new classes

With the finish of this year soon, pieces of  special news of net games turn out ,which seems to memorize the disappearance of the past glorious year. This mainly refers to the    game wildstar.

A great number of players would be invited to test the wildstar as the ending of the year comes.

In the WildStar community, most of us were truly hoping to see an epic announcement of the two unannounced the wildstar new classes  this year. When this didn’t happen, some fans just wanted to know why? Why are they holding out? Is there some nefarious scheme to drag out the reveal in order to drum up hype? Or, is it something else?


Is it truly a great and fair question? Their gameplay isn’t ready to be shown yet, and we thought just an announcement of the names of the classes wouldn’t be very interesting. As you may have read from various beta leaks, the two classes aren’t even in beta yet; we’re still working on them internally.

There is no scheme to drag this out intentionally. If the reveal isn’t ready, it isn’t ready! It’s as simple as that, but I’d rather see a completed product than something unfinished. I’ll take a fully fleshed out WildStar Flick and complete gameplay over some pencil drawings and names


Rather than tossing something out casually without any gameplay to back it up, we want our announces to be cool and chock-full of info like the last couple have been, but we’re pretty confident that the announcement will be exciting enough on its own and doesn’t need to be attached to a specific con.