WildStar Wednesday The return of Tester Man

This week’s edition of WildStar Wednesday wraps up the tester tell-all that started last week. The anonymous Friends and Family tester made a heroic effort to answer another round of questions.

He states that Nexus feels like a place (“albeit a semi-hostile one”) rather than simply a video game location. He said that while leveling, it’s difficult to want to rush through things, given how engaging the story and environment are. “While you can ignore content and proceed through the zones,” he says, “I would feel like I missed out on something if I did.” With refreshing honesty, he said that not all of his expectations have been met (“YET”) but that he’s been pleased with how some features are “way better than [he] had even imagined.” He also said that the level of communication between testers and developers is “unprecedented.”

Tester Man’s favorite class and race were both redacted. To let him speak for himself, go ahead and read the full Q&A.

Very interesting, with some news I didn’t expect.  And I loved the [REDACTED] stuff with the race and class names. ^_^

What really got me was the news about stats and class abilities.  If my years spent playing WoW have taught me anything, it’s that a great many MMO players are min-maxers: they will seek out whatever makes their class perform the best (usually meaning “do the most damage”) and do that, no matter what.  So hearing that different abilities for the same class in WildStar use different stats, and it’s possible to have the two people who play the same class pursuing different stats because of the abilities they want to use, I can’t help but wonder: will people actually do this, will people play the class the way they want to play, or will WildStar end up having one ‘best’ build for every class?

I think it would be awesome to have genuine differences in how classes play depending on what abilities you want to use.  But I fear this variety going to waste and disappearing from the game if most people end up using all the same abilities because they were made the most effective.