WildStar Metal Maw

Metal Maw, the brain child of a live drawing session conceived at last year’s Gamescom, is featured once again in this week’s WildStar “Wednesday” — and this time he’s not just some concept art or a 3-D model but a fully animated death-bringer! Along with a test video featuring the big guy in action, this week’s blog post has some information about the team’s considerations in bringing him to life.

This destructive blue hulk is designed for about 15 level 6 players to fight at once and should give them about a three-minute battle. His abilities are designed so that things get steadily more interesting as the fight progresses. Now that the team’s happy with the way he fights, Metal Maw’s been put in a crate and shipped on over to the animation and effects team to get his final beauty polish before being totally ready for players in-game.

Skip below the cut to see the big guy in action!