Wildstar online-Classes-Esper


Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
Equipment: Psyblade
Armor Weight: Light Armor
Ability Resources: Mana and Focus Points
Primary Attributes: Magic (DPS), Wisdom (Healing)

Espers are masters of the mind who tap into powerful psychic energies to lash out and incapacitate enemies or strengthen and protect their friends.

The connection between the mind and body is a powerful thing, and no one demonstrates this better than an Esper. Rare individuals that display unusual mental fortitude, Espers must undergo rigorous training in order to harness the turbulent, chaotic energies of the mind – eventually learning to focus and transform this energy into telekinetic power. Once they have mastered this ability, Espers learn to use the psyblade – a sharp and deadly projectile weapon propelled through the air by the force of their minds.

But the psyblade is not the only weapon in the Esper’s arsenal. They can also manipulate mental energy to create illusions so convincing they are capable of inflicting very real damage on their enemies. This same technique can be used to bolster friends, allowing them to return to the fray after being injured in battle. A fully trained Esper can turn the tide in any conflict, sustaining and healing their allies while dishing out devastating mental blasts against their foes.

Wildstar online-Classes-Stalker

Role: Melee DPS, Tank
Equipment: Claws

Armor Weight: Light Armor (Upgrades to Medium)
Ability Resources: Suit Power

Primary Attribute: Dexterity (DPS), Technology (Tank)


Class Overview

Stalkers are feared throughout the galaxy as silent and deadly assassins who always eliminate their targets.

The Stalkers’ training begins with an injected serum of advanced nanotechnology. The nanites within the serum instantly create a cerebral interface that gives the Stalker access to powerful technological abilities—such as advanced stealth capabilities, optical holoprojection, and enhanced defenses. This interface also accelerates and enhances the Stalker’s physiological systems, allowing them to execute impressive physical feats and complex martial arts disciplines. These abilities, used in concert with a pair of well-balanced alloy clawblades, make the Stalker a fearsome opponent on the field of battle.

Stalkers are also masters of tactical combat. Using their neurological enhancements, they strategically control the battlefield, utilizing combat hardware such as proximity mines to maximize their kill potential in each and every encounter. Their cerebral interface also provides real-time analytical data during encounters, allowing Stalkers to energize their clawblades based on their opponents’ greatest vulnerabilities. The result? During combat, Stalkers leave a pile of corpses in their wake before silently disappearing into the shadows.


Although it is a little known fact, the technological prowess of the Stalker is owed to the Eldan themselves. When the Dominion was first established almost two-thousand years ago, the humans of planet Cassus were given a number of technological gifts from the Eldan—including a small sample labeled ‘omni-plasm’. This sample contained millions of programmable nanites—which in time became the basis of the Stalker’s technological abilities.


Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
Equipment: Dual Pistols
Armor Weight: Light Armor
Ability Resources: Spell Surges and Mana
Primary Attributes: Dexterity (DPS), Wisdom (Healing)


Spellslingers are deadly and dangerous pistoleers, often found beyond the Fringe working as bounty hunters, bodyguards, and guns-for-hire.

Spellslingers fight with a unique style that’s a lethal combination of magic, reflexes and instinct – making them some of the most feared combatants in the galaxy. By wielding specially designed mag pistols, Spellslingers manipulate arcane energy to create powerful magic sigils – greatly increasing their accuracy and infusing their projectiles with destructive power.

Along with their deadly weapons, Spellslingers also use acrobatic agility to quickly move around the battlefield – positioning themselves to inflict the most damage upon their enemies. These deadly abilities, coupled with steely-eyed resolve, make the Spellslinger a truly frightening foe in battle.



Role: Melee DPS, Tank
Equipment: Tech Sword
Armor Weight: Medium Armor (Upgrades to Heavy)
Ability Resources: Kinetic Cells
Primary Attribute: Strength (DPS), Technology (Tank)


Warriors are unstoppable juggernauts on the battlefield, using a combination of heavy weaponry, powerful armor and advanced technology to take care of business.

Fearless bruisers that give as good as they get, Warriors are at their best when charging into the fray. Equipped with a heavy battle suit, and armed with a giant tech-sword and a plasma blasting arm cannon, Warriors use hyper-charged kinetic cells which allow the use of powerful attacks and greatly improve their destructive potential.

Drawing upon the power of these kinetic cells give Warriors access to a wide array of strategic technological capabilities designed to damage, disarm, or incapacitate their enemies. In short, the Warrior is a walking death machine, absorbing impressive amounts of damage while dispatching his foes by the dozens.


