Game Director of Albion Online Released A Trailer For Black Market

Albion Online, the sandbox MMORPG sandbox of the Sandbox Interactive studio, plans the Black Market, new content of the next update! What is it used for? They tell you everything! First of all, it is fashionable to specify that the Hector update will soon land. It is scheduled for June…


U4GM Is A Mu Legend Zen Supplier That All Gamers Aren’t Willing To Reject

U4GM have a strict standard for itself, whether the price of product or the overall service. When it comes to choose a website to buy Mu Legend Zen and Mu Legend Power Leveling, it’s not hard imagine to that we will take into consideration the price, delivery, customer support among…


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind’s Beta Impressions

The Morrowind series has always been one of the titles that have always been praised by RPG players. When we go out into the market we are talking about a cult production that has attracted attention with almost all of its games and has appealed to millions in a way….


Preview The Heart Of The NBA 2K18 To Prepare For Its Coming

The upcoming release of NBA 2K18 have been introduced for a long time, and are going to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in September. For 2K players, a Legend Edition has shown something deep in the deep heart of the NBA 2K18 on Twitter. Further, it is aimed…


The Elder Scrolls Online Released New Adventure Guide

The wait has come to an end soon since the early access of Morrowind will start next Monday, May 22nd. In order to familiarize yourself with the localities on Vvardenfell, ZOS has now published an adventure guide. The enigmatic island of Vvardenfell calls you, adventurers. For the first time in…

Development Recap

The Upcoming Changes In Albion Online Hector

The developers of the hardcore MMORPG Albion Online have released another release of developer diaries, in which they told about the upcoming changes in the game. A patch called “Hector” will be installed on servers early next month – June 7. Update removes all harbors and black zone cities. For…


The Theme Song Of FFXIV Stormblood Was Revealed: Revolutions

At present, Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood, the theme song of the game has been revealed, is called “Revolutions”. It is comprise of Nobuo Uematsu, at the same time, was performed by Susan Calloway. In essence, it’s an anime music video. More information about the game can be found at FFXIV4GIL:…


Enjoy the fast and smooth Madden 18 coins delivery on Madden-store

Have you ever ordered Madden 17 coins on madden-store? You should try one order if not, because you should not miss such a good Madden coins seller, you can get the fast and smooth madden coins delivery, no matter Madden 17, or the upcoming Madden 18, so you can know…


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Arrives With Exclusive Edition

Are you fans of the saga ‘The Elder Scrolls’? Do you like MMORPGs? Perhaps for any reason, if you have answered yes to both questions, you have not yet played ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, the spin-off of the saga that allows you to live the adventures in a world in…


Albion Hellgate: New Hellgate Map And Design Goals

Arguably, Hellgates are an intrinsic feature of Albion Online, it can combine with PvP and PvE. For some brave adventurers, they can be allowed to enter them by taking down demonic monsters in the open world. In fact, the real danger comes from other players that may enter the same…