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The preview of WildStar classes

wildstar classes preview

There are currently four classes available in WildStar, with two more hidden over the horizon. Classes are chosen during character creation, and cannot be changed. The currently released classes are described below:

The Warrior
Roles: Tank, Melee DPS
Weapon of Choice: Tech Sword
Armor: Medium / Heavy
Primary Attribute: Strength (DPS) / Technology (Tank)
Resource: Kinetic Cells

Warriors are the melee bashers of WildStar. Their job is to step into the fray and deal and soak up tons of damage. Wielding powerful tech swords (worth noting: swords are the only type of weapon they use, meaning no space axes or hammers) and an arm cannon, Warriors are the clear melee fighter archetype with a cool sci-fi twist, including a grappling claw and a laser saw. The Warrior gameplay is based on using more basic attacks to charge up Kinetic Cells, and then using those Kinetic Cells to power the Warrior’s more destructive attacks, creating a flexible rhythm of combat.

The Spellslinger
Roles: Healer, Ranged DPS
Weapon of Choice: Dual Pistols
Armor: Light
Primary Attribute: Dexterity (DPS) / Wisdom (Healing)
Resource: Mana / Spell Surge

The Spellslinger is somewhere between a pistoleer and an arcane mage. The Spellslinger wields two mag pistols, which allow them to charge magical spells into their gun’s attacks. Spellslingers are agile and mobile, kiting their enemies and using debilitating magic to keep them on the chase, all while blasting them down. The Spellslinger has access to a wide variety of magical blasts and attacks using their mag pistols, and they use lots of area effect (AoE) abilities. Using their special ability Spell Surge, a Spellslinger can modify their array of abilities to have different effects, such as stunning or applying a damage over time (DoT) effect.

The Stalker
Roles: Melee DPS, Tank
Weapon of Choice: Claws
Armor: Light
Primary Attribute: Dexterity

Stalkers are sneaky assassins who combine a wide array of stealth and deception tactics with brutal combat attacks, and powerful defensive systems. The Stalker is more than just a rogue, capably filling the tanking role in WildStar. The Stalker’s weapon of choice is Claws, a pair of large Wolverine-style blades that extend from their arms. Stalkers use an array of other tools and weapons, including cloaking devices, proximity mines, hologram illusions, and more. The Stalker will be a class for which positioning and player reaction will be important factors for success. With the sweeping attacks (read: cone AoE) and battlefield control maneuvers that a Stalker has at their disposal, players will have to carefully consider how they want to approach each combat situation.

The Esper
Roles: Ranged DPS, Healer
Weapon of Choice: Psyblade
Armor: Light
Primary Attribute: Magic (DPS) / Wisdom (Healing)
Resource: Mana / Focus Points
Resource: Suit Power

The Esper is a power psionic caster who uses a combination of controlling magic and summoned weapons to quickly dispatch their foes. The Esper’s primary weapon is the Psyblade, a weapon made from the telepathic energy that is the Esper’s strength. By harnessing the Psyblade in different ways, the Esper is able to create a wide range of different attacks, including AoE effects and and deadly illusions that function as short-term pets. In combat, Espers use two resource pools, drawing on mana to cast their spells, and enhancing their abilities with Focus Points that are built by using skills (similar to combo points in other games). The Esper is a mobile master summoner that combines control, support, and offensive abilities in a deadly flourish of telepathic might.

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The introduction of WildStar Class Stalker


wildstar class

In WildStar, Stalker is a melee class. The unique characteristics is Stealth through which they can done many things that other classes can not achieve. Generally, Stalker is a DPS class in other games. But on Nexus Planet, Stalker can fight as powerful Tank as well. Although they do not wear heavy armor like Warrior, with flexible skills and high dexterity, they can be a good Tank in a team.

Races available
Exile: Human / Aurin / Mordesh
Dominion: Cassian / Draken / Mechari

Stalker Class Positions and Features
Roles: DPS or Tank
Weapon: Claws
Armor: Medium
Resources skills: Suit Power
Main Features: Force (DPS), Technology (Tank)
Solo ability: Medium
Farm WildStar Gold ability: Medium

Suit Power
Suit Power is the primary source for Stalker. Battle can generate four point every second. You own 100 point Suit Power in total. In your skills, most main skills consume Suit Power. But of course there are some skills to generate Suit Power.