FIFA 15: Defending Tips


I see a lot of people asking for help in defense this year and I thought i’ll help as I don’t concede many goals. In fact, I concede less goals this year than I did in 14. I was getting raped on the counter and crosses on 14, not anymore. This fifa suits my playing style a lot more and I thought i’d share it. Here goes:

  1. Defend like in a real football game. Do you see people pressing high and tackling all the time in a real game? No right? Stay compact, stay back, and shepherd your mark to the wing. Crosses aren’t OP anymore, so you can allow them to come in most of the time. Use contain and jockey to push your mark to the wing. BUY PACEY CB’s.
  2. Auto tackling distance has been drastically reduced. You can go within a foot of the player and he’ll still get past you. This fifa, you need to start using the tackle button a lot more and a LOT more intelligently. Don’t spam the tackle, wait for your opponent to show you the ball, and go in for the tackle.
  3. You need to learn how to predict your opponents moves, just like in a real game. Don’t only concentrate on the ball and the player with the ball. Keep glancing all around the pitch and cut off dangerous passing lanes. Most people I have seen tend to pass it forward all the time with no thought for build up play. If you defend well, you can get him caught high up in possession.
  4. Again, keep an eye on the full pitch and the radar. Imagine your opponent striker has the ball. Instead of pressing him with your CB, leave him alone and switch to your DM. Rush him back and cover the 1-2 pass. In case you are too late and the opponent lays it off for the 1-2, immediately switch to your CB and run back like hell while covering the runner whilst pressing RB. This will make your DM press the man with the ball while you chase after the runner. Now, the player with the ball either attempts the 1-2 through ball and you intercept it, or he hesitates and your DM gets him. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS run back with your DM to cover the center.
  5. This is the second most important tip I can give you today. Try playing with a formation that has a single central DM. I tried playing with last years 4-2-3-1 (This years 4-5-1) thinking that 2 DM’s would help. It did not. The 2 DM’s often stay far apart from each other which leads to a big gap in the middle of the park. I usually play the 4-3-3 or the 4-1-2-1-2(2) version (My favorite). Now, and this is very important, go to team management > Instructions and select your DM. Change his “Attacking support” stat to “Always stay back while attacking”. I found a massive difference when I did this. Let me know how it works for you.
  6. Now for the most important tip: A good offense is a good defense. This years game is all about possession and patience. Ever seen a Barca game? Play exactly like they do. I am a Barca fan so I always play the possession style in all FIFA’s. I was getting demolished with that style in fifa 14 on the counter as you couldn’t dribble and passing was piss poor. Counters were OP last year, not because of the chipped through ball, but mainly because it was so easy to defend and tackle. This year, it’s a lot easier to pass and dribble which means you can keep possession a lot better. But it isn’t OP. It is fairly balanced. chock up a lot of passes, pass quick and try dribbling around players. NEVER EVER RUSH A PASS. Do not just kick it to your striker if he has no support near him. He will quickly get outnumbered and loose it. Gradually advance the ball towards the opponents box by passing. Pass to players with the most space, even if it means giving the ball back/sideways. Now, when you get to the opponents box using this method, you will find that you have 2-3 players pushing the opponents 4 man back line, 2-3 mids serving them through balls and 1-2’s, and overlapping wingers to stretch the opponents defense if he gets too compact. You have thus created a lot of 1-1 situations. trigger runs, tap Y, do your 1-2’s all in the final third and watch your forwards make short work of the opponents defense while your DM stays back and covers counters. If you can learn basic skill moves and apply them in this situation, you will get really really good. I have been playing around with custom tactics and I have typed my favorite combination below.

Custom Tactics:

Build up play:

Speed: 68. Now this might seem to counter what I said above about playing a slow passing game. However, in this FIFA, it is very easy to hold on to the ball with a single player, and your team mates make much more intelligent positioning and runs. So, if you couple a fast build up with a DM who always stays back, you get a scenario where you can ward off pressure by passing around your DM and back line, while your mids run faster up field towards the half way line. Gaps will appear if you can keep the ball for a few seconds and your mids will be in loads of space when you eventually find a pass to them.

