching their focus from competition to competition. “At the moment we are playing well in all of the competitions,” the Belgium international told the club website.

Do you want to play FIFA Pro Clubs with FIFA 15 coins

How FIFA 15 coins for next-gen consoles feels like soccer has finally arrived, and over the last couple of weeks since the game’s release I have been playing FIFA Pro Clubs with a group of online friends, and Leo. Along the way I have managed to pick up a few tips and tricks for those just beginning down the path of Pro Clubs.

fifa 15

Once a virtual pro’s stamina bar is lowered enough, the chance of injury increases significantly which can leave your team essentially down a man for a good couple of minutes of game time. Use your stamina wisely, however, and you will be able to gut tired opposition with dicing runs late in matches when goals are at a premium.It is also important to find your personal play style and niche within your team. Where do you excel on the pitch? This can change from match to match based on team needs. Just remember while scoring goals is important, defending and clearing balls from your own box is just as important if not more safe.

While weight and height play a role in determining your pro’s base stats, so too does the position you choose and the style of play you dictate for them. The more you defend, the more your defending accomplishments will rack up affording you extra points in various defending-related stats. The same holds true for attacking or even goal-keeping. Make sure to look at the various accomplishments so you are aware of what actions you need to take to bolster your player’s abilities.

Hourly price fluctuations for FIFA15 Ultimate Team Trading

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The basics of trade

  • Buy low and sell high.
  • The price is defined by the seller, but the value is defined by the buyer.
  • Lots of supply is a buyers market. Lots of demand is a sellers market.

There are times during the day in which the prices are 10-20% cheaper than at other times of the day and you can use that to your advantage by buying and selling the same card over and over. I find the best time to buy is around 5AM GMT and the best time to sell is around 7PM GMT. Bear in mind that you pay 5% tax so be sure to cover that.You can buy some great cards at great prices if you time your bidding perfectly.

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Abdulrahman went on to become man of the match in the eventual 2-1 win

If anyone questioned the 23-year-old’s quality, the debate was settled by his inch-perfect chip over Bahrain’s defence for what became the tournament’s fastest recorded goal. Abdulrahman picked up the ball mid-way in Bahrain’s half, looked up and played a pin-point pass to the feet of Ali Mabkhout, who tucked it away after only 14 seconds.

Abdulrahman went on to become man of the match on Thursday in the eventual 2-1 win, which put the Gulf nation into the quarter-finals with one group match to spare. His performances are attracting such attention that he’s outshining Mabkhout, whose slick conversion of that glorious pass made him the tournament’s top scorer with three goals.  And you can buy some cheap FIFA 15 coins to play well in FIFA 15.

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Abdulrahman has reportedly attracted interest from English Premier League champions Manchester City, whose owners hail from Abu Dhabi, where he plays for Al Ain. But Abdulrahman, who says he most looks up to French legend Zinedine Zidane, was taking all the attention in his stride after the win over Bahrain in Canberra.

Abdulrahman is supremely comfortable in the UAE set-up. He has worked with UAE coach Mahdi Ali since 2004 and has grown up with Mabkhout and Ahmed Khalil, who both scored twice in the 4-1 win over Qatar. Abdulrahman’s brother, Mohamed, plays alongside him in the UAE midfield and a third sibling, Khaled, is their team-mate at Al Ain.

After winning their opening two Asian Cup games for the first time ever, the Emiratis face three-time champions Iran in Brisbane on Monday to determine who tops Group C. All 23 players of UAE’s Asian Cup squad play their football domestically but Ali has said that some of his charges deserved to compete at a higher level.

And Abdulrahman joked that if his boss ever ended up coaching in the Australian A-League then he too would have to make the move. “If the coach wanted me to come here I would not say no!” he declared. If he carries on the way he has been playing, he will have no shortage of offers.

With the Use of Old Tricks, FIFA 15 Gets Popular


The goals come in bunches. The passes are crisp and fresh. Sounds from the crowd swell with the sounds of the soccer game below.

“FIFA 15” makes all of this happen, putting gamers right in the middle of what seems to be a real-life soccer experience.

“FIFA 15” has done what the latest round of FIFA games have done — improved on the old bag of tricks to make an even better gaming experience than in previous years. While playing matches, no matter which of the many modes the game has, players will see their passes and player movements echo those of real life. When a player receives a ball, the first touch is vitally important, much like it is during actual soccer games.

