Carbine Studios has released the patch notes for the next phase of the WildStar closed beta. Players will be able to take part in two-faction PvP though the team warns that this is a time for discovering effective griefing/ganking methods. In addition, players will have a new off-planet zone called Farside to travel to as well as the new Halls of the Bloodsworn battleground. Last among the biggest additions, players will be able to check out rated Battlegrounds and Arenas to see who is best of the best.

Carbine has also issued a laundry list of bug fixes and additions, most notably in the social features that include the ability to add to friends/rivals/ignored lists, the addition of housing neighbors and the availability of all races’ housing models.

The Rivals list is indeed unique. Players can add anyone of any faction to their personal Rivals List. Those players can be marked in the open world with a special symbol to assist in tracking them down for elimination or dueling.

You can read the full and very lengthy patch notes on the WildStar site.

Friends List
Add favorite people from your faction to the list to spy on them and keep an eye on their whereabouts.
Friend requests must be approved by the person you’re attempting to add. Click the lock button in the upper left of the Friends UI in order to enable/disable friend requests.
Rivals List
Rivals may be added from either faction.
Anyone on your Rivals List can be marked in the open world with a unique visual representation. Use this to track down nemeses of the opposite faction, or duel with one of your favorite friends!
Ignore List
Add naughty Nexians to your Ignore list in order to make sure you never hear from them.
Suggested Friends
This list is automatically generated as you interact with other players in the open world. Accidentally left the dungeon run before friending the tank? Pop-up this list to find them again!