Spew venom! (like a boss) Consume adventurers! (like a boss) Spawn monsters! (like a boss) Eat a bagel! (like a boss)

When you’re out in the wilds of WildStar, you’re going to run into some creatures strong enough to throw you to the ground. That’s why this week’s installment of WildStar Wednesday discusses the minibosses one can expect to find out in the Northern Wilds. Only three of the denizens are given a full writeup, but the triumvirate should be more than enough to give potential players a sense of what dangers lurk in the planet’s unexplored regions.

If you like your enemies with a thick carapace, the Xenobite Queen should be right up your alley, complete with vile poison and ravenous young. If you’d prefer to be pounded into the dirt by a mechanical emissary of the Dominion, the Ultrabot should provide you with all the laser-guided missile-flavored death you could want. Or you could face down a Frost Giant and enjoy watching a long-haired beast with poor eyesight hammer you into oblivion. It’s all interesting flavor for fans of the game’s development thus far, and it includes small factoids about the beasts that should prove completely irrelevant when fighting them. The more you know.