The Daily Grind How do you feel about gear modding

WildStar’s recent dev diary explaining its gear modding system made me realize how we’re seeing more and more of this sort of thing recently. Defiance allows you to trick out its guns, RIFT introduced a new type of moddable gear in Storm Legion, SWTOR has custom gear that does the trick, Allods Online just added a similar system, and so on.

I generally like gear modding as long as it doesn’t stray too far into the realm of the obtuse and complex. It’s fun to tweak that sword or pulse rifle to become the weapon you’ve always wanted, and there’s a thrifty aspect to keeping that good-looking piece of armor up-to-date instead of just pitching it for the latest and greatest.

How do you feel about gear modding? Should it be a staple of all MMOs? How can it be done wrong and how can it be done oh-so-right?