Welcome to another super-exciting edition of This Week in MMO. On this episode, host Gary Gannon and a pair of Mikes have a bit of fun with the announcement that Bigpoint will be taking the helm of an MMO based on the super-trendy A Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, is WildStar a theme-park or a sandbox? Well, we don’t know, but the TWIMMO guys have a bit to say on the matter. DC Universe Online gets a wild playerbase boost after its transition to free-to-play, and speculation abounds as to whether the upcoming Warhammer 40: Dark Millenium Online MMO could be free to play.

They wont be able to match the series in any way. The idea of the MMO for that series is a pipe dream created by some suit that saw merchandising options on some drunk binge. They are simply wasting time and money right now, another lesson for folks down the road, watch, a failure in proggress.