The New Story Mode In Madden NFL 18 looks Amazing

I think you have already known the new story mode called Longshot in Madden NFL 18, because it is the first story mode and has gain majority of fans welcome once it released, even if you do not see the trailer, your friend will certainly be excited to share the news with you.



From the trailer point of view, this is a visual and auditory feast, from the screen effect to evaluate Madden NFL 18, this update is very successful, the picture is very beautiful. And then from the game mode, this is also a great update, it is said that the development team for the release of the new game, a full study for 4 years, so this is considered a great work.

“This is a story about getting the NFL,” said Mike Young, creative director at Madden 18. He said they want to make Madden NFL 18 into a playable movie, rather than as boring rules before, they will add a lot of gameplay in the game, not just a dressing room and a manager. To play the player to become the protagonist of their own game, this is the concept of Madden NFL 18.

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