Wildstar online–ALLIES(Clanlord Makaza)



Clanlord Makaza

Clanlord Makaza is the leader of the Bloodfire Clan. Once a decorated soldier in the Dominion Legions, Makaza now rules over his people as they face the dangers of Deradune. Out of respect for the ancient traditions of his homeworld, Makaza has recently called for a Great Hunt – and has commanded his most skilled huntresses to reward those who fight with bravery and skill.

Huntress Kezzia

Kezzia is the most deadly huntress in Clan Bloodfire. As Clanlord Makaza has just recently called a Great Hunt, Kezzia has been tasked with ensuring that all participants are worthy. A brash and fearless warrior, Kezzia revels in the thrill of the hunt, and often finds herself fighting alongside those who have accepted the challenge of the ancient Draken ritual.

Agent Lex

As part of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence (ICI), Agent Lex has been sent to Deradune to seek out traitors and spies. Known far and wide for his deadliness, Lex was carefully engineered by the Central Axis of the ICI to serve as her eyes and ears in the field. Having recently captured an Exile spy on the savannah, Lex is looking for any information that will shed light on what the spy and his companions are doing there.






Wildstar online–ENEMIDES(Falkrin)




The Falkrin are a fierce race of powerful avian humanoids that dwell in the mountains and cliffs of planet Nexus. Primitive, proud and barbaric, the Falkrin are highly territorial, and will attack anything that wanders too close to their perches. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, but they appear to be native to Nexus.


Moodies are a species of primitive sentients found only on planet Nexus. Their culture is dedicated to the creation and wearing of large decorative masks which appear to represent iconic emotional states. Moodie shamans are capable of simple but powerful necromancy – a practice that is considered blasphemous to the sacred Blood Covenants of Draken religion.

Metal Maw

The creature known as Metal Maw is a powerful cybernetic monstrosity, a fusion of advanced biological engineering and Eldan augmentation technology. Having been captured by Dominion hunters, the beast has now been brought to Deradune to serve as the ultimate challenge in the Great Hunt.







Wildstar online–OVERVIEW



Inhabited by hostile natives and dangerous alien organisms, Deradune is a savage territory that has been claimed by the Dominion. With sweeping savannahs, rugged mountains, and exotic floating trees, Deradune is both beautiful and deadly – the perfect place for bold galactic adventurers seeking new challenges on planet Nexus.

Drawn to its untamed vistas and vicious wildlife, the ferocious Draken of the Bloodfire Clan have established a village on the eastern coast of Deradune. In order to test the mettle of his people, the battle-hardened Clanlord Makaza has called the Great Hunt – an ancient Draken tradition that culminates in the primal ritual known as the Bloodfeast. The Great Hunt is open to anyone who wishes to prove themselves to the clan, and adventurers from across Nexus have come to here to face off against some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy.

To offer an even greater challenge to his mightiest hunters, Clanlord Makaza has transported in wondrous and fearsome creatures from across Nexus, including the terrible cybernetic monstrosity known as Metal Maw. A deadly product of Eldan augmentation technology, Metal Maw is being held in a massive cage – but it is only a matter of time before the raging beast breaks free of its prison.

To the north of Bloodfire Village, the terrain gets more rugged and mountainous. Inhabiting the sheer cliffs that overlook the savannah is the Bloodtalon Brood of the barbaric Falkrin – a wild, winged race indigenous to planet Nexus. Having lived in Deradune for thousands of years, the aggressive Falkrin warriors are infuriated by the Dominion’s encroachment on their territory, and a conflict between the two looms dangerously on the horizon.

At the southern end of Deradune there is a bubbling tar pit surrounded by the massive skeletal remains of long-dead creatures. Rumors have surfaced that an ancient Eldan exo-lab is located somewhere nearby, attracting a number of curious scientists and daring explorers who hope to find its location. Just above the tar pit are the sacred burial grounds of Clan Bloodfire, where the remains of fallen Draken warriors are interred. Normally these grounds are quiet, but lately guards have reported seeing strange figures creeping around the graves at night, whispering strange and ominous incantations…




Wildstar online–Mechari


Engineered by the Eldan themselves, the Mechari are a race of highly-efficient killing machines that make it their business to eliminate traitors and spies on Nexus. Sense of humor? Not one of their strong points.


Long ago, the Eldan on planet Nexus found themselves in need of a servant race that could communicate with the other races of the galaxy, and watch for developments in culture and technology that might be of interest to them. With this in mind, the Eldan created a race of sentient mechanical beings known as the Mechari.

