Attributes (Stats)
Primary Attributes –
Strength: Warrior (DPS)
Dexterity: Spellslinger (DPS), Stalker (DPS)
Magic: Esper (DPS)
Technology: Warrior (Tank), Stalker (Tank)
Wisdom: Spellslinger (Healer), Esper (Healer)
Stamina: All classes if they want additional health.
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You’re able to allocate primary attributes yourself as you level (see screenshot

above), which means we should be able to build awesome customizable specs (Ragnarok

Online, anyone?).
There are also secondary attributes.
There are these things called Milestones, which are passive bonuses you can unlock by

achieving thresholds in certain attributes. Every class is a little different. In

some cases, you may want to stack primary attributes to unlock certain milestones, in

other cases you’ll want to pile on secondary attributes in order to unlock something

else. This lets you customize your playstyle.
There will be a hit rating type attribute for max level players to work toward.