Bcause this worked so well the last several times.
About a month, we already know WildStar business model. I wrote it when it first revealed at that time, I think there is not much left to say. The model is what it is, people will not be happy (with each online game business model, because they have already announced the date), the world will not stop turning. Nothing to say.
In this case, I was wrong. No specific changes, but I have more time to think about the model as a whole, to see what people are saying, especially when it is completely outdated models with other contrast display elsewhere. (I can not say I name names) So let’s give this business model a second glance. I still think it has some interesting potential, but the more I was thinking, this is a missed opportunity, to come back a bad way.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical FFXIV Gil