Carbine Studios

Being given a full tour of your favorite MMO studio must be a lot like finding the Golden Ticket and getting a week pass to Disney World, all rolled into one. So if you feel a little jealous that WildStar Source got to poke around Carbine Studios, it’s understandable.

While the writer who was given the tour said that he had to “stay silent on 99%” of what he saw, there are plenty of juicy tidbits for WildStar aficionados to tide us over for a while. Apparently the studio is covered with gorgeous screenshots and art from the game, and the team is already busy collecting fan art to post in the hallways.

The author did get some hands-on time with the game, during which he spent exploring the world instead of killing the local flora and fauna: “While I did not find a secret treasure or a portal to another dimension, I did find an attention to detail in both my character and the surrounding world that made me pause, several times, in appreciation… Even while playing as a spell-wielding bunny-woman who was trapped on a fictional planet, what I found most engrossing when I got my hands on WildStar was really the humanness of it all… as corny as that may sound.”

So where’s my free ticket to Turbine studio so that I can kick some specific asses around and make them redesign the combat dice roll system and introduce mounted fight for Rohirrim and allow automatic out-of-combat healing in DDO ?