Massively Speaking Episode 216

The winds of change are blowing, and Justin and Bree have rushed outside to fly their kites because of it. In fact, change is coming not only to the Massively staff but to many of our favorite MMOs as well. Will we survive or throw a snit because we wish that life could’ve been frozen in time in 1999? You’ll just have to listen and see whether any temper tantrums are thrown!

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Show Notes For Massively Speaking Episode 216


Justin Olivetti
Bree Royce


What we’ve been playing
Final Fantasy XIV is axing sub fees for a month and a half
Guild Wars 2 sells two million copies
EVE and DUST 514 will have cross-guild functionality
RIFT 1.10 lands
Ryzom changes its mind about character wipes
WildStar will use telegraphed combat moves
Listener emails

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“Justice Doesn’t Always Wear a Badge” from WildStar.

MMOs simply can’t function properly without the population reaching a certain threshold. On some level, players absolutely do add value to a MMO. Most of the people I tend to see complaining about free players are from people that view their community as being superior to those found in other games. I believe LOTRO and CoH were used as examples in the podcast; both are communities that pride themselves as being so much “better” than the unwashed masses. The people who¬† complain have convinced themselves that people who pay money for a certain video game are of a higher class than people who haven’t yet payed money for that video game, and letting them in is going to ruin everything forever.