This class lives as much as its name, as it is made to obtain appropriate into the thick with the action and win by being the crazier on the foes. Constructed to withstand punishment and dish out a lot more, Berserkers are an entertaining class to play solo but also might be hugely advantageous as a part of a group. Efficient tera gold farming with all the Berserker class indicates that you simply might be charging headfirst into battle and wanting to destroy your enemies just before your rage dies.

Berserker TERA

Even though Berserkers are known for their offensive capabilities, it is crucial to becoming able to withstand the shock of such aggressive tactics. It truly is critical to work with a Berserker’s heavy armor and upgrade it so that you can withstand the counter blows you might be certain to endure though playing this class. This, combined with the Ax Block talent, will enable you to make your Berserker a tough cookie in the get-go.

Berserkers wield axes and are consequently as beholden to their gear as any other soldier. Locating the proper kind of ax to utilize is usually a boon for dealing with challenging mobs and making gold farming go by just a little faster. Abilities like the Vampiric Blow, achieved at level 18, will scare enemies away for a short although, enabling you to program your attacks or your retreat with some precision. The Flatten blow will knock enemies to the ground and allow you the opening to deal them a final blow.

The most effective gold grinding technique for Berserkers is heading to the dungeons. The swarms and mobs there will present you having a steady stream of gold as you advance towards the Bosses waiting along the way. Coping with each boss will enhance your rank and ultimately commence to add as much as some very good equipment. Being a part of a group is encouraged as a Berserker since it will let you unleash your enormous offensive perspective without needing to worry about getting the concentrate of one’s opponent’s assault at the identical time. Use your special assaults and combos for your benefit as a Berserker. Bear in mind that you can take an enemy out faster than most in TERA simply because of these awesomely potent moves. A favorite ability for Berserkers is Bloodlust, in which you’ll be endowed using an enormous influx of strength and resistance to damage. Applying these capabilities whilst attacking with combos will lead you to become a really helpful gold grinder.

Berserkers’ weapons are unique in their size, which permits them to result in damage to several enemies at as soon as if they are unfortunate sufficient to locate themselves inside the path from the polearm. Equip a cunning crystal to offset the constant loss of MP as the Berserker class is definitely the only one that suffers from this. Naturally, Berserkers are hard to bring down and have a huge level of hit points to absorb harm. They are not an accurate tank class, but a tank class enraged. Preserve this in mind as you might likely not be capable of surviving acting like an accurate tank and simply attempting to take on every single mob single-handed. Unfortunately, getting TERA gold can be time consuming. Here at U4GM you can get tera cheap gold for your character without having to spend countless hours grinding.