At the beginning of 2013, the carbine team said they would do something on the

creation of user developed UI mods. And now the players will have at their disposal

and also highlights the first-ever WildStar mods to come out of the game’s closed


Players will have access to a development tool known as Houston, which allows players

to “easily create own addons to extend WildStar’s UI, as well as providing full

access to all of the Carbine-authored source code.

One of the players has already put Houston through its paces, and she has the honor

of being the developer of WildStar’s first UI mods, which range from a group-finding

tool to a roleplaying mod library. She also got a lot of wildstar gold at the same


Another player said: Many years ago, I was playing WoW and an add-on came out called

AVR that allowed some of the same functionality of WildStar’s telegraph system in

that it showed you exactly where “the bad fire” in raids/dungeons ended and where you

were safe. This add-on was so offensive to Blizzard that they rewrote their code to

break it in a subsequent patch.

You could make an argument that connecting your UI to move with the game world breaks

that line of what is acceptable, but how far can you take that? Could you superimpose

a “derp jpg” over every rival characters face, change the color of the telegraphs

away from red/blue, or install a 3d overlay around your character to display resource

nodes in a zone? How much tinkering on their system will they allow until it is no

longer just a “User Interface” mod?

You will be able try this system after the wildstar is launched. And in case you do

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