Passing: 28. I keep this short to prevent my forwards from running past the back line. Now, when your CM’s get the ball, your ST and wingers are very close to them, opening up all sorts of opportunities for 1-2’s against the back line.

Positioning: Organized so that you stay compact in defense.

Chance Creation:

Passing: 69 I keep this risky. Get good CM’s with good passing and ball control. Now, your forwards will make nice runs in behind defense and if you can find them with Y, you almost always score. Finding them isn’t as easy as it sounds though. You will need to be creative and quick. Otherwise, you get a lot of offsides.

Crossing: 25 I don’t cross a lot and prefer skilling my way inside from the wing. I haven’t played around with this much.

Shooting: 70 Now this is a tactic that has really helped me out. This makes sure that you forwards are positioned just outside the box and at an angle to the defenders. Now, you can either shoot, skill past, or play a quick 1-2 and watch your attacker run through even the smallest of gaps.

Positioning: freeform Be quick and creative. Use the runs and shuffle your mids around. Confuse the heck out of the opponent. Keep passing back to reset your attacks.


Pressure: 41 I keep this pretty balanced. The defenders will pressure near the box and leave attackers alone when they’re a ways outside.

Aggression: 40 Same as pressure. Keep it balanced. Be aggressive around the box.

Team Width: 68 I play this wide because I love attacking. The high width ensures that your LB and RB will always be in free space on the wing. If you give the ball to one of them and your opponents mids are out of position, you can kill them with a swift counter. Having said that, I have conceded a few goals with opposition wingers getting inside my full backs. I can generally shut these attacks out with me CB’s but so far, it has been a 50 50 success. I do notice that I score at least 1 or 2 more goals per game thanks to wide full backs.

Most of my games end up with a scoreline of 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1 or 5-1. Very rarely do I end up conceding more than one goal, and even if I do, I generally have at least a 2 goal cushion so I win by outscoring.

Hope this helped. Let me know how this works out for you. Good luck, have fun!

EDIT You can change custom tactics after the game starts in the pause menu.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins Buying Guide

The FIFA Ultimate Team coin market has grown significantly since the game mode was first added to FIFA. In FIFA 15, you have tons of different coin retailers who will sell you cheap fifa 15 coins, but it is sometimes a rather foreign thing to most people. It is a strange kind of transaction knowing how easy it is to get scammed. Read these tips below and figure out how to avoid getting scammed and get the most out of what you pay!

Best Retailers
The best coin shop is Their service to be the best. They have a fully automated system that will trade the coins to your team within minutes, instead of having to wait for a person make the trade when he sees your order come in.They also assure you 100% Safe! 100% Fast! 100% Cheap.

Checking Prices
The truth is that coin prices are always changing — these coin retailers are now huge in number and they compete like neighboring gas stations do! Pay attention to these price shifts to make sure you’re getting a good price given the current state of the market. Simply search for ‘fifa 15 coins’ on Google and go down the list. See who has the best prices and maybe test out with a small purchase before buying a lot – that way you get a good idea of who is a good retailer and who is not.

EA deducts 5% off of all trades, so you will need to keep this in mind when you are buying. Although you are paying for 50k coins, you will only recieve 47.5k coins when your trade goes through. It may be worthwhile checking which retailers will foot this cost for you when you are comparing prices.

Refund Policy
These coin shops may be very reluctant to give you any kind of refund, so be aware of this if you think you might need one. Most sites will list their refund policy in the footer of their site, so check that out if you are concerned. For example, FIFA Coin Trader seems to only offer a 12 hour period in which you can initiate a refund and even then they deduct a 5% processing fee.

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Tricks to improve your penalty kicks in FIFA 15 matches

fifa 15

Penalty Kicks provide a scoring chance with a very high rate of success. Of course, it is possible that the keeper will guess the right way and save your shot, but the chance that you will beat the keeper is much higher. The FIFA 14 version of the series featured an entirely new penalty kick system in which aiming is more precise and less computer-assisted. This tutorial will go more in depth on aiming and other techniques below. This system is continued in FIFA 15.

