From mind to ear The journey of sound creation in WildStar

A rustling of brush behind you. The click of a gun safety switching off. A low growl off to the side. While seemingly minor details, even the smallest of sounds give us important information about the world around us, especially when we’re playing our favorite MMOs. Two weeks ago, WildStar’s weekly dev blog delved into the pairing of sounds to actions in-game. Today, WildStar Wednesday revisits the realm of audio to discuss the actual process of building the sounds that bring the sci-fi game to life and enhance the player experience.

So how do the distinct in-game sounds come about? They start with an idea. WildStar Audio Director Charley Lanusse detailed how the team members move from idea to reality: They take smaller sound bytes from a large collection of sounds, manipulate them, and then arrange them together to create the more complex and organic soundscapes. He also explained how the game engine will rearrange the sounds into different orders to change how the sound effects play depending on the exact real-time situation in game. You can read up on more details — as well as get a few hints from Lanusse if you want to break into sound production yourself — in the blog.

The real question here is, will the sound pull me out of the habit of muting the game’s SFX/Music in game due to lack of variation in sounds?

There’s talk about manipulation of sound from existing collection of sounds…but no talk about Foley artists’ experience in creating strange, interesting and unique sounds.


Reading, “Much of our sound library is commercial but some of the best sounds are brought in by our sound designers from their personal collections.” only makes me feel I’ll come across something I’ve heard somewhere else.