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How to understand for DPS and TANK Classes in Wildstar Halls of the Bloodsworn

Halls of the Bloodsworn is a 10v10 PvP map in Wildstar. Most of players are keen on challenging this PvP map, so we are glad to share the experience of DPS and TANK classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn. Before we enter into this map, we should prepare two necessaries.

1. To practice more in Practice Grounds,
2.To prepare a whole LV. 50 PvP blue suit. It is the basic necessary in battleground!

DPS Classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn 
Warrior is very aggressive type of DPS class which has high explosive damage. If you enter into this battleground to use Rampage without great PvP equipments, you would feel frustrated. The Warrior would better focus on the light armor class or the healer, as you know, the high damage means week viability. Therefore, you need the powerful Healer to match with you.

Spellslinger, almost every player would choose DPS Spellslinger although it need your smart operation. The characteristic of Spellslinger is long-distance attack and high damage. The Flash Freeze which prevents movement for 4s, and the Assassinate can deal amazing physical damage to a foe. As for my personal experience, i think Spellslinger need to speed lots of time on Practice Grounds.

Stalker: Please choose Tether Mine, or else nobody would be afraid of you. The behind or in stealth damage of Impale is very high, even though the Tank can’t bear it.While, the disadvantage is that only for 1 foe, the ability in group fight is feeble.

Engineer: The DOT of Engineer is incredible, it is a good forward. Especially, you should pay attention Electrocute which has a slender electricity, it has high damage and long distance. If you are a DPS Engineer, you should choose some attributes to increase viability.

TANK Classes in Halls of the Bloodsworn 
Engineer: It is the most common Tank in Wildstar, which has various assistance skills. Such as, Unstable Anomaly,Unsteady Miasma,Particle Ejector,Cook Red,Obstruct Vision and so on.We can adjust the skill build in according with the opponents’ skills.If you play as a main Tank, it has high resistance and endurance, but the weakness is the poor movement ability.

Warrior: There is less people play as Tank Warrior due to the powerless attack. While,the skill of Grapple, Power Link and Defense Grid,Flash Bang are great. The DPS warrior sometimes can play as TANK Warrior as well,because the high damage are easy to output. As for now, the specific Tank Warrior is less. So, to choose Warrior as the vice-Tank would be good choice!

– Source from: http://www.wildstar-platinum.com/news/game-WildStar-1614/How-to-understand-for-DPS-and-TANK-Classes-in-Wildstar-Halls-of-the-Bloodsworn-12501

Wildstar Raiding

Wildstar Raiding Guide: Experiment X-89 in Genetic Archives

wildstar raid

WildStar wants to have its raids be big. Big in size. Big in rewards. Big in engagement. Big in lots of ways, in short.Then how your raid group beats “Experiment X-89” in the 20 man raid Genetic Archives,here is a quick guide for you!

wildstar raid

Experiment X-89 will most likely be the first boss you do in Genetic Archives and is one of the easiest fights in the raid (some trash and mini bosses are harder). Even though Experiment X-89 is one of the easier bosses I still think a lot of groups are going to wipe on him.

wildstar raid

The fight is a heavy DPS with mechanics that you have to pay attention to. If someone messes up on a big bomb (Strain Bomb) it will probably be a wipe. Small bombs (Corruption Globule) need to be placed strategically or you won’t have enough platforms to kill the boss.

wildstar raid

How does the Telegraphs system work in WildStar

Telegraphs are one of the primary combat systems featured in WildStar. Telegraphs are a colored area on the ground that indicates where an effect or ability is going to happen shortly. Telegraphs come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and effects, and will be a pertinent part of the WildStar combat. Learning to avoid and capitalize on telegraphs will be an essential part of every aspect of the game’s combat, from PvE to PvP.

wildstar Telegraphs system

Telegraphs also come in a number of different colors that indicate their purpose to the viewing player.Telegraph Color Indication:

telegraph color

Player Attack- The player’s personal telegraphs. What you the player are doing
Enemy Attacks- Things that should be avoided, whether they be damage, CC, or debuffs.
Friendly Heal- Buffs, heals, or other beneficial, friendly effects.
Enemy Heal- Same as Friendly Heal, but applies to enemy units, not the player.
Friendly Attack- Offensive telegraphs being used by friendly units. This is the Red telegraph for enemy units.

The Detail guide to Veteran Adventures in WildStar

wildstar Veteran Adventures

Veteran Adventures are part of the first tier of major Elder Game content in WildStar. Veteran Adventures are level 50 versions of the Adventures that players have completed while leveling up. In addition to being scaled for level 50, Veteran Adventures include extra mechanics, progression options, challenges, and Achievements. Veteran Adventures also feature a medal system, with increased rewards for groups that can complete the Adventure quickly and without many deaths. Veteran Adventures will award blue-quality Veteran Tier equipment, with a chance at purple-quality Epic gear for challenge or medal rewards.