Initiating the Shot
When your player is lined up to take the penalty, you will notice the Accuracy Bar, with the indicator moving back and forth in the bottom left corner of your screen. Your goal is to press the shoot button just as the indicator reaches the very center of the bar in the greenest part. Although after this you control accuracy in an even further way, this also has a big effect on the accuracy of your shot. Also note that you can still miss the target even if you hit the exact center of the Accuracy Bar, it all dependends on the aiming that comes next. However, the closer your indicator is to the center of the bar, the more your shot will be helped.

After you have placed he indicator on the Accuracy Bar, hold down the shoot button to determine power as you would for any other type of shot. This is where it gets tricky. As you let go of the shoot button, imagine a little crosshair aiming just at the center of the keepers chest. You can move this crosshair with the left analog stick. Aim to the side and a little up or down in order to hit the corners. I typically aim for the bottom corners as they are much easier to hit than the top corners and they still have what I would say is about an 80% success rate.

Stutter Step
To perform the stutter step penalty in which you stop your run-up to the ball halfway through to startle the keeper, press the shoot button for a second time as you are running up to the ball at the point you would like your penalty taker to stop at. Although this is quite effective in real life, keepers don’t seem to be too phased by it in FIFA.

Placed Penalty
To execute a placed penalty, hold down RB on Xbox as you press the shoot button, and R1 for Playstation. The placed penalty supposedly has more accuracy than the regular driven one, and thus less a chance of missing the target. Other than this, follow the same principles as given for the regular penalty.

Chipped Penalty
There really isn’t much use for the chipped penalty other than to be a bit cheeky. Only try to do this if you are quite sure that your opponent will make the keeper dive one way, as you will look stupid if you try it and it chips up right into the hands of the keeper. To execute a chipped penalty, hold down LB as you press the shoot button on Xbox, and L1 for Playstation.

FIFA 15 offers a variety of practice methods to help you perfect your penalty-taking skills. The 1v1 practice arena offers the most direct method as you can simply enter the penalty area and press left on the D-pad to initialize a practice penalty. The Practice Mode allows you to do a lot of penalties one after the other against a keeper. Finally, the Penalties Skill Games allow you to practice your penalties in a variety of ways and actually see how your “scope” moves as you aim.




How to Build up FIFA 15 Final Crew Team Appropriately


FIFA 15 has released for several days.When start out your FIFA top group squad, you can expect to begin with fundamentals of randomly picked players with small potential.

To begin with it is advisable to decide upon the nationality or league to the crew to build of earlier than even buying any avid gamers. It’s possible it happens to be a staff from the The spanish language planet champions or presumably a powerful Leading League outfit. You will find also a whole lot of avid gamers make the Brazilian centered squads as you can find numerous tempo and aptitude. This 12 months we are checking to generate a couple squads but mainly I will be using a Premiership team of predominantly avid gamers from Male Utd, Dude town, Toolbox, Spurs and Chelsea. The choice is lesser on your preference. You are going to have the opportunity to create various kind of squad furthermore to rotate whom you employ despite the fact that this will cost you several fifa 15 coins.

To start with, we counsel you select a development for that squad which you’ll need to require benefit of. The fewer famous the development (to illustrate 5-2-2-1) often is the fewer fifa 15 coins the gamer playing cards for the development will definitely expenses. The larger fashionable (as an example 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-1-2) considerably more FIFA coins is going for being billed.

After you’ve got transported this out then you are capable to begin to determine which players you may get. It truly is proposed that you just make an hard work so you can get gamers within just the lower finish during the league you may have picked and buy avid gamers in the formation you’ve got chosen also to, ideally, the identical nationality or league carried out in presently. Endeavour to create certain the gamers you could be coping with one particular of one’s golf equipment share a minimum of several individuals first 4 previously stated areas with each other. This may only make your workforce a lot more reliable just beginning out.

