Path of Exile

Effective Path Of Exile Guide To The Tidal Island

In Path of Exile, The Tidal Island is an area in Act 1. This area does not have a waypoint and is connected to The Coast. Collectors of path of exile currency can encounter monsters and a unique Cannibal in this map. Players start at the top of the island and fight clockwise or counter-clockwise along the beach to reach the wrecked ship where Hailrake spawns.

Fighting Hailrake can be difficult as his Glacial Cascade does high damage and chills, so it is recommended to bring high cold resistance or dodge his spells until he runs out of mana.

Path of Exile

Instead of chests this area has Impaled Corpses, Bound Corpses, and Crucified Corpses. Players enter this area from the top of the island and can make their way to the ship wreck by going round through the beaches. Note that despite the shipwreck, there are no chests on the island. Instead, one can find Impaled Corpses, Bound Corpses and Crucified Corpses containing poe items and gear.

The island is inhabited by several monsters, namely Cannibals, Tide Striders, Gravel Eaters and the Drowned. Occasionally, players can also encounter Merveil’s Favoured and Spectral Corsairs along its shores. Monsters in this map spawn at around level 3 for Normal difficulty. For Cruel and Merciless difficulty they appear at around monster level 38 and 58 respectively. Monsters native to this map often spawn with resistances to fire, lightning or cold.

The shipwreck on the island is the spawn point of Hailrake, a unique Cannibal. Player’s attempting to take this creature on will need cold resistance, either through mods from Path of Exile Orbs or inherent affixes.

This area is linked to only one quest: Mercy Mission. Those hunting for Vaal Skill Gems and other corrupted items can visit this map as it has a chance to spawn Corrupted Areas. The latter can be in the form of a Strange Sinkhole, or a Concealed Cavity.

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POE: We’re Going To Give Ours Clients A Fun Gaming Experience

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Path of Exile

Path of Exile is free to play, so if you own an XBox One, I see no reason not to try it. If anything, the more people are playing and giving feedback, the better and faster support it will likely get in future patches. Players can also buy supporter packs like the new First Blood bundle which contains 200 points, an Extra Stash Tab and the First Blood Weapon Effect. We believe console players are just as capable as PC players, so we’re going to give them a similar experience.

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Path Of Exile

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PoE Shadow Basics And Leveling Guide

I start PoE build as a Shadow and, as such, went with the Assassin sub-class. You could also start as a Ranger, but do not forget to collect enough poe orbs, and go with the Raider sub-class for even crazier attack speed. You could also run as a Champion for perma-fortify.

You’re going to use Dual Strike and Lightning Strike as your main attacks throughout the entire game. The synergy of these skills is excellent since you can hit enemies at range with Lightning Strike and kite them or get up close and personal and tear faces off with Dual Strike. Lightning Strike is great for open areas, clearing trash, and physical reflect monsters or volatile monsters you can’t get close to. Dual Strike is major DPS and you can clear most trash faster than LS with it in a lot of cases.

Path of Exile

Since this is a life-based build, your end-game survivability comes from having a decent life pool, some block, and killing shit before the game even spawns it. Your life pool should be at least 5000 in the end game and your block chance should be a bare minimum of 25% without Rumi’s flask.

You will use Whirling Blades to dart around from pack to pack and/or to evade bad situations. It will also fortify you as you move into combat territory. If you feel the need for an alternate movement skill, like Leap Slam, you can put Bright beak and a defensive shield in your alternate weapon slots.

If between that and mana flasks you are still having mana problems, pick up mana regen on jewelry, find something with Mana-On-Hit, or simply don’t run certain auras that reserve your mana. You will deal less damage but it will also be less annoying. All other leveling gear, including a Tabula Rasa will work, provided you deal with the mana problem first.

As with any character, try to keep your resists high enough to minimize dying. Goldrim is an excellent helm to start for this. Your jewelry can provide flat physical damage and life (and resists if you’re lucky or rich) and you can run Jade and Granite flasks for additional defense.

Some people have asked which weapons are good to level with and the answer is: all of them. There are some nice unique swords, axes, claws, really anything with good damage that you can dual wield is fine. Lakishu’s Blade gets a shout out for the free Multistrike built in.

PoE Newbie Quick Tips About Gear And Caps

Are you wondering when a gear is suboptimal? Maybe you could have a better gear but you are not sure at what stats you should look for. Also, what is the most known max caps? (Example for % resistances, maximum life). If you want to know these questions, the following post you should view seriously.

Generally you just use life thresholds and have your resists maxed at all times (most importantly a6+). most people shoot for 1.2-1.4k life at a5 kitava, 2.8-3k at a10 kitava, then about 6k is a safe barrier for end mapping, but you can always (and should) shoot higher.

Path of Exile

Resists 75% cap. The hard cap (not really needed is around 105%), meaning 75+30overcapped. Just for curses like ele weakness. Life, no cap. You can go for 200%-220% life on the tree, meaning at least 5k life, preferably 6k at around 90.

Typically on rare pieces you want to have life, 1-2 resistance rolls, and 0-1 offensive rolls. The amount of each stat that different gear types can roll depends on what kind of gear it is (helmet, gloves, boots, etc) and the item level. If you press alt when hovering over a gear piece you can see item level. The poe items level is the same as the level of the monster that dropped it, which you can check in the top right when your minimap is open.

When gearing a character your priorities should be: Mandatory uniques to make he build work. Stack life as much as possible. Armor and evasion are good to have and definitely make a difference, but you should prioritize high life values over a bit of extra evasion or armor.

If you have comfortable life (5.5-6k+) and capped resistances you can try to fill out whatever you have left with offensive stats. Typically the best slots for offensive stats are necklace and rings. Helmet, shield, and gloves can sometimes have a few useful offensive mods like attack speed, crit, or accuracy as well. Belts and boots are usually just utility.