Alongside Veteran Dungeons, Veteran Adventures will make up the Veteran Tier of WildStar’s Elder Game.
Riot in the Void (Veteran)
For the Riot in the Void adventure, players are sent to a Dominion prison, where some of the most dangerous and deadly criminals in the galaxy are kept. After several inmates break out, a prison riot begins, and the players have to make critical decisions on how best to contain the threat.

The Hycrest Insurrection (Veteran)
During this adventure, players will help help oppressed Exiles fight off their Dominion persecutors. Players will choose how they wish to take down the Dominion, and pick a strategy on how to best help free the people of Hycrest.

War of the Wilds (Veteran)
War of the Wilds is a MOBA style Adventure, where the players are attempting to capture control points for Moodies while fighting the Skeech, seeking to ultimately destroy their home base. Players will face off against five NPCs from the enemy faction, and coordinate to take down enemy and neutral objectives.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge (Veteran)
In the Siege of Tempest Refuge, players have to defend Tempest Refuge from a Dominion Assault, and protect a generator that is creating a protective barrier around the city. Players are given command over five rookie soldiers, who will level up and become more specialized as the Adventure goes on

The Malgrave Trail (Veteran)
Based off of The Oregon Trail, the Malgrave Trail puts players in charge of a caravan looking to cross the Malgrave Desert. Players must decide how to navigate the large desert, and manage resources such as water, supplies, and ammo.


WildStar teams with pc gamer for weapon contest

Starting today, you’ll be able to unlock exclusive in-game items and vote on the next weapon that will slay Nexus!

From now until May 19th, PC Gamer is allowing you to pick the next weapon that we will be featuring in WildStar! With four options to choose from, you can easily find a weapon that encompasses your leet play style. Do you like healing and eating toast at the same time? DONE! Are you always prepared for taking down a hangnail? Then the Swiss Army Psyblade is for you, my friend. Go to PC Gamer’s WildStar page to explore all the options, and cast your vote! Once the weapon is determined, PCGamer will head back to Carbine, and film the making of the latest and greatest in killing technology.

Do you need more reasons to vote? Every person who votes will receive some exclusive in-game items! The winning weapon will be made exclusively available to you post-launch. You can also be the most popular kid on Nexus when you can kick back in your house with an exclusive PCGamer coconut monkey sitting on the table.

On top of all the in-game exclusives, you’ll be also entered to win a Bolt II gaming desktop from Digital Storm! While everyone will unlock the in-game items just by voting, the Bolt II is for United States residents only.

wildstar supplier

Glory and honor in the halls of the bloodsworn

We’ve already talked about one of our PvP Battlegrounds, Walatiki Temple, and Arenas in previous community articles but we wanted to finish the set! Prepare yourselves for…
Halls of the Bloodsworn!
Long ago, the mighty Osun tested their most powerful warriors within the legendary Halls of the Bloodsworn, and now brave heroes of the Dominion and the Exiles will be tested here as well. This ancient fortress consists of a series of rooms designed to prove the strength and prowess of two competing teams – setting them against each other in trials of strategy and brutal combat. Those who most quickly complete these trials are granted glory and honor. For the defeated? Not so much.

Halls of the Bloodsworn is a deadly race against the clock, with two teams battling it out across three trials to try and capture control nodes and prove themselves as the strongest to win fame and glory!

For each round, one team will be selected as the attacking team while the other plays the defending team. The attacking team needs to fill a capture meter for each room, which they can achieve by capturing control nodes set on either side of the room and a central point. Capturing one node will begin to fill the bar slowly, two nodes will fill it much faster and controlling both control nodes and the central point will make it fill up extremely quickly.

Once the attacking team fills the capture meter to 100%, the defenders are pushed back to the next room and the process begins again until all three rooms have been cleared or the time limit is reached . If the time limit is reached, then victory will be determined by the team who captured the most rooms, or who captured the rooms in the fastest time. What happens if both teams capture the same amount of rooms in the same amount of time; naturally the universe implodes! Once the first round is complete, the teams are switched and the previously defending team gets a chance to attack!

That’s the basic premise, but there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on in Halls of the Bloodsworn. You have a number of jump-pads set around each room and the play-space is built around multiple levels, making mobility a key feature. Canny players can also make use of some class abilities to jump between the two control points to quickly attack or defend them as necessary.

The attacking team has the advantage in each game, not only do they gain a gradual Assault & Support power buff throughout each match but capturing either control point will also give a static damage mitigation or health regeneration buff.

Of course you’ll be able to gain experience, loot (gold and items!) and Prestige (our PvP currency) for playing in Battlegrounds and there are Rated versions available for players with a more competitive mindset.

Walatiki Temple and Halls of the Bloodsworn will be our two Battlegrounds available on launch, but who knows what our PvP team will think of next…

We’d normally go and bother them to tell us, but we wouldn’t want to Sabotage what they’re working on.

UPDATE: The initial publication of this article mentioned that the attacking team has a faster respawn timer than the defending team. This was inaccurate: Both teams share an equal respawn timer. The article’s been amended to reflect the change.

profession wildstar

Which edition is for you: WildStar Deluxe VS Standard

If you’re thinking of Pre-Ordering WildStar then there is plenty of information on the bonuses over on the Pre-Order page. But you might be struggling to decide on which Edition of the game is for you.
Firstly, both the Standard and Deluxe Edition will be available digitally from our website. So regardless of which version you want, you’ll definitely be able to get a copy wherever you are!