Enjoy some online games around the computer system to construct up your fut coins and receive an awareness for the squad. Making in the again may well be our recommended route with this specified. Obtaining a solid goalkeeper (who commonly charge significantly less buy fifa 15 coins than outfield gamers) is needed you keep cleanse sheets. Then you definately will want a mix of power and tempo with larger heading skill for that again four with each other with a striker that will require a threat or two. By means of this continual base, it is possible to make your dream staff in to your staff with society beaters.

fifa 15

Standard Tips About Recieving FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins

FIFA 15 is out for multiple platforms.Coins as the currency to purchase your best team memeber, It is of due importance for you to consider the fact that this thing is not that easy as these coins are limited. It is really important for you to understand that in making your bet team to win it is imperative that you use this coins to support them along the way. It is of due importance that you know this things by reading this so that you can some how get ideas which is very significant in the process of recieving it.

In order to receive FIFA 15 Coins for the PC/PS/XBOX, you should just simply list a player you don”t want for coins and provide us with the details of the player, once we receive your order and payment, we will purchase that player in the trade and you will receive FIFA Coins Instantly receive a boost to your team with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins. Use FIFA Coins to buy new players, add contracts or change formations and watch your results improve with every game!

Before buying, please add a player auction into FIFA 15 as direct purchase. The requested amount for the player has to match the ordered shop product. Duration of the player offer should be 3 days. The Ultimate Team name is NOT the name of the player’s club but your self-chosen name of your own team. The supplier will buy your player offer and thus you get the coins.



Tips on how to Protect Strongly in FIFA 15


When you are captivated with participating in FIFA 15 and wish to buy FIFA 15 coins and get a good deal more matches, then you really need to strengthen your guarding talents. That is definitely as even if you might be proficient at attacking enjoy like ‘through ball’, ‘finishing’, ‘free kicks’ and so on., you will not plan to drop 5:four, but instead win two: or one:.

So give far more concentrate on defending form of perform than attacking, however , you should to get sufficiently good to score plans to start with due to the fact that this tips is about protecting and do not ever attacking.

Safe guarding Sort of Participate in that you simply have to master:
Stand your ground and allow the opponent make mistake. If you decide to stand it his path and do not offer you him any area to function, he might carry out a skipped go or he’s capable to pressure and shoot early. This does not signify you ought to only stand still and do not much by any means, but alternatively you would like to buy FIFA 15 coins and anticipate the opposite person’s transfer producing your progress to make use of the street of road to his operate.

After the attacker is shut for you, press B (Notice: strategies pointed out shown listed here will not be keyboard configurations, but xbox 360 controller secrets, so use applicable tricks that you just merely arrange for your keyboard) to tackle, listed here the timing is crucial. He has to show up at the most efficient distance to assist make the tackle. Should you be new and do not ever selected within the timing and all the things, then tap B like two to three instances at any time when your opponent is close for you.

Stay with the attacker by urgent A RT and push LT in the right time just like the problem of earlier move. You will want to apply and discover the accurate timing of those will take up. You could try never to use an excessive quantity of dash(RT) A, in any other case you will burn an extreme level of energy much too speedily. So buy FIFA 15 coins and use it properly and correctly.

You are able to block your opponents’ moves by urgent LT and RT relentlessly, which supports you halting crossing and passes. This absolutely is having difficulties. This will also be employed when you are conscious that the opponent will use “through ball”. All you want to accomplish could be to buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and supply manage towards the protective participant who’s near on your attacker that has started to formulate a operate forward, and push LT to buy FIFA 15 coins and meet up with up with that attacker.

You’ll be able to request other defender or player near to you to surely buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and join you in defending by urgent B and holding it. You’ll need to undertake rid of it previously your attacker has in your neighborhood, in any other case the gamer in your town will not be getting quite a lot of time to block the attacker. Utilize this moderately, seeing that you’re making some open up areas by calling other avid gamers in your town and as soon as you need to make this happen wrongly, you can buy FIFA 15 ultimate team coins and invest the cash for price, since the opponent could possibly use that open up space to pass through or go in the direction of your greatest aim.