Three Main Takeaways of Madden 18 After Experiencing

Madden 18 will be released in August, but some gamer could play it in advance with the Frostbite Engine, though we could not play by ourselves, but let us see What is his feeling after playing it?


1 i did not run successfully

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of questions about Madden 18 running games this year. My own feeling is that it feels less slowly and more interesting. Blocking the AI is roughly the same as the AI in Madden 17, and the skills move like Jews and movements. I ran out of the area from the shotgun inside, but the success is limited. As usual, this is a matter of time to find the most powerful form of operation. But the difference is different, my view is that the pass game has changed than the running game.


2 I do not know how I feel about the new passing mechanism

The best I can tell that the mechanic is best used to guide your receiver continuously when they are one-on-one corner, no safe top. Recognizing this, I tried to integrate it into my strategy, but I needed to push the index to the extra moments that always led me to be fired.

It should be mentioned that mapping this mechanic to L2 / LT has other consequences. Now the high and low mechanics techniques are different, and you can not really lead the receiver as before. It is very different, it is honest to take some habit.


3 feeling completely different

The first thing you started to play is that the player does not look the same. They are more calm, more reality. The referee face is different. You can say for sure that this is a new engine.

The second thing you will notice is how ridiculous it is. The animation is certainly smoother than ever before, the robot is less – Madden NFL has always felt a bit stiff – great impact on the receiver opening and catching the ball. They now feel heavier, big recipients are more likely to defend themselves and open.


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