If you feel the burning desire to hold a glorious copy of WildStar in your hands, you can pick up a boxed copy of our Standard Edition from all good online stores and physical retailers globally. A physical copy of our Deluxe Edition will also be available as a limited Steelbook edition via select European stores.

We will also be offering a digital upgrade for our Deluxe Edition, so if you definitely want a physical copy of the game but don’t want to miss out on the Deluxe goodies then you’ll be able to have your cake *and* eat it.

Speaking of those Deluxe goodies, what exactly are they? Well… why don’t we check some of them out right now!

Want to cruise around Nexus in “Hyper-advanced” style? The Deluxe Edition will have you speeding across the planet on this exclusive Eldan Hoverboard.

The Eldan weren’t afraid to experiment on the “little guys” and augmented creatures are all over Nexus. Join the latest fashion trend and blend in with them with the awesome Augmentation Costume.

Loving the Eldan theme but want to show off your latest EPIC gear? Then the limited edition Luminous Eldan Dye will make your enemies GREEN with envy!

But a hero isn’t just the gear they wear or the wicked hoverboard they ride around on. A true hero is given a title, and Deluxe Edition customers will be awarded the title; “SENTINEL OF NEXUS”.
A limited run of the Deluxe Edition will be available in Europe featuring a collectible Steelbook Case, but numbers will be low so make sure you seek it out from your local store if you want to get your hands on one!

Regardless of which edition you purchase, you’ll also get a decorative Housing Item based on a piece of Eldan technology that will grant a rest XP buff when you log out at your house, we don’t want your house to be bare when you first move in after all!

To refresh your memory on the pricing;

The Standard Edition is £34.99 / €44.99 / $59.99
The Deluxe Edition is £49.99 / €59.99 / $74.99
So now you just need to decide which Edition you want to buy!

As a cheeky hint, here’s a list of everything you’ll get;

Housing Décor Item – Eldan Technology
Rocket House
Housing Décor Item – Mini Ship Statue
10 Slot Bag
Pre-Order Title (Chosen of the Progenitors)
Character & Guild Name Registration 2 weeks before Launch
Access to all Beta Weekends
7 Day Trial codes for Friends
Headstart Access
30 days of playtime included
Eldan Hoverboard
Eldan Augmentation Costume
Eldan Dyes
Eldan Title (Sentinel of Nexus)
Housing Décor Item – Eldan Technology
Rocket House
Housing Décor Item – Mini Ship Statue
10 Slot Bag
Pre-Order Title (Chosen of the Progenitors)
Character & Guild Name Registration 2 weeks before Launch
Access to all Beta Weekends
7 Day Trial codes for Friends
Headstart Access
30 days of playtime included
That’s a pretty tasty selection of goodies!

Head over to the Pre-Order page now and choose wisely!

wildstar arena

WildStar Arenas: Enter the slaughterdome

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Arenas are the peak of small-team competitive PvP. Grab a team of 2, 3, or 5 players and fight against equally matched opponents to determine who’s the best at
wildstar arena
The Slaughterdome

The Slaughterdome is an infamous Marauder fighting arena, where the toughest individuals in the galaxy come to prove their skills and test their mettle. Surrounded by metal fences and barbed wire, this perilous pit is bristling with concrete walls and other obstacles that turn every match into a blood-soaked battle royale! Frequented by some of the vilest criminals and shadiest gamblers this side of the Fringe, the Slaughterdome is the perfect place for some old-fashioned carnage – just make sure that you’re on the winning team!

WildStar Arena matches consist of two teams with shared respawn pools. Teams start with a certain number of lives, and each time a team member respawns the shared pool decreases by one. This makes for extremely tense matches, especially as they near their end. Does the other team have a tank who’s more annoying than dangerous? Ignore him and repeatedly kill the healer until the team’s out of lives, then take your time with the tank. Down for the count with 1 shared respawn left? Maybe you should stay down so your team’s top damage dealer can use the final respawn for a last stand.

However you choose to play it, Arena matches are fun, rewarding, and the best way to show off your individual skills.

Ratings: Hot or Not?

As everyone knows by now, the balance in this game is perfect. But how do you sort the good teams from the bad? Arena teams are assigned a rating based on their performance in matches. Win more matches, watch your rating increase. Lose matches, and it gets dropped like it’s lukewarm. (For the Esports-savvy, our system is indeed Elo-based.) This ensures that your team is always matched with a team of equivalent ratings, giving you the best possible match-up for your team’s skillset.

Show me the rewards!

In WildStar, Arena-rated PvP gear has rating requirements attached to them, ensuring that you prove your skills before being able to purchase a specific piece of gear. This also means that as you improve your rating, you’ll face off against opponents with similar gear, keeping the matches as close as possible throughout your Arena trials and tribulations.