It's not released yet.  That's one thing that it is.

What is WildStar? A dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation? The answer to life, the universe, and everything? An upcoming MMO from Carbine Studios? All right, you in the audience probably already knew that it’s the last one on the list, but you probably still have questions about the game. The newest video won’t answer all of those questions, but it will give you a full picture of what the game plans to be right from the ground up.

It’s all here in the trailer: Both factions, all four paths, player-built houses and PvP fortresses, active combat, and an evolving in-game story. But if you’re not convinced that the game can pull off everything it promises, you’re welcome to swing by PAX East this weekend to get your hands on the game on the show floor. So if you’re already heading to the convention, you’ve got something else to put on your itinerary… and if not, you can just enjoy a characteristically narrated piece on the game.