Many players have been playing NHL 18 for a long time. The game must be a lot better and fun for players who play online against human players compared to those who play mostly against the CPU. More details for NHL 18, such as Franchise Mode, Overall Game Play, Offense, Defense, Goalies and more, click for source.

NHL 18

NHL 18’s the new Create Expansion Team is really awesome, you have the option to include your expansion team in a franchise mode without having to replace an existing team by it. In the same direction, there should be an expansion draft for your expansion at the beginning of the Franchise. What’s more, also put an option to add created players to your expansion team in the franchise without going through free agents.

The team at EA SPORTS launched a new trailer for NHL 18, detailing all of the new additions/changes that will be included in this year’s game

Create a mascot
Diverse player ratings
Extend contracts mid-season
Full Fledged Expansion Draft
More NHL-ready talent in top draft rounds
Ability to create NHL/AHL team to add into Franchise Mode

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