The game also has some stellar modes for its players to use. “Career mode” is back with a new setup and dynamic, making it even more of a challenge for teams to sign players and convince players to stay. The mode also allows managers to pick through their lineups with suggested substitutions, and truly gives the user full managing experience for their respective clubs.

All the other traditional modes are back. “Ultimate Team,” where users play online with players they can pick up, trade and sign, is as strong as ever. “Tournament” mode is at its peak, too.

And one of the biggest strengths of this year’s game is that “FIFA 15” will have some downloadable content coming your way that Major League Soccer fans will find fascinating. This winter, expect to see the new MLS clubs Orlando City SC and New York City FC become available for download. That’s one awesome deal for MLS fans, since those clubs are debuting in MLS next spring.

All in all, “FIFA 15” is yet another excellently made soccer game for the entire family to enjoy. Players will find it enjoyable to compete together with friends and family, bonding over the missed opportunities and the beautiful goals.

Game: “FIFA 15”

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PC

ESRB rating: E

Price: $59.99

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Recommend some players Thread on FIFa 15

fifa 15

Team: AC Milan 
Season: first season 
Why: balotelli has been sold to Liverpool now need a world class striker to replace him 
Transfer Budget:15 mill 
Wage Budget: 80k 
Position(s): Striker 
Players like: balotelli , ibra , cavani 
Other Info:would prefer a player between 16-25 

Player: Siebe Schrijvers 
Team: Genk 
Price: I’ve paid 300,000 pounds for him at Bolton and West Ham 
Wage: I pay him 2,000 pounds the first season, then he begins to improve and asks for more, I think usually up to 5,000. 
Position: Striker 
Age: 18 or 19 
Other Info: You get him at a 68, I believe, if you play him against the smaller teams, I play in the Championship in England for the first season so almost anyone I play against, his stats improve quickly. I got him to a 75 in one season in last years game, looks similar so far for FIFA 15 on my first season.

Team: Sunderland 
Season: January 2015 
Why:playing 4-4-2 diamond but really struggling for goals been using wickham trying to get him to grow but he’s just not doing it for me 1 goal all season 
Transfer Budget: 7 million 
Wage Budget: 60,000 
Position(s): * 
Players like: Dzeko,madzukic,costa 
Other Info: has to be a target man type to compliment borini As realistic as possible 

Do you think so?What is your opinion?


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A FIFA 15 Holiday Edition bundle has appeared on theXbox One store

A FIFA 15 Holiday Edition bundle appeared on theXbox One store yesterday and it’s already for sale.

The Holiday Edition includes the full game, 2200 FIFA points to redeem for 15 Ultimate Team packs, a Lionel Messi loan player for five games, and a handful of EA Sports Football Club items. The bundle is priced at $60 USD, and expires Jan. 19, 2015. As of now, it’s only appearing in digital form for Xbox One.

Last year, FIFA 14 Holiday Edition released for PS3 as well. However, EA has yet to confirm whether the Holiday Edition of FIFA 15 will release on any other platforms. IGN has reached out to EA for comment, and will update this story with any new information.

During quarter 2 of Electronic Arts’ fiscal year –– which ended Sept. 30 ––the publisher exceeded sales expectations, and CEO Andrew Wilson cited FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team as one of the main contributors to the successful quarter. EA has since released NBA Live 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and raised its revenue expectations to $4.175 billion.

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Make FIFA Coins Speedy and luxuriate in FUT 15

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Using the FIFA 15 PS3 proprietors at this time are outfitted to buy FIFA 15 coins and recreate just a couple of their most favorite footballing reminiscences.Whenever you do get accustomed on the usually match in the event you are going to start off to buy FIFA 15 coins and revel inside of the throughout match heaps of scoring desired ambitions should not be considered a problem.

You may plainly be competing with numerous distinctive players only on condition that they know them quick-cost FIFA finest coins.Should you want fast profusion of FIFA ultimate team coins, it really is achievable to check to take a position in FIFA coins around the web.

In the time you don’t previously have a superb idea of the a lot of formations as how they convey with workers progress and true staff solutions, you might have to in fact choose a glance inside just various formations.

Whether you are a starter or even a veteran while in the Top rated Workforce gaming manner, there will generally be new methods , thoughts and information that can enhance your groups and overall capabilities.

