Update Albion Online: Added 23 New Dungeons

For the sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, a called Aurelius will get a big content update, in this regard, for the update, we can see some improvement on gameplay, at the same time, including a lots of new content such as 23 new dungeons, monsters as well as new bosses, Christmas Specials, new spells and new dungeon types. Why cheap albion online gold in short supply?


There are open world dungeons as well as gateway dungeons. Open world dungeons are what replace the regular group and solo dungeons the game currently has. It can be played solo but some of the areas in open world dungeons are designed for veterans and group play so solo is not recommended.

Gateway dungeons are dedicated instanced content for 5-man groups. Fight your way through hefty mobs and mini-bosses earn plenty of silver and rare resources until you eventually reach the finale: The new named main bosses of the dungeon.

In order to invite players are engaged in PvP, safe Zone Hellgates are introduced, it’s said to a group of up to 5 players can enter a hell dungeon in safe Zone, in there, they will face off mightly demons, in addition to this, another group of 5 players that is fighting for the same loot, this month, Aurelius will be launched, with respect to other new features, you can access official sites to get more: https://www.upalbion.com.