As all the races of the wildstar online have been revealed, how do you decide on playing and which race you are most likely be?

Following is the result of the vote. 129 voters are involved in the votes, while Aurin tentatively won the highest support with 23.3%, and Human won the second with 11.6%, besides, 15.5 percent of them chose Mordesh and 11.6% chose Cassian. The rest of the wildstar races are Draken, Mechari, Chua and Granok.

wildstar race

wildstar online

The participant who prefers Aurin said, I selected Aurin, though knowing me. I like to have at least three mains. One I play primarily of course, but I have to have another main on the other faction obviously. I’m debating on Mechari, Cassian and Chua for those. If you haven’t guessed I like fuzzy cute creatures and the only one that doesn’t fall under my normal category would be the Mechari which I happen to like for some odd reason! They are so neat looking.

In the meantime, another one showed his view that I’m in a bit of a tie between Mordesh and Aurin right now. I’ve always been loving Aurin, and I’m really quite attached to Riya, who I’ve been expecting to be my main for a long time.However, I have to admit, the Mordesh took me with storm, and if I had known about them from the beginning, I would very likely have picked that as my main right from the bat.

Personally, I’m feeling very conflicted. I’ll be playing both characters a lot, no doubt about that, it’s mostly just a question of which one I will focus most on progressing with.