When you are usually not contemplating about getting the soaring period Ticket, then you should not be concerned, you can come across continue to lots of place you can purchase FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and make that best group, you are going to ought to compensate for a few drop exertions.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Buying Guide

The FIFA Ultimate Team coin market has grown significantly since the game mode was first added to FIFA. In FIFA 15, you have tons of different coin retailers who will sell you cheap fifa 15 coins, but it is sometimes a rather foreign thing to most people. It is a strange kind of transaction knowing how easy it is to get scammed. Read these tips below and figure out how to avoid getting scammed and get the most out of what you pay!

Best Retailers
The best coin shop is Their service to be the best. They have a fully automated system that will trade the coins to your team within minutes, instead of having to wait for a person make the trade when he sees your order come in.They also assure you 100% Safe! 100% Fast! 100% Cheap.

Checking Prices
The truth is that coin prices are always changing — these coin retailers are now huge in number and they compete like neighboring gas stations do! Pay attention to these price shifts to make sure you’re getting a good price given the current state of the market. Simply search for ‘fifa 15 coins’ on Google and go down the list. See who has the best prices and maybe test out with a small purchase before buying a lot – that way you get a good idea of who is a good retailer and who is not.

EA deducts 5% off of all trades, so you will need to keep this in mind when you are buying. Although you are paying for 50k coins, you will only recieve 47.5k coins when your trade goes through. It may be worthwhile checking which retailers will foot this cost for you when you are comparing prices.

Refund Policy
These coin shops may be very reluctant to give you any kind of refund, so be aware of this if you think you might need one. Most sites will list their refund policy in the footer of their site, so check that out if you are concerned. For example, FIFA Coin Trader seems to only offer a 12 hour period in which you can initiate a refund and even then they deduct a 5% processing fee.

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Tricks to improve your penalty kicks in FIFA 15 matches

fifa 15

Penalty Kicks provide a scoring chance with a very high rate of success. Of course, it is possible that the keeper will guess the right way and save your shot, but the chance that you will beat the keeper is much higher. The FIFA 14 version of the series featured an entirely new penalty kick system in which aiming is more precise and less computer-assisted. This tutorial will go more in depth on aiming and other techniques below. This system is continued in FIFA 15.

Initiating the Shot
When your player is lined up to take the penalty, you will notice the Accuracy Bar, with the indicator moving back and forth in the bottom left corner of your screen. Your goal is to press the shoot button just as the indicator reaches the very center of the bar in the greenest part. Although after this you control accuracy in an even further way, this also has a big effect on the accuracy of your shot. Also note that you can still miss the target even if you hit the exact center of the Accuracy Bar, it all dependends on the aiming that comes next. However, the closer your indicator is to the center of the bar, the more your shot will be helped.

After you have placed he indicator on the Accuracy Bar, hold down the shoot button to determine power as you would for any other type of shot. This is where it gets tricky. As you let go of the shoot button, imagine a little crosshair aiming just at the center of the keepers chest. You can move this crosshair with the left analog stick. Aim to the side and a little up or down in order to hit the corners. I typically aim for the bottom corners as they are much easier to hit than the top corners and they still have what I would say is about an 80% success rate.

Stutter Step
To perform the stutter step penalty in which you stop your run-up to the ball halfway through to startle the keeper, press the shoot button for a second time as you are running up to the ball at the point you would like your penalty taker to stop at. Although this is quite effective in real life, keepers don’t seem to be too phased by it in FIFA.

Placed Penalty
To execute a placed penalty, hold down RB on Xbox as you press the shoot button, and R1 for Playstation. The placed penalty supposedly has more accuracy than the regular driven one, and thus less a chance of missing the target. Other than this, follow the same principles as given for the regular penalty.

Chipped Penalty
There really isn’t much use for the chipped penalty other than to be a bit cheeky. Only try to do this if you are quite sure that your opponent will make the keeper dive one way, as you will look stupid if you try it and it chips up right into the hands of the keeper. To execute a chipped penalty, hold down LB as you press the shoot button on Xbox, and L1 for Playstation.

FIFA 15 offers a variety of practice methods to help you perfect your penalty-taking skills. The 1v1 practice arena offers the most direct method as you can simply enter the penalty area and press left on the D-pad to initialize a practice penalty. The Practice Mode allows you to do a lot of penalties one after the other against a keeper. Finally, the Penalties Skill Games allow you to practice your penalties in a variety of ways and actually see how your “scope” moves as you aim.