wildstar business model

wildstar business model

To the players, you may ignore the business model of the game before, however, in is truly necessary for you to know something about it, thus it will benefit for getting higher level and scores.


As the wildstar business model, what we should be aware of first is that it is an item that can be purchased online, and can then be bought and sold with other players in-game.  This trading happens via the commodities exchange – basically a stock market that lets you trade credd to other players for earned in-game gold.

In the meantime, two options are provided for you here, including monthly subscription and credd, besides, what you choose may depends on your favors, or other relative factors.

As for the monthly subscription, it is pretty standard fare, you probably know what that’s all about.  Subscribe, and every month you pay for another 30 days of game time. While the credd is an item that can be purchased online at the WildStar website, and can then be bought and sold with other players in-game.

Today, it revealed initial details on the wildstar business model , the much anticipated sci-fi MMO, outlining the different ways players can embark on their planetary adventure when it’s released in spring of 2014.


Players will receive 30 days free game time,upon purchasing WildStar through a retail outlet or digital download, plus three guest passes to give to friends for a week of galactic adventure. Players can then either opt to pay a standard monthly subscription, purchase a game time card, or use gold earned in-game to purchase from other players and avoid paying a subscription fee altogether.