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How to understand for DPS and TANK Classes in Wildstar Halls of the Bloodsworn

Halls of the Bloodsworn is a 10v10 PvP map in Wildstar. Most of players are keen on challenging this PvP map, so we are glad to share the experience of DPS and TANK classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn. Before we enter into this map, we should prepare two necessaries.1….

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Wildstar Raiding Guide: Experiment X-89 in Genetic Archives

WildStar wants to have its raids be big. Big in size. Big in rewards. Big in engagement. Big in lots of ways, in short.Then how your raid group beats “Experiment X-89″ in the 20 man raid Genetic Archives,here is a quick guide for you! Experiment X-89 will most likely be…

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How does the Telegraphs system work in WildStar

Telegraphs are one of the primary combat systems featured in WildStar. Telegraphs are a colored area on the ground that indicates where an effect or ability is going to happen shortly. Telegraphs come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and effects, and will be a pertinent part of the…

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The Detail guide to Veteran Adventures in WildStar

Veteran Adventures are part of the first tier of major Elder Game content in WildStar. Veteran Adventures are level 50 versions of the Adventures that players have completed while leveling up. In addition to being scaled for level 50, Veteran Adventures include extra mechanics, progression options, challenges, and Achievements. Veteran…


WildStar teams with pc gamer for weapon contest

Starting today, you’ll be able to unlock exclusive in-game items and vote on the next weapon that will slay Nexus! From now until May 19th, PC Gamer is allowing you to pick the next weapon that we will be featuring in WildStar! With four options to choose from, you can…

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Glory and honor in the halls of the bloodsworn

We’ve already talked about one of our PvP Battlegrounds, Walatiki Temple, and Arenas in previous community articles but we wanted to finish the set! Prepare yourselves for… Halls of the Bloodsworn! Long ago, the mighty Osun tested their most powerful warriors within the legendary Halls of the Bloodsworn, and now…

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Which edition is for you: WildStar Deluxe VS Standard

If you’re thinking of Pre-Ordering WildStar then there is plenty of information on the bonuses over on the Pre-Order page. But you might be struggling to decide on which Edition of the game is for you. Firstly, both the Standard and Deluxe Edition will be available digitally from our website….

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WildStar Arenas: Enter the slaughterdome

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Arenas are the peak of small-team competitive PvP. Grab a team of 2, 3, or 5 players and fight against equally matched opponents to determine who’s the best at The Slaughterdome The Slaughterdome is an infamous Marauder fighting arena, where the toughest individuals in…