With the development of wildstar online, beta version appeared, and some fans of wildstar online have required the qualification of the beta. A brand new WSFlick comes out from Carbine today. So far we’ve got some teaser posters coming out of the WildStar facebook page which can be seen below.

We ought to perhaps know that medics are medium armor. So far, the heavier the armor is, the slightly less the DPS. Mostly in the form of less assault strength stat and more in resistance numbers for comparable level armor. By comparison the medic is closer range than Esper or Spellslinger.

wildstar online beta

Wildstar online

When the wildstar online beta comes to supporting tanks, it should actually really assist them, but I wonder how they far in higher level contents when a boss’s attack can be devastating if not dodged. The medic will be closer to the action, closer to the danger. I can’t wait to see a livestream of one in action to see how this concept is balanced with the ability to heal themselves.

We have known that they are making a flick for wildstar, which is really exciting; however, has anyone noticed the buildings? They’re totally destroyed, but profile in the original versions of themselves. Could this mean that we’re getting destructible things? This might give a reason to how different settlers can build in the same town, maybe even repair damaged structures.