Wildstar: Mondo Zax

In the world of WildStar, Chua are experts of science and technology responsible for designing weapons and other gadgets for the Dominion empire. And if you’ve ever wanted to meet one in person, today’s your lucky day.

Yesterday, Carbine Studios posted an interview with WildStar’s most famous Chua, Mondo Zax. Zax is Chief Technologist for the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division (DRED) and a brilliant inventor with a short temper and a malicious streak. You can imagine how the interview turns out for the individual asking the questions.

The interview discusses Mondo Zax’s family (he probably murdered his siblings) and passions (building guns that melt people’s organs) and is worth a read if you’re curious about WildStar’s main characters and the lore behind them.

Both were pretty interesting, if a little forced; the characters being interviewed came off as largely one-note.  But I still like both races, and I like their backgrounds.  Eager to play them both, especially if, for some unexplained reason, the chua have really deep voices.  I think that’d be pretty damn amusing.