There’s no question as to whether SC will succeed, it already has.  The odds of Chris Roberts fucking up a space game is like asking if [insert famous baseball player] can hit a ball with a bat without missing.

FF:AAR is FF, it’ll always have its players.  Just like SWTOR.  Neither of thos games are going anywhere no matter how much anybody outside the sphere of those who play them think they suck.

ESO and Wildstar and CU are the real wild cards, I have a hard time accepting that any of them will succeed, much less more than one.  I really do believe there just aren’t enough folks around to pour cash per month into the coffers to keep the lights on; taking into account just how unused the community is to paying these days, I expect the bar for what you should get if you pay is so high many will be unhappy at finding out what $15 a month gets you in 2014; as well as the further fragmentation of the market with F2P offerings draining money from folks and the general greed of these game companies who seem to think a game with 200K subs is a complete failure because it’s not 2 million people.  Just for the record, even 50K players paying monthly brings in 750K a month.  Every month.

Perhaps the smallest of the companies has the best chance to succeed when it comes to profit vs. expectation, or the ones with the least demanding financial backers.

So the MMO subscription is alive and well, at least if we’re using recent developments as any kind of barometer. There’s The Elder Scrolls Online, WildStar, and Final Fantasy XIV, for starters. There’s also Camelot Unchained and a little project called Star Citizen, which is so financially stout that thousands of its backers are happily paying a monthly sub before laying hands on the actual game.

For today’s Daily Grind, though, let’s focus on those first three since there’s a good chance we’ll be playing all of them in some form or fashion inside of a year. Which of these sub-based games do you think will see the most success?

Wildstar or Star Citizen because everybody is  hyping up and over existing IPs  and those IPs are gonna end up dissapointing everybody when you  can garner the attention and support from ppl with a fresh IP like these two are doing i think they will go far