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This week’s E3 is on all our minds, and I know that I can’t wait to hear what big reveals or juicy tidbits developers have to drop on us. Conventions, expos, and trade shows are great platforms to back up a dump truck full of information to the microphones in an attempt to grab the spotlight and deny it to others.

But that makes me think of how there’s really two methods that studios use for delivering information about their games’ futures. The first is to store it all up for a single mass press explosion that floods players and the media with loads of new information. While that can be fun and get the headlines, it also means that there tends to be a lot of silence and waiting between said infodumps.

The other method is to spread out the love with regular but smaller updates. Some MMOs, like SWTOR and WildStar, even go so far as to schedule a weekly info day so that fans know when to expect something new. It may not always seem as impressive when paced like that, but some players really do appreciate knowing that there is news coming at regular intervals rather than having to wait.

So what do you say? Vote with your mouse and then sound off in the comments: Is it better to have big news dumps or to pace that information out?

Leaderboard: News dump vs. paced informationNews dump!    66 (41.5%)
Paced information!    93 (58.5%)

Well such projects have development milestones. They plan out the big plan, then break the big plan into development chunks/cycles which for the most part they work on one set of development features before moving to the next. Thus I prefer the news dump, that once they complete a milestone and have something to show more than ideas. At that point they list all that has been added to the actual game, show WIP images, something for everyone to find interesting in the press release, and then they sneak peak what gets developed next.

Yeah, constant updates seem more like simple hype building, which can be overdone and anti-productive towards holding the attention of interested observers. Now once a game is released, a constant flow of info is a good thing, good for the player base at that point which don’t really exist until launch in most cases.

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