Howdy WildStar Fans!

Before we kicked off the epic drops at San Diego Comic Con, we got together with some of our fansites and community leaders in the UK and France and gave them some personal time with the “big man in charge”, Jeremy Gaffney.

Our EU Community Team wanted to share with you what happened at each event and point you towards the great people they invited along.

UK Community Lunch

As Jeremy was already on his way to Good ole Blighty for the Develop conference in Brighton, we arranged for him to sit down for a spot of classic British Fish ‘n Chips with a selection of UK fansites and community representatives to “chew the fat” (not literally, the food was actually quite nice) about WildStar.

Over a very sunny and chilled out lunch the group listened in awe as Jeremy told stories about new employees unfortunate travel experiences, talked about his background and experience in the industry and shared his thoughts about WildStar. But it wasn’t a one way street, the group didn’t give him much of a chance to enjoy his food as they presented a succulent platter of meaty, detailed questions all about the game and his thoughts on player interaction.

But don’t worry; you don’t just have to listen to us talk about it. Below We’ve linked you to all of our attendee’s coverage of the day!

If you want to feel like an awkward waiter listening in on the whole conversation then KaeyiDream has a three part video series on her YouTube Channel, which should satisfy your appetitive for all things Gaffney.

Gazimoff from Zam had a wide range of questions, ranging from the devilishly sneaky to the direct and informative which he’s covered in his articles here, here and here.

Sylvan, the admin for the UK fansite WildStarCore, has written up the *entire* lunch. His fingers must be sore from all that typing so it’s well worth reading through his epic article for all the juicy details. You can read it all here.

Screenag3r from the PvP focused gaming community Afterlife Gaming was quite keen to ask about the more hardcore aspects of WildStar, with PvP and PvE being his main course of questioning. Read his write up here and here.

And rounding things off like a delicious desert course, we have Renaise from WildStar Roleplayers who wanted to get the low-down on roleplaying support in WildStar. Head over to their site and keep an eye out for his write-up soon!

It was great to spend some time with our UK Community representatives and we hope you all enjoy their coverage of our day with “The Gaffer”!

Paris Fansite Day

After a busy lunch on Thursday, Jeremy jumped onto the last train for Paris along with Elkina and Youmukon. Friday, it was the turn of French community sites to meet the Executive Producer of WildStar.

What an intense marathon, 6 hours of interviews in total! We received a wide variety of questions and all of them were answered. Certain topics were more discussed than others like 40-man raids, housing and the update frequency. Without delay, here is an introduction of our attendees and a link to their respective interviews. Happy reading!

We kicked off the day with denpxc representing the War Legend community; his interview is available in both French and English!

Moving on with Cosmic for the WildStar JeuxOnline section, you will the first part of his interview here, the second part will be published soon!

WildStar Echoes, the biggest French-speaking WildStar dedicated website was also attending! Thanks to Thyl for interview!

Then it was the turn of Emmanuel for the portal Mondespersistants, you can find his two parts interviews here and here.

Nutt was attending under the WildStar Game-Guide banner; numerous topics (guilds, PvP, PvE, tradeskills…) were covered in his interview!

Last but not least, the interview of Stéphane, representing the biggest French e-sport organisation, Millenum.

We hope that these interviews did quench your thirst for information! Once again we would like to thanks all community sites for attending and for their translation work!