Path Of Exile – The True Successor Of Diablo II

The already hailed free-to-play hack & slash Path of Exile is getting better and comes back to the Diablo III.

Even though Diablo 3 has actually improved since the release of its Reaper of Souls expansion, many hack & slash followers have not fully recovered what they liked in Diablo 2. So, some of them preferred to turn to Path of Exile when it was released in January 2013. If the Grinding Gear Games studio’s free-to-play title is unknown to you or did not convince War for the Altas has just released.


The True Successor Of Diablo 2

Of course still free, Path of Exile has been updated to War for the Altas a month ago. The opportunity for the developer to concretely enrich a game that was already generous and improve many elements, especially at the interface. In addition to adding gems and new maps to the story for the biggest players.

In broad outline, if the player must always choose between one of the 7 classes proposed at the beginning of the game, this choice serves only to define a starting point in the talent tree common to all classes and the player can then move in the direction of his choice when he gains experience for example to mix genres or on the contrary to specialize. Likewise, new spells are not earned by gaining levels, but by collecting colored gems to insert into items to gain powers. In addition, support gems make it possible to make combinations by modifying the behavior of his spells. These gems gain in level with the use and this mixture between the system of gems and passive tree allows to really create a custom avatar.

In terms of content, besides the scripted campaign, Path of Exile offers challenges, leagues (servers with special rules to vary the pleasures) as well as PVP. In short, enough to care alone or accompanied up to 6 players.

An Economic Model Very Respectful Of The Player

Welcome to Path of Exile’s particularly mild business model. Apart from additional inventory slots to share equipment between his different characters, all the elements of the store is only cosmetic and therefore completely dispensable. PoE currency system is a game feathure in the game Path of exile, it is composed of many different kinds of PoE orbs. No pay-to-win, this is one of the currencies of the studio that offers here a game where there is no need to shell out a penny to progress.