These Mechari were sent out to observe the various inhabited planets in the galaxy, studying their individual strengths and weaknesses, and reporting the information back to Nexus. The Mechari always kept the intentions of their masters ambiguously vague – and indeed, the Mechari themselves were not aware of the true scope of the Eldan’s machinations. As the centuries passed, the legend of the Eldan grew, and wild conjecture became well-worn tales about their origins, their technology, and the location of their secret homeworld.

During this time, the Mechari were instrumental in helping the humans of planet Cassus establish the Dominion, and presided over the coronation of the first Luminai emperor. Through a series of brilliantly executed maneuvers, the Mechari helped the Dominion to quickly expand, assimilating races like the Draken of planet Mikros. They also established the Imperial Corps of Intelligence to protect the empire from spies and traitors, and took it upon themselves to oversee its operations.

The discovery of Nexus was a momentous occasion for the Mechari, and they hoped to finally be reunited with their creators. But the Eldan were no longer there, their fate one of the galaxy’s darkest and most enduring mysteries. Despite this disappointment, the Mechari continue their eternal vigil over the empire, ensuring its continued dominance on planet Nexus.



Wildstar online–Mordesh


Cursed with a degenerative disease after delving into the forbidden secrets of alchemy, the Mordesh have come to Nexus to find a cure. Being a space zombie can be complicated. Unleashing dark and deadly disciplines on the Dominion? Much simpler.


Until the last century, the Mordesh of planet Grismara had a flourishing civilization whose refinements in alchemy made them the envy of the galaxy. Having attracted the attention of the Dominion and been invited to join, their ongoing success was all but inevitable.

In 1578 AE, Victor Lazarin, widely acknowledged as the greatest alchemist in Grismaran history, announced his creation of the Everlife Elixir – a substance he claimed granted immortality. The Mordesh were convinced of Lazarin’s brilliance, and the elixir was distributed worldwide. Yet cries of rejoicing soon turned to moans of despair. The elixir eventually became unstable, leading to necromantic physical degeneration coupled with a mindless cannibalistic rage.

It is said that in the Contagion’s first outbreaks, the casualties mounted too swiftly to be measured. The only certainty was that a civilization of billions lay within a hairsbreadth of extinction after just a few weeks. The Dominion response was a brutal and uncompromising quarantine, while below the Mordesh suffered and perished. While almost falling into the Contagion’s madness himself, Lazarin created a vaccine known as the Vitalus Serum. Despite failing to cure the disease, the serum suppressed its psychological symptoms and saved the few remaining Mordesh survivors.

In desperation, the Mordesh turned to the Exiles, who smuggled them piecemeal through the Dominion blockade. Forced by dwindling numbers and their hunted status to become practitioners of artifice and deception, they formed a covert intelligence group, the Black Hoods, to wage campaigns of sabotage and assassination against their enemies. Seen by the Exiles as an unsavory but necessary evil, the Mordesh now ply their dark arts on Nexus in hopes of finding a cure and wreaking vengeance on the Dominion who deserted them


Wildstar online–Chua


Nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic, the Chua are mischievous inventors who develop advanced weapons and technology for the Dominion.  Science has never been more fun – or agonizing.


In the course of scouting prospective races in the early years of the Dominion, Mechari observers found that the primitive but intelligent Chua of the forest world Bezgelor displayed considerable promise. In addition to showing an uncanny grasp of science and mechanical engineering, they were also remarkably devious and competitive. Predicting that a species unconstrained by economic or moral considerations could prove useful, they opened communications.

Hoping to hyper-accelerate their industrial development, the Mechari presented the Chua with several instructive examples of simple Dominion technology. The Chua reciprocated by presenting their celestial benefactors with a gift-wrapped Bezgelorian tar-beetle. As per its natural defense mechanisms, the beetle promptly exploded when handled by its new owners, covering all dignitaries present in corrosive black ooze that required months of corrective drilling and acid-baths to remove. The Chua howled with laughter over this for days on end.

Efforts to galvanize Chua’s advancement exceeded even the Mechari’s most optimistic projections. Their zeal for industry instantly propelled them into a state of near psychotic overdrive, and in under a century the Chua had replaced most of Bezgelor’s verdant forests with factories that covered the planet’s surface like a scab. The once blue skies now seethed with cancerous ochre, its formerly tranquil pastures reduced to dustbowls of ash.

Although initially too enraptured with their own  productivity to see value in further discourse with the Mechari, by 538 AE the Chua joined the Dominion out of a need for base resources that their own ruined world was no longer capable of producing. For the last thousand years, they have created advanced weapons and technology for the empire. With the recent discovery of Nexus, the Chua look forward to exploiting the legendary planet’s natural and technological resources, along with devising new and exciting ways to destroy their enemies.