The general elemental (fire,cold,lightning, chaos not included) resistance cap without taking modifiers to it in consideration is 75% you’ll lose 30 after act5 and another 30% after act 10 which would mean you will need 135% resistances from gear/tree to be capped in the endgame. There are certain mobs or maps (endgame areas) which can curse you with lvl 15 ‘elemental weakness’, which reduces your resistances by 34%, thus you need 169 resists from gear to be capped all the time.

After you killed kitava in act 5/10 the resistances get subtracted automatically, and are shown in your character sheet, that means you need 109% in your character sheet after finishing act 10.

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Path of Exile is a free role-playing game that follows the “free to play” model to offer a similar experience to Diablo in which we have to choose between a character class and then evolve it wherever we want, while facing hordes and hordes of enemies in the dungeons of the game.


Players will be able to purchase in-game perks, such as extra victory animations, clothing and special effects. To protect the integrity of the game for all players, Grinding Gear Games has decided not to sell abilities or experience points ensuring a level-playing field for everyone in game.

All in all, Path of Exile plays like a classic action RPG in which the player kills monsters collecting experience points and randomly generated treasures. The title offers seven classes, including Witches, Marauders and Templars. A peculiarity of the game is the lack of a currency. The players must operate according to a sophisticated system barter.

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Path Of Exile May Keep You Hooked Long After Holidays

If you’re a fan of ARPG titles like Diablo 3, Path of Exile may keep you hooked long after the holidays.

Definitely one of the best free games I have ever played, Path of Exile is for all the Diablo 2 fans who thought Diablo 3 was a let down. The game has a great loot system and a classic RPG battle system that puts most top-down RPG’s to shame – free-to-play at its finest.


Path of Exile is a free-to-play Diablo II clone which offers both depth and replayability.

Featuring a unique passive skill tree and active skill gem system, the game is praised by its fans as “a better Diablo 2 sequel than Diablo 3”.

The game does feature “ethical microtransactions”, which are said to be only cosmetic changes that can be avoided if desired. PoE has no currency that is used only for trading – every single item in the game has some intrinsic functionality and value. Thus, there are many PoE items that are considered “currency items” in Path of Exile – each does something different when consumed.

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path of exile

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Path of Exile

Spectre Monster Level In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, if you want to get Spectre, you should go to the coast and use Desecrate to summon a Tukohama’s Vanguard. Then go to the Ravaged Square (64) and do the same for a Wicker Man. Then go to the highest zone you have access to and spam Desecrate until you get high level versions of your Spectre.

Bear in mind that having enough poe currency is not bad for you. Use the “A”- key for corpse targeting. The highest Spectre you can get are lvl 84 and can be desecrated in all lvl 84 zones. That means Shaper’s realm and some Lab Trials and Master mission dungeons in T16 maps. Remember, the level of you Spectre is limited by the level indicated on your Raise Spectre and Desecrate gems.

Path of Exile

The higher the level of your Spectre, the better their offensive and defensive stats. The level of a Spectre is based on the lowest of either the level of the monster they were raised from, or the maximum level allowed by the skill gem used. This is now indicated on the skill gem. If you use desecrate, the maximum level corpse allowed by the skill is again indicated on the skill gem.

For boss killing (Guardians and above) it’s best to all Tukohama’s Vanguards and at most 1x Wicker Man. This will give immense single target damage and OK clear speed. For mapping, you can choose 1x Wicker Man and rest Tukohama’s Vanguards.

In addition to Minion Damage, Spectre damage is scaled by any support gem with Burning Damage, Elemental Damage, or Damage over Time. Spell Damage however, does not work, not even for the Vanguards’ Scorching Ray totems. It also appears that Spectre have a hidden duration tag. This means that any support with a duration tag will apply.

The base totem duration is 5 seconds. There is an approximate delay of 1.5 seconds from a totem expires until the re-summoned one starts dealing damage.

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Path Of Exile – The True Successor Of Diablo II

The already hailed free-to-play hack & slash Path of Exile is getting better and comes back to the Diablo III.

Even though Diablo 3 has actually improved since the release of its Reaper of Souls expansion, many hack & slash followers have not fully recovered what they liked in Diablo 2. So, some of them preferred to turn to Path of Exile when it was released in January 2013. If the Grinding Gear Games studio’s free-to-play title is unknown to you or did not convince War for the Altas has just released.


The True Successor Of Diablo 2

Of course still free, Path of Exile has been updated to War for the Altas a month ago. The opportunity for the developer to concretely enrich a game that was already generous and improve many elements, especially at the interface. In addition to adding gems and new maps to the story for the biggest players.

In broad outline, if the player must always choose between one of the 7 classes proposed at the beginning of the game, this choice serves only to define a starting point in the talent tree common to all classes and the player can then move in the direction of his choice when he gains experience for example to mix genres or on the contrary to specialize. Likewise, new spells are not earned by gaining levels, but by collecting colored gems to insert into items to gain powers. In addition, support gems make it possible to make combinations by modifying the behavior of his spells. These gems gain in level with the use and this mixture between the system of gems and passive tree allows to really create a custom avatar.

In terms of content, besides the scripted campaign, Path of Exile offers challenges, leagues (servers with special rules to vary the pleasures) as well as PVP. In short, enough to care alone or accompanied up to 6 players.

An Economic Model Very Respectful Of The Player

Welcome to Path of Exile’s particularly mild business model. Apart from additional inventory slots to share equipment between his different characters, all the elements of the store is only cosmetic and therefore completely dispensable. PoE currency system is a game feathure in the game Path of exile, it is composed of many different kinds of PoE orbs. No pay-to-win, this is one of the currencies of the studio that offers here a game where there is no need to shell out a penny to progress.