Combat, Controls, and Abilities
There are rewards for obtaining kill streaks.
You can dash and double dash during combat using double tap, which is crucial for

avoiding attacks and effects.
You can sprint by holding SHIFT. Sprint and double dash use a resource similar to

stamina that’s shown on-screen in a circle and will eventually deplete.
You can also double jump, which can be handy for avoiding stuff and for getting

around quick.
Loot falls like a loot pinata kind of, all around your character (I keep thinking of

Kingdom Hearts for some reason…). You can hit V to suck it all to your character.
The holy trinity (tank, healer, DPS) is definitely in place. There is the ability to

have multiple specs and swap between them (details unknown).

Wildstar Beta | Wildstar Beta
You can only have a limited amount of abilities on your hotbar (7 looks like?), but

have many to choose from. Abilities are bought with ability points that are earned

through leveling (they’re bought at an Ability Kiosk). You kinda have to pick and

choose between learning abilities, especially at higher levels, but you’ll

eventually gain way more than you can use, which means you must pick and choose for

each encounter as well. Abilities can be swapped between on the fly while out of

Telegraphed abilities are a huge part of the game. Think of these as the big red

circles that are common in most MMOs currently. You’ll want to get out of red ones,

but stay in green ones. Red are enemy/environment AoE damage/crowd control effects,

green are heal effects from other players. Blue effects are your own and work nicely

on some attacks for AoE farming, etc. Telegraph attacks also serve as a good way to

communicate with party members about what you’re going to do next.
There are lots of dangerous telegraphed abilities out in the wild (and even more in

raids, dungeons, etc.). Some are environmental hazards, others are from enemies. You

’re rewarded for dodging them and interrupting with bonus XP and special buffs that

help you even further. You’re also rewarded in the form of Fervor, which is a buff

that makes you extra strong and extra fast, which in turn allows you to score kill

streaks easier.
You can drag enemies into environmental hazards and attacks from other enemies so

they take damage.
Enemies will vary (and progressively get more difficult) quite a bit while leveling,

both in fighting style and difficulty.
Characters can equip shields which act like a temporary source of damage reduction.
Most abilities use skillshots (think League of Legends) instead of standard targeting

mechanics. Healers will also utilize skillshots and will never have to only focus on

the UI while healing.
Movement is always emphasized during all parts of the game, even for healers.
Some healing particles will be dropped on the ground and picked up by other players,

other effects will be skillshots that players must be in in order to receive the

brunt of the heals.
Racial abilities will be in place, but they seem passive in nature and may only

effect the costs of other abilities and similar ideas. (Source)